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Process Your Student Visa on Your Own via Fil-Global’s DIY Pathway

Processing a student visa is hard enough work, all the more for those who have to do it on their own. It can be stressful especially if you have little interest in following procedures and handling documents.

Good thing you can now process your student visa on your own via Fil-Global’s DIY pathway. Through this program, you will have an opportunity to acquire a student permit at a lower cost.

Sounds exciting right? Stick around as we provide all the information you can use to get you started.

What Is the Fil-Global DIY Pathway?


The DIY pathway emerged out of Fil-Global’s interest to help all Filipinos who are yearning to go abroad for studies. The goal was to give everyone an equal chance in pursuing their dream career in their target destination.

The company recognizes the amount of money you need to put forward in processing a visa. Since not all have enough funds to use 100% of the services an agency provides, the new program offered exclusively by Fil-Global will give applicants some guidance at a budget price.

What Is Included in the DIY Package?

Expert Immigration Advice

Joining the Fil-Global DIY program means receiving top-notch immigration advice. Your application will be assessed and evaluated according to your preferred program and our agents will carefully guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Unlimited Consultations


Processing your student visa application will lead you to so many questions and can easily overwhelm you. But with the availability of immigration specialists, it’s easy to address any confusion.

Provision of Updated Immigration Forms

Access to updated immigration forms takes away part of your worries. Filling up the wrong forms can invalidate your application, so it’s crucial to use the right forms before anything else.

Guaranteed LOA/COE and scholarship issuance + discounts!

Securing admission to a program is easy peasy when you’re backed by agents from well-known immigration companies.

School placement agencies establish partnerships with institutions as a sign of trust and legitimacy. So, when students are enrolled through them, applicants are preferred and get to enjoy more benefits such as guaranteed LOA, tuition fee discounts, and even scholarship grants.

In many instances, certain prerequisites can also be waived as part of the agreement. You’d be surprised by the zero English testing requirement and higher age limits imposed!

100% Customer Service via Email


When you process your student visa on your own via Fil-Global’s DIY pathway, all concerns are communicated through email and you should be able to receive a response within 24 hours. Support via phone and chat is currently not available, however, you can choose to pay for an additional fee to get the text and call or video support.

Who Will Handle Your Application?

You will receive full guidance from the Fil-Global team which includes the Marketing Executive, Documentation Officer, and Programme Manager.

You can expect the same VIP treatment as our members, only that there will be fewer services accessible on your end since the program is designed for those who choose to do the greater part of the work.

The DIY Process

Here’s what to expect once you decide to avail of the Fil-Global DIY package:

  1. Attend the consultation - you can determine the right program once you submit yourself for consultation. Taking your experience, educational background, interests, and preferences into consideration, our agent will present to you the program that suits you best.

  2. Pay the 10,000 package fee - full payment signals the start of your DIY visa processing. You will immediately be placed on board by the Fil-Global team so you can start working on your application.

  3. Receive your LOA/COE - this confirms your slot on your chosen institutional provider and program.

  4. Accomplish the documents required - several documents will be needed to fulfill before the submission of your application to the embassy. All papers must be gathered promptly so you can follow your timeline smoothly.

  5. Complete the immigration forms - filling up forms accurately is a critical part of the application. There’s nothing to fret though, you can always have your completed forms reviewed via email.

  6. Attend the medical exam - as you are nearing the end of your application, be sure to stay in top shape, so you can pass your medical exam.

  7. Lodge your visa application - this is the part where you may need to do an appearance or simply submit all your docs to the immigration office.

  8. Submit your biometrics - before a student visa application can be processed by the officers, your fingerprints and photo will first be collected.

  9. Visa approval - you will receive an approval letter and notice a visa stamp on your passport once you are successfully given a student permit.

  10. Departure - although there is no set time frame as to how early you can arrive in Canada for your studies, in most cases, the reasonable date for students is to fly one month before the issue date.

Pros and Cons



  • Save money by paying a cheaper package fee

  • Take 100% control of your time

  • High visa success rate

  • Straightforward and fully guided process

  • Option to convert to full membership


  • 6-month expiry

  • A monthly top-up fee is required once the client has reached the expiry period

  • Support provided only through email

  • Limited services available

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to acquire a student permit, then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Stop having second thoughts… make 2023 your year and be ready to process your student visa on your own via Fil-Global’s DIY pathway.

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