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Discover Experiential Learning at Coast Mountain College

Are you an outdoor junkie who loves sports, adventure, and nature? Do you want to learn and study abroad but don't want to be confined in a four-walled classroom? Well, Canada is the best country for those who want to live an adventurous lifestyle like you!

These days, Canada has become a more popular choice for international students because of safety and cultural tolerance. Education in Canada also has high standards, able to compete with other countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. On top of that, you get to experience nature and adventure while being a foreign student.

At Coast Mountain College (CMTN) you can do just that! You get the chance to study, work and have fun in one of the greatest places on earth!

Where is Coast Mountain College situated?

Coast Mountain College, is previously known as Northwest Community College (NWCC), an accredited post-secondary institution that serves the rich and diverse communities and learners of British Columbia’s beautiful northwest region.

It was established in 1975 in Terrace, British Columbia. Coast Mountain College has five regional campuses serving 34 communities, 21 of which are First Nations communities.

Coast Mountain College Campuses

Hazelton Campus

This campus is located at the foot of the Stegyoden Mountains. Hazelton Campus is surrounded by stunning and inspiring views. So, if you are an outdoor person, this view might just excite you.

Outside the Hazelton campus is a mobile trades training unit used as moving classrooms to teach numerous trades programs and bring experiential learning. The programs served aim tEXo deliver lessons not just theoretically since it also targets real-life encounters. A mobile campus provides students with education and training right at their doorsteps.

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii campus is immersed in indigenous cultural history and has a view of sandy beaches and peaceful ocean sceneries. If you are in search of a unique and life-enhancing learning experience, then this campus could be just for you.


Smithers Campus is situated in a valley called Bulky, connected to rich local cultures and breath-taking landscapes.

The campus has advanced technology and laboratories and features its Gold LEED building flooded with natural light and breathtaking energy. It possesses wood, rock, and indigenous art throughout the building which represents the themes in the campus―forestry, resource management, and indigenous culture. This symbolizes Coast Mountain College's connection and commitment to the communities where it belongs.

If you’re interested to enroll in this campus and could be thinking of where to stay, Smithers Campus offers an option for students where you can have accommodation to a 20 single occupancy bed housing.

Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert Campus is situated in a spectacular location on an inner harbor on the Northern Coast. Its mild marine air keeps the temperature moderate the entire year. So, if you love beaches, this campus is for you.

The Prince Rupert campus has partnered with the locals for student training and a homestay network. So, accommodation and learning are stress-free on this campus. Giving importance to field studies, programs offered are brought to life through the involvement they will get through actual learning.

Since the campus is located on an inner harbor, it is known for its Applied Coastal Ecology program, where graduates are being trained to start their careers in coastal resources management and ecosystem restoration. This program is just one of the many courses offered by the Prince Rupert Campus.


Terrace Campus is a 30 acre beautifully landscaped grounds with stunning mountain view located at Skeena River Valley.

The campus's modern facilities offer students with laboratories and buildings with innovative spaces for classes and meetings and may also be used by communities.

Just like in Smithers campus, this campus also offers in-housing for students with its two-floor residential building available for accommodation. The Terrace Campus has a partnership with the local families of Canada for students' homestay so they could live like locals and experience Canadian culture at its best.

While living off-campus, you could enjoy the scenery around the community with a multitude of walking, biking, and availability of public transit nearby.


With an 85% acceptance rate, international students from over 10 nationalities come over to study in this college. It provides high-quality education and place-based learning at an affordable cost.

It also has partnered with industries and professionals in the community to help students in their professional development.

Why Choose Coast Mountain College?

First off, the institution offers an excellent education at an affordable cost. The campuses are safe and are strategically built at unique locations designed to trigger experiential learning. On top of that, the school upholds rich cultures, traditions, and heritage.

With a total of 33 programs from undergraduate to postgraduate level, Coast Mountain College offers 6 different study areas like arts, business, and science. CMTN offers college programs in small class sizes and caters to health and human services programs, online programs, university credit programs, trades foundation, and apprenticeship programs.

Here are some of the Programs offered by Coast Mountain College to International Students:

Business Administration