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Build Your Dream in the Entertainment Industry With Trebas Institute Montreal Programs

Are you the kind of person who likes to make music? Are you passionate about video editing or filming? Do you find joy in planning an event for a festival or a party? Well, if you are creative by nature, this article is for you.

If you have plans on enhancing those hidden artistic skills, you might want to consider Trebas Institute in Montreal Canada. Canada's TV and film sector is thriving amidst the pandemic because of the collaborative efforts of producers and unions in practicing safe and healthy protocols. Additionally, regardless of our social and economic situation, the entertainment industry will always find its way in providing joy to different audiences.

Read along as we go through what Trebas Institute Montreal Programs has to offer.

Where is Trebas Institute located?

Trebas Institute is located at the heart of Montreal Canada, a cultural metropolis in North America. It is the largest city in Quebec province and is one of the most exciting and culturally vibrant cities.

The city hosts numerous internationally renowned events. It is also a choice for filming locations for Hollywood movies and is referred to as an international hub for video game design.

Trebas Institute Montreal campus is surrounded by restaurants, museums, malls, and the Place des Spectacles and Centre Bell―home of Montreal's Canadiens' hockey team. The official language in Montreal is French and is widely spoken along with the English language. Students in this area can pursue education in either of the two languages.

About Trebas Institute

Trebas Institute has over 3,000 graduates and has students from over 40 countries. It provides students with a multi-cultural educational experience. Its programs are accredited by Ministѐre de l'Enseignement Supѐrieur (Quebec).

For over 40 years, Trebas has contributed to Canada's community through training skilled professionals in Audio, Film and Television, Business and Technology, Music, Event, and Entertainment Management. These are skills that are in demand right now. Its cutting-edge programs are continuously updated and provide customized training in the community.

Trebas Institute provides a variety of diplomas in audio, film and television, business, technology, music event, and the entertainment industry. The school boasts a high employment rate of 79.5% within six months of graduation!

Featured Programs

For the entertainment Industry, Audio is a vital component. It could be through providing sound effects on a film or managing the audio at a concert. Learning practical skills are needed to excel in the industry and can be gained as part of an internship.

Here are some of Trebas Institute Montreal Programs that are worth exploring.

Audio and Video Post-production

Post-production is both the science and art of bringing video production to life. It generally refers to the tasks performed after filming is complete. It is where the visual and audio material begins.

This program provides practical training in video editing, sound editing, and mixing. The program provides industry-standard equipment and software programs, hence, preparing students to join the actual industry upon graduating.

The program is composed of five semesters delivered in French or English language. The first term will teach students the following:

  • practices and principles of the post-production industry

  • the most commonly used software programs and their functions

  • how to record sound effects

  • the ‘green screen’ technique

  • how to create 2D animation, illustrations, and other computer graphics

  • how to record, edit, replace, and integrate dialogue for video

  • 3D animation

  • Color Correction and Grading

  • Sound Mixing

  • Digital and Graphic Design

  • Motion and Graphic Design

  • Short Film Post-production

Live Sound Program

Trebas Institute Montreal Programs

In this program, you will become skilled in working with the industry to create the perfect sound for live events. Some of the vital points you'll learn are the ability to construct a high-quality mix for live sound, create commercially viable recordings, use proper microphone techniques, incorporate effects, and processing to build professional sounds.

You will be equipped with the theoretical and practical skills needed to broaden your career. Live sound is a 3-term program delivered in French or English language. Here, students will be able to learn the following:

  • Venue Acoustic

  • Stage set-up and interpret artist's technical requirement