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What Makes Canada the Top Choice for International Students Despite the COVID-19 Crisis

On the recent immigration news, only a few countries have dared to re-open their borders for international students. New Zealand and Australia haven’t made major progress on this matter, although multiple talks were already done. The United Kingdom remained open and is slowly getting a good number of student visa applicants with their hybrid learning methods. The United States isn’t looking too attractive with its rising number of COVID-19 cases, with consideration to the immigration influence by the previous administration. Among all powerful countries, Canada is one of those who made a daring move in welcoming foreign learners. Do you wonder what makes Canada the top choice for international students despite the COVID-19 crisis? Read on and discover the turning points for students striving to secure a better future amidst this trying time.

Tight Health Security Measures

Health protocols are mandated by the government and must be stringently followed upon entry in Canada. If you have read about the latest news on the approved list of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), only colleges and universities with a COVID-19 readiness plan can allow international students to proceed with their application. Traveling to Canada also entails the need for self-quarantine plans with the help of the ArriveCAN app. All travelers will be in close monitoring with the designated officials and will face a hefty fine - worse removal on violators. The systematic directive makes newcomers feel safe and confident that the government is at its best in making their health a top concern.

Students study abroad to establish their careers, with the hopes of finding a permanent settlement. The road can be long and challenging, health security should be the least of a student’s concern. This makes Canada a leading choice for learners since the measures placed by the government are superb.

High Priority for International Students

The Canadian borders would not have reopened if not due to the government recognizing the positive economic influence brought by international students. As of this time, restrictions for discretionary travel are still in effect. This means that travel considered to be unessential is not allowed. Most study programs involve in-classroom teaching, where practical skills are developed and evaluated. Since it’s impossible to deliver a module purely online, blended learning methods are practiced to lessen frequent staff and student contact. The situation alone validates the student’s purpose in traveling to Canada and fulfill course completion.

The privilege extends to wider opportunities in terms of job and career development. Co-op programs made it possible for students to immerse themselves in real-life work experience. Because of the skills and standards of education gained while attending internships, industries have learned to absorb trainees, offering a promising future during post-graduation years.

Outstanding Immigration Pathways

Every student’s decision on which country to pursue is mainly based on how fast one can get a permanent resident visa. Getting a new permit means satisfying the migration points. Since programs offered by our partnered schools were carefully molded to address the needs of industries per province, it becomes easier for graduates to land jobs, gaining fruitful years of experience.

As per the recent news, Canada is now looking at how they can make it more permissive for temporary residents (students, workers, and asylum seekers) to become permanent. The country depends largely on foreign labor due to an extensive lack of population and the economy have already started feeling the after-effects of border restrictions. The option has been initially perceived to be the most practical way of addressing the issue.

If you’re an avid follower of Canadian immigration updates and news, you probably have witnessed the aggressive movements the country has implemented since the period of COVID-19. If there’s anything good this health crisis has done to the productive population, that would be doors opening wide for the opportunity takers. Chances like these are rare and it would be a shame to miss it! It’s high time to start planning on your career through study abroad. If you’re having doubts, send us a message on our website or Facebook profile page. Our friendly experts are ready to serve and guide you on your journey. Book a one-on-one orientation now!

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