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Life Starts at 35: Reasons Why It's Never Too Late to Start Your 2021 Australia Student Visa Program

We all have different reasons for pursuing an unusual path. Whether good or bad, this leads us to a life-changing journey, altering all our plans and shifting our priorities. When things start to settle down, it leaves us wondering if it’s high time to start chasing our heart's desires.

Do you dream of getting your name printed in that fine crisp paper? Have you been wishing walking on an aisle full of cheering crowd all dressed in a graduation gown? Are you stopping yourself from taking the first step thinking your way too old to go back studying? Shake off those negative vibes as you read along for your greatest adventure is only about to start! Feel motivated as I present to you the reasons why it’s never too late to start your 2021 Australia Student Visa Program.

Studying Later in Life With the Australia Student Visa Program

Flexible Entry Requirements

The best programs are designed to meet the needs of its students while delivering high standards of learning. Some institutions, especially the secondary and tertiary ones, can amend a few of its official requirements e.g., waived IELTS. Southern Cross Education Institute Higher Education (SCEI-HE) in Melbourne, Australia, came up with a program that can cater to students over 35 years of age. Accommodating late learners is a significant factor since there is a notable rise in middle-aged students yearning to study abroad. SCEI-HE offers courses on Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Health and Community Services.

2021 australia student visa

The images show the general admission requirements for mature aged and international students. Know more about the special offers, benefits, and exemptions for Filipino students by booking an appointment with the immigration experts at Fil-Global.

A Well-Defined Career Plan That Matches the Program

Mature students are often known for their broader and diverse view of things. People belonging to this age group are less distracted with various factors that affect the concentration level of a student. This is particularly true for those with families left behind in their country, international students going for further studies most likely have a carefully planned career path as this will influence the outcome of their long-term goals. Middle-aged students can’t afford to take another detour while taking a crucial journey. They know their priorities well and even better than the younger generation. They give particular regard to rare opportunities and have an innate sense of urgency.

Taking the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Health and Community Services courses offer a great pathway to Permanent Residency as they present employment opportunities that are part of the skilled occupation list. These programs help prepare students with the necessary skills needed to carry out the services in a community healthcare setting and be able to provide holistic learning to young children.

2021 australia student visa
2021 australia student visa

Real-Life Experience and Pre-Gathered Skills Make You More Equipped

Look into your old credentials and see if you had related units for your chosen program. If you have taken a healthcare-related course, do you remember doing basic procedures, and applying concepts and theories? Were you able to use them when you had to take care of a sick family member? Do you remember how hard it was for you back then when you had to memorize procedures step by step as opposed to doing it naturally? A lot of students learn efficiently through experiential learning - mature students got the advantage in this part.

Equipped with first-hand real-life experience, studying later in life is like taking a refresher course supported with the latest methods in practice. This level of advantage extends to building professional relationships and doing social interaction. Surprisingly, with instructors that are expected to be within the same age range, any feeling of awkwardness is set aside, making the learning process more comfortable for both parties.

Unlimited Work Opportunities Regardless of Age

When you have the degree and in-demand skills, age truly is just a number. With the Australian government mandate on zero work restrictions amidst COVID, international students undertaking healthcare studies are allowed to take part in rendering their services with no limits. If you’re too worried about starting your career later in life, the government actively supports mature age workers (people aged 45+) by providing flexibility and secure retirement. The country acknowledges the importance of seasoned workers as they are an excellent source of valuable knowledge and skills.

Did all these details make you feel all hyped-up? Do you finally have the courage to wrap things up by saying yes to your next adventure? Stop delaying your dreams, book an appointment, and see what Fil-Global has to offer! With six years in service, FG has a proven track record of successful members from visa approvals to transitions, making it the number one immigration consultancy firm and university placement agency in the Philippines. Be part of the family and experience a high level of service from the trusted agents and directors of Fil-Global.

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