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Top Courses in Canada That Lead to Permanent Residency

Different learners have unique reasons for choosing to study abroad. Some find it as a good opportunity for work, while some think it’s one way to skill up and build character. Students may have various short-term goals for studying abroad, but all are aiming to achieve one thing in the long run, and that is to gain permanent residency.

Luckily, there are top courses in Canada that can help you gain permanent residency with ease. If you are interested in finding out the details, carry on and discover which among the courses will you qualify for.

Pathway to permanent residency in Canada for international students

 top courses Canada permanent residency

Before we start talking about the school programs. Let’s first check the standard pathway for international students in Canada.

All foreign students who spent 1.5 to 2 years studying in Canada are eligible for the PR route. How? Right after your studies, you need to switch to a 3-year Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and gain the right experience.

PGWP is a one-time opportunity given to fresh graduates, through this permit they are allowed to stay and work in Canada full time for 3 years.

PR courses in Canada


MBA in Canada is a 2-year program regardless of the field of study. Tuition fees may range from CAD 30,000 to CAD 45,000 depending on the school. There are different specializations in MBA. To name a few, these are General Management, International Management, Strategy, Consulting, and Finance Leadership.

US and Canada are two favorite destinations for foreign students to pursue an MBA. However, these countries provide varying levels of opportunities. Although the US has long been known for its great reputation, Canada poses a good system for international students who are wishing to stay longer in the country either for work or permanent residency.

MBA requirements are different per school, but generally, applicants must have previous business-related experience of 2 to 3 years. Most institutions require to have proof of English proficiency with an IELTS score of 6.5.

Students frequently ask if MBA is tough, especially for what they refer to as “regular students.” In all honesty, I would answer NO. A student’s performance largely depends not only on his academic capabilities but also on his character. An MBA may sound all too grandiose but this shouldn’t scare your dreams away.

One important thing to note though, an MBA program is not designed for entry-level students. When you already have significant experience, getting an MBA will help you develop certain processes, giving you an edge when dealing with challenging situations.

If you do not have valuable experience before getting an MBA, it would be hard to relate to actual business scenarios and the overall learning experience will become overwhelming for students. This is probably the reason why some students find themselves dumbfounded while completing the degree.

Looking for an institution to help you get started with your MBA degree? Here’s what we highly recommend:



Applicants must be college graduates of the same field and preferably have valuable experience in the field of business. No proof of English proficiency is required, making it very convenient for the students!

University Canada West is an innovative business, technology-oriented, and teaching-focused institution in Canada. What makes this university unique among the others is the integration of technology in its course structure, making it responsible for the adaptation of the so-called “modern business”.

When enrolled in this program you’ll find leading businesses and tech companies incorporated a number of its cloud computing technologies and machine learning tools and techniques. Businesses today fail to thrive without the presence of Amazon, Shopify, Riipen, Facebook Blueprint, and Salesforce. But through UCW’s MBA, you’ll get all this while learning critical-thinking skills.

The program also offers specialization where you get to choose from 8 elective areas. And if you’re wondering how the graduates have been doing after finishing their course, according to the Academica Group, their survey shows that 100% of its graduates last January 2020 were employed within 6 months! Being with this institution will definitely give you an impressive career outcome.

UCW offers a scholarship grant of up to CAD 10,000. And since UCW participates in this month’s Fly-Now-Pay-Later Program (FNPL), you’ll enjoy a special payment scheme once you choose to take your MBA with UCW.


As of early 2021, coding and programming skills remain to be one of the most sought-after professions in Canada. Businesses are upgrading their software capabilities as a response to today’s market demands. Entrepreneurs are bringing their products and services online and strive to offer better service and experience to consumers.

A Bachelor’s degree in IT often requires 3 to 5 years of study. Although it appears as a lengthy program, graduating from the Department of Engineering Technology and Applied Science means you are set to hold one of the most valuable degrees in Canada.

There are various technological roles for IT. Some of the in-demand specialized roles are Business Intelligence Analysts, Cloud Architects, Cloud Systems Engineers, and IT Project Managers. Whatever specialty you find yourself in, the job diversity, competitive salaries, and growing number of jobs and opportunities will help you establish an excellent career in Canada.

In search of the best college for your IT studies? Here’s an exceptional school for you:



Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Post-secondary program

Graduates of any related course are welcome to join this program. No IELTS is needed as long as your college course here in the Philippines was delivered in English.

The Software Engineering Technology Co-op is a 3-year program offered to tech and software enthusiasts. It is inclusive of a co-op plan where some seasons are spent for hands-on experience.

Learning will be centered on designing, developing, and maintaining software systems. Expect to learn modern programming languages, design and algorithm concepts, data management tools, and software methodologies. As part of the curriculum, 2 software development projects are also integrated so you could exercise technical, systems, and business skills.

Do you know what makes the program interesting? If you have a background in software and your credentials show you’re qualified, you are up for direct admission into semester 3. It means you can get your Software Engineering Technology advanced diploma in just four semesters! How cool is that?

What makes studying in Centennial extra special for IT students is the location itself. Ontario, Toronto is Canada’s #1 city in terms of tech jobs and tech companies. There’s no better way to grow professionally than to spend most of your learning and working days in a city with a thriving tech sector.


Among the top courses in Canada for permanent residency, students in the finance industry have a great opportunity to soar high. The job projections are great for the coming years, and it’s something that has never been observed before the pandemic started.

Lately, a lot of young graduates have opted for a career in finance. There is a growth of 58% in professionals who have taken finance as its major specialization for the year 2020, with financial managers as one of the highly-ranked jobs in Canada.

A Finance degree can lead to careers such as Bank Manager, Business Analyst, Chief Financial Officer, and Compliance Officer. Continuing a degree to a university will allow one to pursue a professional accounting designation.

CPA, also known as Chartered Professional Accountant remains to be the most in-demand finance course in the Canadian accounting sector. Even more with the rapid changes in the economy last 2020, CPAs are referred to as trusted advisers.

With people losing jobs due to COVID-19, many have turned their hopes for a financial position. People have upskilled while some are completely new to the field. In BC alone, an estimate of 40,000 new accounting jobs is to watch for by 2029.

Thinking of which school to pursue? Why not in Canada's business and financial capital in Toronto?



Humber College is located in Toronto, a competitive city for jobs and a place with the most finance and accounting employment roles.

To be qualified, you normally need to have related work experience and should graduate from a similar course. IELTS is no longer needed as long as you secure proof that the English language was used during the course delivery on your college years here in the Philippines.

Humber offers teachings in accounting procedures and theory, taxation, business law, information systems, and management. To equip its students with the best skills, this program also provides training using industry-standard software.

Humber not only gives international students an edge in the competitive market through a solid understanding of current accounting practices and the ability to use the latest accounting software, but it also provides a pathway to establish a renowned career under the Ontario Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

By taking the two-year Business - Accounting diploma, you could gain entry to a university under Seneca’s Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Finance in year 3 and pursue a four-year honours degree as part of the preparatory courses required for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program.

The program also includes an 84-hour business placement so you could put your accounting knowledge and skills into practice. Support will be provided by the business placement advisor for the search application and formulation of the resume.

That ends our entry for the recommended courses in Canada for permanent residency. Feeling blue for not seeing your line of profession? Don’t worry! The list doesn’t end in Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, and Media are also among the courses that will give you a chance to grow your career, work, and live in The Great White North. If you’re curious about these programs, give us a call or send us a message on our website!


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