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What Are the Perks of Being a Fil-Global Member?

If you’ve done some agency shopping, you will probably find it unusual for an immigration service provider to charge a membership fee. But just like any other business, some require a few extra charges or may charge higher for a reason.

As a client, it’s normal to be doubtful about certain things especially when it involves money. But before you even shrug off the costs involved, let me first share with you the benefits and perks of being a Fil-Global member.

The Fil-Global “Visa Initial Processing” (VIP) Premium Membership Fee

Fil-Global started its office in the UK and charges £600 (roughly around ₱45,000) for membership. The company branched out in the Philippines and Filipino applicants were given the privilege of only paying 41,000 to become a member.

If you’re someone inquiring about the fees alone without hearing the details, one would definitely view it as pricey. But if you start looking at the inclusions, you’ll realize how generous the benefits are!

What is Included in The Fil-Global “Visa Initial Processing” (VIP) Premium Membership Fee?

1. 2 days & 1-night FREE condo-hotel accommodation (Bohol, Cebu, CDO, Manila)

Just like you, I was once an international student who got into a program with the assistance of a student placement agency.

Although the processing costs were disclosed, I wasn’t prepared with the expenses needed to fulfill my application such as the travel cost and allowances. I had to go to Manila for the actual submission of my documents and do biometrics. I had to stay there for a few days and personally visit my agency in another location (which is in Cebu) before my date of departure. All these entailed additional expenses and kept me stressing over my finances.

Luckily with Fil-Global, you’ll be spared from some of the financial pressures. Imagine saving thousands of bucks on your stay by being offered free accommodation!

2. Free visa assessment and immigration consultation

You’ll enjoy free visa assessment and consultation on your desired immigration pathway when you're a Fil-Global member. You will also get straightforward advice on your application based on your experience and credentials.

Are you planning to migrate with your entire family? Or pursue higher studies abroad? Whatever your goals are, Fil-Global has specialized agents ready to assist you.

3. Lifetime membership with Fil-Global.

Once registered as a Fil-Global member, you’ll enjoy the list of benefits forever. There are perks that you can utilize yearly or until you consume maximum use.

In case you wish to defer the processing of your application, you’ll still appreciate the perks of being a Fil-Global member once you decide to resume.

4. University placement assistance

Choosing which college to enroll in can be difficult. You have to consider their accreditations, credibility, and capability to deliver quality education, and it can take a lot of time and effort to research. However, once you are a member, all these are taken care of.

Fil-Global only collaborates with the best performing schools in the country. So when the time comes that you need to choose an institution, you can be sure that you will only be affiliated with the finest educational provider abroad.

5. Provision of school letter of offer

Obtaining a pre-offer letter or school letter of offer is one of the many steps you need to undergo when applying for a study permit. When a school provides this document to a student, it means that there is an available slot for the program. The offer also contains all the requirements you need to provide before you can secure the letter of acceptance.

As a Fil-Global member, you will be given full assistance in the process. The staff will be in touch with the school’s representative and ensure that you could enter the desired program and preferred intake.

6. Sponsorship assistance

Many visa applications require sponsorship from family and relatives. This is to convince the visa officers that the applicant is capable of living or studying in a foreign land.

Unfortunately, not all have the capacity to prove that they have the right amount of funds required by the immigration office. And since Fil-Global loves to go the extra mile for its members, the sponsorship assistance program should be able to provide support so you’ll have a higher chance of having your application approved.

7. Free winter jacket

When I was an international student, my biggest failure was to secure a winter jacket. I underestimated the brutally cold weather in the UK. So, if I were to receive a jacket as part of my membership perks, it would definitely mean the world.

8. Free job profile assistance (Indeed)

One of the challenges faced by foreign students is finding work. Considering the differences in culture and lack of social networks, securing a part-time job can be extremely difficult.

Hopefully, with Fil-Global’s job profile assistance, you can showcase your skills appropriately and make yourself marketable from the pool of talents.

9. Free accident insurance

You’ll never know when mishaps happen. For Fil-Global members to be financially ready from accidents, all are given the privilege to be insured with a sum amount of ₱200,000 applicable for the whole year and anywhere in the world.

10. Free RTPCR swab test (Manila)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries require swab test results before departure from the country of origin and upon arrival.

Here in the Philippines, taking the RTPCR Swab test isn’t free. But if you’re a Fil-Global member, there’s no need to worry about the additional expenses you need to face before departing.

11. Free consultations with Fil-Global

One-on-one consultations with Fil-Global are normally charged at Php 1,500 per session. But if you choose to sign up and become a member, fees will be waived and clients are given the privilege to enjoy a maximum of 10 consultations per year.

12. Free medical consultation

Health is always a priority. To ensure that Fil-Global members are in their best condition regardless of where they are, the company will provide free medical consultations up to 5 times.

13. Free psychiatric counseling

Mental and physical health are equally important. To help reduce stress and anxiety among the members, free psychiatric counseling of up to 5 sessions is offered.

14. Free financial planning.

Working and studying abroad can affect the way you manage your income. But with good financial planning, you can have a better financial understanding and set reasonable goals. Plan wisely and make good budgeting and investment decisions with the help of Fil-Global.

15. Free IELTS review

Depending on the program, some applicants are required to take the English language proficiency test. For you to be fully prepared without spending a dime, Fil-Global will provide a one-time free IELTS review assistance to its members.

16. Free Duolingo/PTE review

During the height of the pandemic, many institutions started accepting certifications from Duolingo since it offers online exams. Duolingo is a well-known language learning app offering exams and certifications, widely accepted by thousands of universities around the world.

The Duolingo English Test only costs around $49, it’s cheap and convenient for many students. So, if your college accepts Duolingo, Fil-Global can provide a free Duolingo review!

Some programs, on the other hand, require The Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam. It’s similar to IELTS and is used for education and immigration purposes. A one-off review for this type of exam can also be provided for free by Fil-Global.

17. Free Nursing CBT review materials

Those in the field of Nursing will find this as one of the most important perks of being a Fil-Global member.

If you’re taking a UK Nursing program, you’ll eventually need to pass the NMC’s Nursing CBT exam. To help members pass the test, materials needed for review will be provided for free.

18. Free HCPC registration

HCPC is a UK organization that regulates 15 health and care professions. Professionals trained internationally or those who just completed professional training in the UK must be registered under HCPC to be able to practice legally. As part of the privilege, Fil-Global will assist the members who wish to join the HCPC.

19. Free travel itinerary

A travel itinerary contains important information about your trip such as the activities, destination, and time. Fil-Global members are provided with this free document so you can ensure smooth travels.

20. Free 1 Bottle of Wine courtesy of the JVB Wine & Cheese Cafè

As a complimentary gift from the JVB Wine & Cheese Cafè, each member will receive a bottle of wine for free to help you celebrate your success.

21. Free barista training

When living and studying abroad, one of the skills you can use for your part-time work is bartending. It’s a highly accessible job and you can earn more through tips. To fully equip Fil-Global members, free barista training will be provided as well.

22. Accommodation assistance

Foreign students frequently worry about their accommodation abroad. Although there are in-house boarding options for some colleges, costs are higher compared to staying with host families or renting a shared space with other international students.

If you’re a Fil-Global member, the team will help you find the best location for your stay by ensuring that you are placed in a highly accessible area, either from downtown or your college.

23. Airport send-off and pick-up

Fil-Global loves to wish its members good luck on their new journey! To make sure they are fully prepared, a send-off team will assist the members at the airport as they leave the country. To ensure their safety, upon arrival, another point person will welcome them to their country of destination.

24. Travel ticket and hotel booking discounts and perks

Since JVB Travel is closely affiliated with Fil-Global, whenever you need to book tickets, members can enjoy promos and different kinds of travel perks including hotel discounts.

25. Investment and remittance advice

If you’re wondering how to send money to your family in the Philippines, Fil-Global can also assist you on how to transact remittances. And since investment is another important matter that should be considered once you’re earning abroad, Fil-Global can also provide some helpful recommendations.

26. National Insurance (NI) registration

In the UK, whether you are a student or a migrant, you have working rights defined in your visa. The NI registration is a liability imposed on students and workers for income tax and National Insurance contribution purposes. To help you take the first step, the Fil-Global team will assist you in securing your unique NI number.


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