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Are You Ready to Fly? Australia Set to Welcome International Students This September

The Australian government previously announced plans on removing travel restrictions for international students by early next year. But a day ago, news has been circulating stating that re-opening of Australian borders for students are now expected to commence next month - September 2020. Students are getting excited about the big announcement! Have you started making plans for your Australia Student Visa Program? Now’s the perfect time to do so as the Australian government highlights the pilot program exclusively for international students.

International Students Pilot Program

South Australia has been elected to welcome the first batch of 300 international students from one point of entry, specifically in Singapore. The state has demonstrated excellent containment of cases since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, making it the perfect place to house the first batch of foreign learners.

australia international students september

With the sudden influx of international students, safety protocols that includes quarantine and testing are expected to be carried out at the highest standards. South Australia currently requires travelers from overseas to be placed in 14 days hotel quarantine upon arrival with fees applicable for citizens and residents ranging from $500 - $3,000. As for students, the state has prepared a special facility arrangement with charges that should be shouldered by the institution or applicant. Senator Birmingham has reiterated on a press release that no government funding will be used for the pilot program.

Is everyone allowed to enter the pilot program? Unfortunately, no. A student needs to be shortlisted, and qualification will base on the international student’s course requirements. Attention will be given to those needing practical learning and internships. Healthcare studies for one will qualify for two reasons; skills required in this sector are called for, and courses in this field would require in-person learning.

Implication on Australia International Students for 2021 Intakes

With thousands of international students stranded outside the country, the pilot program aims to focus on students who have already secured their school and travel documents way back before the pandemic started. Since we are nearing the end of this year, new applicants are expected to prepare for next year’s first intake. As Australia takes the big leap in regaining its lost revenue in the international education sector, it is anticipated that large volumes of visas will be lodged. A rise in the number of applications may cause delays in the issuance of permits. For this reason, Fil-Global encourages its members to grab next year’s intake instead, while Australia undergoes a crucial period of transition in resuming international student flights. Travel arrangements can be made by 2021 though all applicants are welcome to start processing their application as early now.

Other parts of the country are assumed to carry on a similar strategy soon. The long term outcome of the program is set to revive the losses of the foreign education sector. But most importantly, the new process would determine the efficiency of Australia in containing COVID cases. If the test pilot brings a good start, this may trigger other leading countries to resume their programs following similar quarantine and testing protocols.

Are you having second thoughts on pursuing your Australian dream? Is the new pandemic causing you to put your plans to a definite halt? Perhaps you should check on some reasons why now proves to be the perfect time to push for your career goals.

Outstanding programs with amazing features have been released lately in partnership with the Colleges and Universities in Australia; more of these are yet to come as government and institutions ease its entry requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Brace a new life full of adventure coming your way this 2021! If Australia doesn’t fall on your preferred list of countries, find out FG’s wide range of programs on various institutions worldwide. As Fil-Global strives to be the number 1 university placement agency in the Philippines, the company has ensured that every member gets an individualized program. Act now and start by sending your CV or book your appointment with the team! You can also attend a FREE WEBINAR - AUGUST 21, 2020 (FRIDAY) hosted by the trusted agents of Fil-Global.

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