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What Is the U.S. Visa Dropbox Program?

With COVID-19 slowly easing down, many are planning their holidays to reunite with families, especially in the United States. But have you already completed the renewal of your visa?

I assume most of us have halted some of the most important activities we were supposed to do because of the pandemic. If you’re among those who are due for a U.S. visa renewal, you’ll find this article extremely helpful as it aims to give you an overview of the U.S. Visa Dropbox Program. So stick around and read through until the end to find out about the new criteria for waiver interviews.

Dropbox for U.S. Visas

U.S. Visa Dropbox Program

We’ve already known that applying for an interview waiver has already been going on for some time. Through this process, filing your application and sending your documents can all be done without the need for an in-person appearance.

With the recent update and extension, visa renewals are made quicker and more convenient. You just need to secure a U.S. visa stamp and submit all the necessary documents. However, you are required to meet the eligibility requirements before you can qualify.

U.S. Visa Dropbox Program Eligibility

Check out the following criteria and see if you are eligible to apply through the dropbox program. If you can tick all the boxes below, you are most likely qualified for the U.S. Visa Dropbox Program.

❒ I was previously granted a 10-year visa.

❒ My expired visa was a B1/B2.

❒ My visa has expired within 48 months.

❒ I’m a citizen of the Philippines or a Philippines visa resident holder.

❒ My expired visa doesn’t contain the following indications: “Clearance Received” or “Travel with Employer”.

❒ The physical document including the passport and the visa is with me.

❒ My most recent visa was issued on or after my 14th birthday.

❒ My previous application for a US visa was approved.

❒ I have documents to support any changes on my last visa.

❒ No request for an extension or change status was made.

If you checked all of the boxes above and meet the additional criteria below, you’re still considered eligible for the U.S. Visa Dropbox Program.

❒ I’m a minor (below 14 years old) with a parent that has an active B1/B2 US visa (with available supporting documents).

❒ I’m 79 years old or more.

What Were the Changes Since the Last Update?

U.S. Visa Dropbox Program

The previous eligibility for expired visas was set to 12 and 24 months. Dependents including minors were also formerly considered as not eligible for the U.S. Visa Dropbox Program. With the new extensions implemented, applicants are provided with an added convenience in renewing their visas, which makes this period the perfect time to process!

U.S. Visa DropBox Processing Times

Renewing through the dropbox program can range from 1 to 21 days. Processing times can vary depending on the volume of applications received by the embassy. Be sure to allow enough time before your target travel dates.

Does the Dropbox Service Guarantee Visa Issuance?

Unfortunately, no. In some cases, your actual presence can still be requested by the U.S. Consulate. If you have submitted incomplete or incorrect documents, your application can be returned through the 2GO courier.

It’s important to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your requirements before submission. If you wish to experience a hassle-free way of renewing your visa, call us! Our agents at Fil-Global Immigration Services will help you complete your application swiftly and with precision!

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