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How Australia’s Latest 5-Year Productivity Report Impacts International Students

In the recent Advancing Productivity Report released by The Productivity Commission of Australia, certain areas were called for reform including the education and migration systems. 

Let’s take a look at how the suggested changes will affect international students in the coming years as Australia gears up for the much-needed changes.

Inside Australia’s 5-Year Productivity Report


The Recommendation To Improve Migration Systems

Removal of the Skilled Nomination List for Migrant Workers

The occupation-based list contains the list of jobs Australia extremely needs. For a while, this has been the basis for granting entry to skilled workers. But with the release of Australia’s productivity report, this might change drastically. 

It was suggested that policies should start shifting from the Skilled Occupation List to wage thresholds as the key point for employer-sponsored migration. 

If the suggested changes were to take effect, it could directly affect international students looking to build their careers and life in Australia. They will have to carefully consider their field of studies, the type of program they need to take, and the corresponding salary bracket.

Entry-level positions and novice workers are normally offered a lower wage. If wage thresholds become the new basis, it can be challenging to continue their stay in Australia, unless they belong to a high-paying profession.

Increase the Duration of Temporary Skilled Migration Visa to 6 Years

On a lighter note, future Temporary Skilled Migration visa holders can look forward to a longer duration as the usual 2 to 4 years of visa issuance will be pushed to 6 years.

This prevents any disruption to the productivity rate while providing more points to workers who wish to apply for permanent residency.

If you’re planning to study in Australia and take the PR route, it’s critical to start on the right track. Tap us now and be guided by agents who are capable of recommending the right program, apart from ensuring a successful visa application.

The Recommendation To Demand Strong English Proficiency on Migrants


Certification of International Students’ English Language Skills

English language proficiency contributes strongly to a student’s academic performance. After studies, being proficient in English can boost your career prospects and connect you to various networks and resources. 

For this reason, Australia’s Productivity Commission suggests that tertiary learning institutions certify the English language capabilities of their students. 

As for, international students from English-speaking countries or those who have secured English certification in their non-English speaking home countries, they will be referred to as proficient. 

Currently, Australian colleges and universities have different requirements when it comes to the acceptable type of language tests and proficiency scores. Some would request for IELTS or TOEFL, while others ask for alternative requirements such as work experience and previous academic transcripts translated into English.

Should the certification of the English language commence, our team at Fil-Global can help you get your student visa regardless if writing the IELTS is not an option for you. Talk to us and book an appointment now! 

The Recommendation To Put More Preference on Skilled Migration Over Family Reunification

Australia provides an option for refugees and those under the protection to reunite with their families. Through the family reunion application, applicants of separated families are granted permanent visas.

This type of application has been given the lowest priority by the government. But recently, restrictions were reversed and processing was expedited to resolve the backlog.  

Since these applicants are only prequalified to enter the country based on familial relationships not skills. This means there is no guarantee that each migrating family member can contribute productively to the economy. 

If you’re planning to build your future in Australia, make sure to align your plans with the possible upcoming changes in immigration policies and laws. Take a program that targets in-demand skills so you can improve your chances of gaining a visa post-graduation.      

The Recommendation To Address Labor Shortage in the Field of Health and Teaching

Recruitment of Educators

The Australian government faces serious issues in keeping teachers in the workforce. According to Abc News, about 70% are now planning to leave after experiencing undue pressure and extreme workload during COVID and post-COVID times. 

The Federal Education Department states that the high school teacher shortfall will reach 4,000 by 2025. To help ease the crisis, an efficient plan needs to be carried out which includes recruiting and establishing teachers and streamlining accreditation processes. 

If you’re interested in becoming a certified teacher in Australia, Fil-Global can help you grab a slot in Australian Health and Management Institute (AHMI) so you can get the right training and qualification. Reach out through our website or social media page to know more!

Recruitment of Health Care Workers

All countries today are in dire need of healthcare workers. As for Australia, the National Skills Commission has warned that there will be a shortfall of 200,000 care workers by 2050. 

Among the diverse areas in healthcare, aged and disability care are the ones that were pointed out as the most crucial and requiring immediate action. This massive shortage is aggravated by post-COVID and a doubling of demand within a generation. 

Clearly, stalling economic productivity is what's happening in Australia. Aussies might look at it negatively, but some will consider it as an opportunity. Take legitimate advantage of the situation, and be a go-getter! Call us now to find the best program and we will get you trained under Australian standards. 



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