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10 Benefits of Using an Immigration Assistance Service for Your International Studies

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

If you're planning to go abroad for studies, you must have taken a lot of trips to different agencies. The first thing that makes us think twice about pursuing our plans is the costs involved.

We all know the whole process doesn't come cheap. But despite this, we also acknowledge the benefits waiting for us in a few years. In our attempt to save a few thousand, we tend to go for the DIY process.

Have you ever wondered if it's worth taking the risk? Read along and see if requesting assistance from an immigration firm deserves your time, effort, and resources.

1. Quality colleges and universities

When you are under the care of an agency, you can be sure that the partnered colleges and universities are top-of-the-line. Companies providing such services have their own standards in choosing the right school that gives you quality education.

Fil-Global for instance offers not only the best institutions but also those which possess a common goal for their students—provide an easier pathway to residency.

Benefits Immigration Assistance Services International Studies

2. Professional advice

Unlimited professional advice is one of the best advantages you can get when you decide to be assisted by an immigration firm. Processing your visa on your own may sound easy but it's far from the real game.

And what makes it even more challenging is not all have the same application scenarios. Some are predisposed under the best circumstances while others aren't. However, if you have submitted yourself under the guidance of an agency, the experts are capable of turning the tide.

3. Well crafted programs

The programs offered by Fil-Global are based on the Filipino market. They are hand-picked and designed for young achievers whose professions are in line with the current demands of international labor.

Most of the programs are also geared towards the permanent residency pathway. This is to ensure continuity of career and for students to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a citizen in their desired country.

4. A network of like-minded professionals

Being connected to a group of people with similar aspirations is a benefit that not everyone has access to. For this reason, choosing the right agency is a crucial step that doesn't only affect your visa processing but the entirety of your future as well.

In Fil-Global, you get to be invited to an exclusive social media group where you'll see immigration updates, articles, new programs, and exciting offers. Searching for part-time work can also be easier! Although the company doesn't possess the right to provide jobs, students can easily find one through a tremendous network that Fil-Global possesses.

Benefits Immigration Assistance Services International Studies

5. Avail discounted rates or promos

Agencies are capable of providing discounts to their applicants depending on the available offers. Enrolling directly in a school can be more costly compared to going through an immigration firm that offers university placement services.

Fil-Global currently features a Fly Now Pay Later (FNPL) promo for selected schools namely Sault College, Centennial College, and Niagara College. FNPL provides a unique payment scheme that allows students to manage their finances more efficiently. To know more, contact our friendly experts before the promo expires.

Benefits Immigration Assistance Services International Studies

6. Process with peace of mind

Processing a student visa involves a lot of factors and the complexity depends on the country you're going for. You need to be a superstar at researching and managing to get things done the right way and at the right time.

Why waste your time, effort, and resources when spending just a few more could mean greater support, fewer worries, and higher chances for approval?

7. Enjoy special considerations from the school

A lot of applicants have expressed their frustrations on getting an IELTS exam as part of the pre-entry requirements. Because of this, several colleges listened and provided an exemption to Filipinos.

Imagine gaining entry to a well-respected institution while enjoying an IELTS-free entrance. This is part of what you get if you choose to be handled by an agency, particularly by Fil-Global.

Benefits Immigration Assistance Services International Studies

8. Avail continuous service

This type of service isn't offered by many—or shall I say no other companies have gone this far than Fil-Global. The company is more than just a university placement agency, it's also capable of handling other immigration services.

Since Fil-Global holds this advantage, when you decide to become a member, the assistance provided doesn't end at acquiring your student visa. Once you are ready to switch to PR, Fil-Global will help you get through the process.

9. Well planned travel and accommodation

Part of an agency's services involves a planned itinerary, an organized arrival, and readily available accommodation. This upper hand sprung from the fact that it also manages JVB Travel and Tours. Everything is within reach if you choose Fil-Global as your service provider.

Also, this makes it convenient for students especially that most learners are first-time settlers. Without this feature, you might have to end up worrying about your arrival and transportation. Going around in a new place can be scary, yikes!

10. Re-application after a refusal is possible

Appeals can be made for those who aren't granted a positive result. Contrary to what I've mentioned regarding the high approval rates, refusals are still possible and cannot be fully avoided. Although your documents are considered complete and have undergone quality checks prior to lodging, still, we do not hold the decisions of the immigration officers.

However, this gives the entire team the chance to check on which areas are likely to be the culprit. Since Fil-Global has the right resources to counter the causes of the denial, rest assured that your application for an appeal will yield a successful outcome.

That's it! I hope the benefits cited can help you weigh things especially if you're in doubt about the kind of services you get. If you are eager to start on your new journey abroad, book a virtual consultation or a free group orientation. We'll be more than happy to assist you in this exciting venture!


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