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Pursuing the Field of Healthcare Amidst the Pandemic: 5 Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The healthcare industry became chaotic since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Some of the countries with the most stable healthcare systems started to collapse. The economic damage was notable. Everything was literally put into a halt. Workers had to stay home while doing their jobs - all except those considered as the frontliners.

Most of us were alarmed by how dangerous the virus can be. Particularly those who are working in a healthcare setting. Out of fear, some chose to bid goodbye to their health-related professions while some chose to put up a fight. We all have considerable reasons for choosing whichever side we are on. If you are someone who chooses to become part of today’s most valuable workers, you must be wondering if it’s still possible to live your dreams abroad. Have you ever thought of the advantages this pandemic brought to the international health care aspirants? Read on as I point out the reasons why pursuing healthcare studies whilst the pandemic could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

5 Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time

1. Rising demand

The World Economic Forum states millions of nurses are needed in order to achieve global health targets; this doesn’t apply to nurses alone but to all healthcare professionals. With the pandemic going on, the previously recognized shortage of healthcare workers has now brought more pressing challenges. How exactly can we break this inadequacy? It can be rectified through education, training, and better employment opportunities. The graph below shows how much each country should look into increasing nurse graduates:

Pursuing healthcare pandemic 5 reasons
Image: State of the World’s Nursing, 2020

The data proves that pursuing a healthcare profession during this time of crisis can be beneficial. If you are someone looking forward to changing a career path or planning to pursue a long-overdue dream job, now is the perfect time to make things happen!

2. Various options

In line with the worldwide shortage of healthcare workers, students are now bombarded with multiple options to help them get started with their international studies. One particular example would be the ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ program offered by Fil-Global together with the 50% scholarship grants on students. The program was made possible in partnership with New Era Institute in Sydney Australia.

In the efforts to keep the numbers of COVID-19 cases from rising, one brilliant information from CIC News announced its program where students can enroll and begin their classes online while outside Canada. It allows eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit as long as they arrive in the country before the end of 2020. How amazing is that? Does this news make you think of getting yourself assessed? Head on! Fil-Global might just have the perfect program for you!

3. Better PR pathway

Gone are the days where students have to take endless courses just to satisfy immigration policies and its points-based system. Today’s programs are now concentrated on providing a shorter scheme for students from course completion to PGWP; this gives credit to students as they work their way to getting their PR. Student visas were once shrugged and considered as a costly option to migrating. This outlook has drastically shifted with the major revisions going on to student permit policies, these changes have now become the turning point for the majority of the people wanting to go abroad.

Interested in knowing more about Canada’s study program for international students? The Government of Canada website can help you answer some of those questions in mind. Or better yet, let a well-rounded team assist you in your application needs.

4. Relaxed visa rules

A lot of countries found a great deal of revenue from welcoming international students into their borders. Although a positive economic impact also entailed costs, the benefits still outweighed the latter, shockingly 10x more! According to The Pie News, these findings were supported through research by London Economics in U.K.

Pursuing healthcare pandemic 5 reasons

With this and the government’s attempt to rise from the economic crisis, this simply puts a clear line as to why foreign countries are now making things easier and appealing for international students.

A Fil-Global Austalia program offers no IELTS, no show money, and no interview. The application process is extremely convenient. The program also provides the PR pathway, it’s indeed the second-best way to migrating!

5. More working rights

Although a student visa holder must have funds to sustain the course fees, one cannot deny the need to earn while studying. Living abroad can be expensive, it would be impractical for a student to get his expenses out from his pocket money or from the family left in his home country. Work restriction was one of the major reasons why students are hesitant in pursuing their studies abroad. While this served as a factor in controlling illegal migrants or addressing loopholes to student permit grants, it also left a bad impression for students wanting to be self-sufficient while finishing their course.

The good news is, with the global outbreak of COVID-19, two major countries known to have large volumes of international students - Australia and Canada have made remarkable announcements around mid-April of this year. Australia has declared lifting of working hour restrictions to students enrolled in a healthcare course. Both of these countries removed the restrictions in an attempt to address the urgent need, to fight the healthcare shortage, and meet the demands as COVID-19 cases increase.

A global health crisis is something that typically happens every few years. Not long ago, people have already encountered similar cases of viruses and our existence today has proved us that humans are capable of surviving in almost any given circumstance. Although we have taken a break and considered living under the new norms, it would be impossible for us not to move forward out of fear and uncertainties.

The outbreak has undeniably become a barrier to our future goals but if you take out the positive side you’ll see how everything was set ideally for our healthcare aspirants. Take this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and transform your dreams into a reality! Ready to start building your future? The Fil-Global team is here for you. Wherever and whoever you are, there’s always a program for you.

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