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13 Reasons to Study, Work and Live in Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular study-abroad destinations. The warm weather, lively street culture, charming cities, and welcoming locals make living in a foreign place a breeze.

But, are these enough reasons to study, work and live in Spain? Let’s find out as we delve into the many reasons why you should study, work and live in a country where Tapas, Paella, siesta, and Flamenco are most known for.

Spain―the Country, Language, and Culture

Spain is a huge country located in the southwestern part of Europe. It occupies an area of 505,992 km², earning a spot as one of the top 50 largest countries in the world.

Spain is the fourth largest area in Europe and comes second in Western Europe. When compared to the UK, Spain is about twice the size, so you’ll find it a bit harder to travel between cities. But despite this, many travelers say that the efficient multi-modal public transport makes moving within Spain easy and convenient.

The capital of Spain is Madrid, the largest city with around 3.4 million occupants. There are 16 different languages spoken in Spain. However, you’ll hear Spanish or Castellano as the most commonly used language.

If you’re wondering if the locals speak English, some of them do! But you’ll see them less in the streets. In this case, learning some Spanish words will be helpful for anyone staying in Spain.

Filipinos need not worry about this though, as there are over 4,000 Spanish loan words in the Filipino language. Since Filipinos naturally have the edge, learning Spanish shouldn’t be a problem.

When it comes to Spanish tradition and culture, just like here in the Philippines, you’ll see many fiestas celebrated year-round. Then there’s flamenco music, bullfights, and fantastic beaches with lots of sunshine.

Spanish people value Familia and consider it as the most important aspect of their lives. Similar to the Filipino family structure, Spaniards are extremely family-oriented and highly depend on each other for support. Blending with the locals in Spain won’t feel too awkward, it’ll just be like living in the Philippines but in a place with a better economy!

Reasons to Study, Work and Live in Spain

1. Laid-back lifestyle

The Spanish people love to take it slow and savor all the good things life has to offer. If you have similar views in life, you’ll definitely appreciate living in Spain!

Ever heard of the word siesta? Siesta is a period in a day―typically around 2 to 5 in the afternoon when all establishments shut down for a nap. Although this tradition is slowly dying, you’ll still see people taking a siesta, especially during the summer holidays!

2. More working hours for international students

From the 20 working hours allocation, international students are now given 30 hours a week to work part-time. What makes it more exciting is after course completion, students can immediately remain as a resident with working rights!

3. A divine place for travelers

Some of the best cities to study abroad in Spain are Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, and Valencia. Whichever city you choose to live in, each of these places has something exciting to offer.


Aside from the fact that Barcelona is where most highly ranked schools are located, the golden beach within reach is what makes it a popular student city.


Seville has the vibrance of Barcelona and Madrid but is more budget-friendly for international students. Since this is where the famous Flamenco originated, you can expect to hear authentic and emotional music for you to sing and dance your heart out!


Madrid is full of institutions that excel in research, technology, and innovation―making it a top choice for foreign learners. And if you thrive with diversity, you won't find it hard to love this city as you'll see a variety of cultures.

Madrid is a favorite student choice since the location offers easy access to other parts of Europe. You can never be short of places to wander when in Madrid!


Aside from the prestigious universities that can be found in Valencia, this city offers much for international students to explore.

The beaches are just minutes away from the school. The old town, museum, and cathedral are some of the places worth seeing. And if you are a foodie, prepare for a gastronomic delight as this city is the birthplace of Paella.

4. The advantage of learning a second language

As mentioned earlier, Filipinos have the upper hand when learning the Spanish language. Have you noticed the similarities between some Filipino and Spanish words?

Apparently, many local words in the Philippines have Spanish origins. For this reason, Filipinos have an edge when learning Spanish as a second language.

5. Loads of sunshine

Six of the sunniest places in Europe are found in Spain. So if you worry about adjusting to a new climate, know that Spain is generous in giving several hours of sunshine a year!

6. Warm and friendly locals—just like us Filipinos!

Spanish people have warm and friendly personalities. Like Filipinos, they enjoy gatherings and are very hospitable. You won’t feel too alienated when migrating to Spain!

7. Superb cuisine

As we all know, Spanish food is one of the best cuisines in the world. You surely won’t get enough of Croquetas, Gazpacho, Pisto, Paella, Fabada, and Gambas, and gulp on some of the best Spanish red wines such as Bobal, Grenache, and Monastrell.

8. Fantastic nightlife

Spain offers some of the best nightlife experiences! You’ll see an awesome social atmosphere and varied nightlife scenes such as beach bars, alternative bars, and techno clubs. Some venues may close until 3 in the morning but many remain open until sun up.

9. Year-round festivities

There are many traditional festivals in Spain to look out for. The Carnival in February is among the largest festivities in Spain filled with street parades, parties, loud music, and dazzling costumes. If you enjoy celebrating in a great crowd, Spain will give you the time of your life!

10. Sing and dance your heart out to great music

Listen to the rhythmic beats and catchy vibes of Spanish music wherever you are in Spain. Since music is a vital part of Spanish life, you’ll typically see people busking or locals randomly strumming their guitars along the streets.

Music lovers can enjoy more Spanish music styles and genres by visiting Bacalao in Valencia.

11. Enjoy lower cost of living and tuition fees

Studying in Spain is inexpensive. In fact, spending over €1000 a month might be a bit too much for an international student. The figure includes food, rent, utilities, and entertainment. In general, the average cost of living is 53.5% lower than in the US.

In terms of tuition fees, Spain offers lower costs as well compared to other colleges and universities in Europe. You can expect to pay around $12,000 to $20,000 for an entire program and bring down the fees even more by applying for a scholarship.

If you’re thinking about where to find a school in Spain that can give you the best education without emptying your pockets, Fil-Global recommends joining UCAM (Universidad Católica de Murcia)—one of the historic and best schools in Spain!

12. Feed your eyes with art and architectural masterpieces

Adore numerous Spanish-style homes and see the iconic old-Europe streets in the Gothic Quarter neighborhood. If you want to witness some of the buildings listed as part of Unesco World Heritage Sites, check out Antonio Gaudi’s creative works just by strolling around Barcelona.

13. Home to prestigious colleges and universities

Spain is one of the best countries for overseas studies as it offers century-old educational expertise. It holds a great reputation in terms of education and has programs that can help a student excel internationally.

Now that you’re brimming with reasons to study, work and live in Spain, it’s now time to fly to Spain and own a career with many opportunities! Spain offers an all-in-one package for international students making it the perfect country to pursue further studies. Tap us now here at Fil-Global to get started!

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