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COVID-19 Update for International Students Bound for Nova Scotia

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Although a small province, around 9,000 international students from different parts of the world are enrolled in this mid-temperate zone. The climate makes every expatriate want to live in this beautiful and weather-friendly place. Students get to enjoy various activities year-round, from beach trips to coastal cliff adventures.

Foreign learners find Nova Scotia a perfect place for spending quality education while enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. Tuition fees and daily costs are low. The standards of living are of their highest as the locals promote a balanced perspective in life.

Filipino students all the more will enjoy the no tuition fee (LOA) deposit offered by some Fil-Global partnered schools in Nova Scotia (N.S.). Having a rare opportunity like this, let’s take a look at what this province has in store for its first batch of international students during this time of COVID.

Hybrid Learning

COVID-19 Update International Students Nova Scotia

Although students were allowed to enroll and proceed with their studies online, many chose to delay their registration due to perceived difficulty in progressing with their lessons. Today, most programs offered are skill-based. It is believed to be a new teaching method that offers maximum learning as it promotes active training, independence, and hones critical thinking.

A skill-based curriculum would defeat its purpose when lessons are delivered purely through the web. The introduction of a hybrid learning system will help enrollees attend actual sessions in school while helping bring down exposure through combined online teaching.

Inclusion of More Colleges/Universities in the List of Approved DLIs

A new policy was rolled out last October 20 of this year, indicating the need for all post-secondary schools to be enlisted in Canada’s approved designated learning institutions (DLIs).

The policy intends to implement health and safety measures on colleges and universities by securing their COVID-19 readiness plan. The information should include the details on how students are quarantined upon arrival, including the provision of accommodation, transportation, and meals.

While several schools in various provinces have initially made it to the list, the ones from Nova Scotia started to appear only in early November. As of this date, a total of 24 institutions are already listed.

COVID-19 Update International Students Nova Scotia

More enlisted schools mean wider options for enrollees. Inclusion is vital for these institutions. As the policy states, only those who belong on the list can issue a letter of acceptance on its foreign applicants.

Quarantine Costs

In recent news, the Canadian government has ensured the public that no funds will be used by international students to meet its quarantine essentials. Costs have to be covered by the student for the 14-day duration. Fees could run between $1,800 to $2,000 inclusive of lodging and meals at an approved hotel.

Bookings and arrangements for transport and stay are facilitated by the school and Fil-Global before the students’ arrival. This new normal process can be daunting, not to mention, it adds up to a student’s list of expenses. However, taking it as a one-time procedure wouldn’t be so bad after all.

No Public School Enrollment As of This Year

COVID-19 Update International Students Nova Scotia

For those who have dependents who are planning to enroll in a public school, unfortunately, this isn’t a good time. International students who are enrolled and currently outside of Canada have ongoing online access. New enrollees, however, won’t be entertained. The same goes for foreign students who are interested in public institutions, apparently, this isn’t an available option.

Schools have witnessed the trouble students have to undergo during this time of health crisis. This recognition made the institutions formulate an easier payment scheme for its enrollees. Some are starting to offer considerate installment plans, scholarship promos, and zero initial payments.

Canada is eager to make things appealing to international students again. The country is early to acknowledge the benefits of foreign students in the economy. It’s a huge industry that they cannot afford to fall for a long time.

All the good stuff is here, waiting for opportunity grabbers to take the step and reap the gains in a matter of time. If you have been waiting for the right moment, perhaps you could be idling way too long. Talk to our Fil-Global agents now and see if this could be the perfect program for you.


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