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Road to Residency: Get Your PR Visa via the 2020 Canada Caregiver Program

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a resident in Canada? Well, I sure did! Do you know how hard it was to reach this pathway turning back 10 years ago? Countries at some point offer programs but then suddenly stop. Do you wonder why? Most likely it’s because they have reached the capped volume of applicants. So, when you see renowned countries offering an opportunity of a lifetime (not to mention backed by top-rated immigration specialists) - GRAB IT! You’ll never know when’s the next one coming.

Launching Your 2020 Canada Caregiver Program


Before starting with the planning process, it’s important to know what caregiving is all about. Do you have the compassion to care for other people? Can you go beyond the boundaries of providing services to those in need? Caregiving is more than just a job, it’s a lifetime commitment! All the more with this pathway, you are expected to be in this career for years, to provide your services and contribute to the betterment of the healthcare system. Once you’re in the program, it would be hard to turn back considering the time, costs, and effort. So, before even starting, know the implications of choosing this path. If you think caregiving isn’t for you, Fil-Global can assist you with your preferred program.

2020 Canada Caregiver Program


Learning will take place at either of the three campuses of Sault College: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Brampton Megatoronto, and Toronto downtown. This institution offers various courses in different areas of study. With multiple awards in student satisfaction and quality learning, this school will definitely make your learning experience memorable and productive. The organization values quality learning and superior experiences thus prioritizing a student-centered education.


The program is officially known as ‘Personal Support Worker.’ Accomplishing this course means getting an Ontario College Certificate. If you think caregiving is all about being with a family, an elderly, or a debilitated person in a home setting, think again. It’s a wrong notion and it presumes limited capabilities. Caregiving involves extensive skills in a wide range of settings. You can be in long term care facilities, hospitals, private agencies, retirement homes, boards of education (special needs children), palliative care settings, senior citizen recreation centres, respite settings, and group homes. If you have taken a local course and secured related experience, taking this program will make you globally competitive. If this program inspires you to go for further learning, it can also serve as a foundation for higher studies.

2020 Canada Caregiver Program


Applicants need to provide their high school and college documents, valid passport, and training certificates. The college has a flexible age requirement. Applicants as young as 17 years old may join the program, giving the same privilege to mature applicants. Students are not required to pass an English exam as long as previous education was completed using the English language.


In partnership with Sault College, Fil-Global has exciting features to offer when you choose to become a member and take the 2020 Canada Caregiver Program before August 2020 ends. Members can avail of the fly now pay later scheme and avail scholarship grants of up to 3,000 CAD. Applicants can bring the entire family so kids may avail of free education while partner/spouse can choose to work. This can bring a big opportunity especially for those who are highly skilled as this may provide a pathway to residency.

Learners are normally given 20 hours of working rights per week. The good news is, healthcare students can work as much as 40 hours a week as the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic goes on.


Healthcare students in Canada are given a 3 year-PGWP privilege. The experience gathered through this program will serve as a pathway to Permanent Residency. Is this a 100% guarantee? Yes! Since you are enrolled in a course that produces in-demand skills, there is no reason for you not to get the residency permit. If you are having second thoughts with the processes involved, this shouldn’t be an issue. Fil-Global membership services don’t end in student visa grants, it continues until one has reached the ultimate goal of becoming a PR visa holder or an immigrant.

Are you ready to take the road to your ultimate dream? Join the free webinar hosted by Fil-Global agents and school representatives or book your one-on-one orientation! Receive a thorough assessment of your application and check out exclusive programs and offers. Take this opportunity and start planning your career now. Be one of Fil-Global’s successful members and enjoy a lifetime of benefits for you and your family.

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