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Building a Career in Hospitality? Join Western Sydney College Now!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Did you know that the Australian employment projections from 2022 to 2025 in Food and Beverage Services are expected to rise steadily?

In the report shown by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, the projected employment growth is so massive that the total workforce ends up disproportionate to the demands of the industry.

So, are you ready to assume a VET-related occupation and take advantage of Australia’s growing hospitality sector? Read here and find out how you can build a career in hospitality through Western Sydney College.

About Western Sydney College (WSC)

This institution focuses on providing job-ready vocational education to students. Courses offered aren’t limited to Cookery and Hospitality Management, it also provides education and training services in the field of IT, Leadership and Management, and Business, ranging from Certificate to Graduate Diploma Level.

Western Sydney College is committed to first-class practices and systems, all for the purpose of igniting confidence and productivity in its students. Through these, graduates can finish strong with skills in line with the current industry standards and expectations.

Why Choose Western Sydney College for your Hospitality course

Positioned in a Thriving Location

The school is located in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. Parramatta is considered a major business, commercial, and transport hub. Since it’s Sydney’s second-largest city, the vibrant multicultural food and art make it a perfect place to learn and gain exposure.

Parramatta continues to be an economic powerhouse as of 2022. The growing number of private businesses, SMEs, and government sectors taking up space in Parramatta shows the potential for a huge economic and cultural boom, attracting more employment, as well as innovation.

In case you’re wondering, there are tons of things you can do in Parramatta, there’s a park, rose garden, and river walk which you can explore! Cathedrals and escape rooms are also available for tourists and locals to delve into.

Modern amenities for students

Expect to find spacious classrooms equipped with the latest facilities to assist students in their learning process.

Inside the campus, you’ll find a library, computer lab, mock kitchen laboratory, and an outdoor recreational area. Free wi-fi access is also provided to students.

Instructors possess relevant industry experience

Industry-experienced professors have a lot to offer to students, especially those taking up skill-based courses.

Teachers with active job experience can share real-life challenges and not just teach lessons by the book. The unique outlook, valuable skills, and access to networks can help students succeed in their future roles.

Small classroom sizes to ensure proper learning

One of the most important reasons why having small class sizes matters is for students to get the attention they need from their instructors.

Research shows that students in smaller classes can learn faster and perform better. And since the school is committed to providing high-quality education, the college made sure to limit the number of admissions per intake.

Offers student support services

Some of the services offered by the college include the orientation program, Literacy, Language, and Numeracy support services, and mentoring from trainers.

Courses Offered in the Field of Cookery & Hospitality Management

SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

If you’re looking to begin a career in commercial cookery, this is a perfect starter course for you! Students taking this course will gain cookery skills and learn basic knowledge of kitchen operations when preparing the food and menu.

The course will be delivered over 52 weeks through online and in-person teaching in a classroom and commercial kitchen setting.

Graduates may continue further education by pursuing a Certificate IV in Cookery or begin working in various food businesses like hotels, pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants.

SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

This course is recommended for students who want to enhance their current cookery skills and continue a career in the Hospitality industry.

The qualification will be delivered for 78 weeks via blended delivery (online and classroom setting). As part of the training arrangement, students will also be required to complete a work placement of 240 hours in a restaurant’s commercial kitchen.

Successful completion of this course allows students to pursue the SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management or seek immediate employment in various food businesses including cafes, restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management

Do you have previous hospitality qualifications? If so, taking up a Diploma of Hospitality Management course will take your skills to a higher level!

The course will be delivered through face-to-face and online learning for 78 weeks. For the mandatory 72 hours work placement, the school will assist students should they fail to secure employment.

Suppose you have previously taken SIT40516-Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at WSC and decide to pursue a diploma, in that case, you are eligible to receive 21 units credit transfer and complete the remaining 7 units for 2 terms in a 10-week duration.

Wondering what your career outcomes are after completing this course? Once seen fit, you can secure a managerial role in a kitchen, restaurant, hotel, motel, kitchen, and club, while some mold their expertise in preparing food with creativity and land a job as sous chef, chef de cuisine, or chef pâtissier.

SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Are you seeking a senior managerial role but unable to qualify due to specialized managerial skill requirements? Taking a course in Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management will develop your competency so you can confidently create strategic business management decisions.

The course will be delivered for 104 weeks. A work placement block will also be required for students to complete during term 8 and 24 weeks of holidays.

Successful completion of this course can help graduates secure a managerial role in different hospitality settings. You can choose to become an Executive Housekeeper, Head chef, or Executive chef, or better yet, manage your very own cafe, motel, pub, or club.


Are there programs offered other than Hospitality related courses?

Other than Cookery and Hospitality Management, WSC offers courses in the field of Business, IT, Accounting and Bookkeeping, and Banking Services Management.

Does the school offer scholarship grants?

Yes! If a student is qualified, the school can provide a scholarship award. All you need to do is to contact any Fil-Global agent to inquire about this offer.

Need some tips? Check out this post and see how you can craft a great scholarship letter.

Can I be eligible for the Graduate Work Stream after completing a course?

Definitely! You can secure an 18-month work visa after course completion. Among the eligible occupations for the Graduate Work Stream 485 visa in the field of hospitality includes working as a “Chef”. This provides an opportunity for graduates to develop their skills and gain mastery in their chosen careers.

Can I bring my partner or family with me?

It’s possible to bring your spouse/kids/de facto partner, although there will be requirements an applicant needs to fulfill. Talk to our certified agents so we can help your entire family migrate to Australia.

Are the courses offered in WSC provide a pathway for Permanent Residency (PR)?

Most courses offered at Western Sydney College can lead to a profession listed in the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation. As long as you possess enough points for skilled migration or find yourself a sponsor/employer, securing a PR won’t be a problem.


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