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Living the Australian Dream: 5 Reasons to Choose the Australia Student Visa Program

Have you ever thought about what makes the Australia student visa program the best option today? Choosing the perfect program could be mind-boggling, after all, Fil-Global only offers the best choices for its members. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everybody’s career plans. The good news is - top countries for international studies have started reopening the borders for its students. The world hasn’t ended with what’s going on, in fact, it just started for those who are planning to take their profession to the next level.

So, what makes the ‘Australia - study, work, and live’ program the cream of the crop? Read on! This article is meant to fire up that long-time hidden excitement.

5 Reasons to Choose the Australia Student Visa Program

Guaranteed permits from PGWP to PR

International students who graduated from the prestigious Australian Universities are guaranteed a Post-Graduate Work Permit. This will allow a graduate to extend his stay for full-time work and experience. Those who met the English requirements and enrolled in in-demand courses have a high chance of getting a positive result on skills assessment, this will then give you the ticket to gaining the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) or commonly known as the Permanent Resident Visa. But how do you make sure you’re off to a right start? You need to check if you’re getting the right course and if your skills will potentially include you to the high demand job list.

Do IT and Childcare courses inspire you to take further studies? Graduates in this field have skills that are included in the shortage list. Taking these courses will surely help you go one step ahead from reaching your dream.

Affordable tuition fees

Tuition fees make up 50% of the total money a student needs to prepare when studying abroad. With the economic crisis going on, this makes it harder for students to comply with the initial payments required. To address this issue, The New Era Institute has partnered with Fil-Global to help students get scholarships, financial aid, and discounts as much as Php 39,000. It also features the ‘Fly Now Pay later’ promo which allows the students to pay for the visa fee only right after the approval. This one-time offer is by far one of the best packages you can get, so if you’re planning to book for an orientation do it now!

Generous Working hours

Leading countries and their institutions have made major moves to ease up the impact caused by the pandemic. While tuition fees are among one of the factors that add up to the burden of students wanting to finish their studies abroad, work restrictions also prevent them from generating the much-needed income. In response to the global health crisis, the Australian Government lifted the limits allowing international students enrolled in Nursing and Aged Care to undertake work as much as they can.

Relaxed requirements (No IELTS, No Show money)

SBS states that the significant decrease in international student arrivals has been recorded in Australia. There was a difference of 11,790 when March 2019 and 2020 data were compared.

Australia student visa program

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics /

Border restrictions have been pointed out to be the main reason for the notable drop of numbers, though it doesn’t show the other factors adding up to the decrease of international student arrivals.

The international education sector has long been recognized as one of the largest income-generating assets to the economy. To help regain the losses brought by the pandemic, colleges and universities act up to invite more students to come to Australia for studies. Level 1 and 2 institutions now offer no IELTS and no show money requirements. This is one big turning point for students wishing to live the Australian dream!

The government has also shown support on this major move, The Hon Alan Tudge MP has released a statement on supporting international students and recommencing grants on student visas lodged outside Australia. Although its borders are yet to re-open this January 2021, the presence of visas beforehand will allow the international students to plan and make travel arrangements once restrictions are lifted.

Dependents are welcome

Applicants are allowed to bring their family members, this helps in getting the feel of migrating to Australia. The actual immersion can help the family experience what’s it like living in this country and if the choice is suitable for them. Applicants can get a lot of advantages in bringing their dependents, the spouse can get full working rights and most importantly you get to be with your loved ones. Studying abroad can be lonely especially if you’re away from home. Some students try to go home regularly despite the costly airline fees just to be with their families. So, bringing them with you is a wise decision if the situation permits.

With the health crisis going on, today may seem like a bad time for the students and migrants to take the next step. However, with all the positive visa changes Australia has set for its international students, one would think of pursuing further studies now.

Fil-Global offers various services curated according to the needs of the clients. We believe everyone has their preferences in studying and living abroad, talk to our friendly agents and discover the right program for you.

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