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How to Grab the Fly Now Pay Later Work Abroad Promotion From Fil-Global

Studying abroad has grown increasingly more popular among learners. For most international students, the reasons are likely to be a combination of gaining a high-quality education, immersion in a new culture, and improving chances for future employment.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic struck, this has caused the temporary stoppage of the growing number of students who want to fly and continue their education abroad. Several countries imposed travel bans, lockdowns, and many lost their jobs which lead to financial difficulties.

But the good news is, with the roll-out of the vaccine happening today, more and more countries are opening their borders to international students after almost two years of placing restrictions. Additionally, the resumption of in-person classes for international students is now gradually happening.

Since we truly understand your needs and value the importance of reaching your dreams, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation took a leap of faith and started offering programs and promotions called the "Fly Now, Pay Later" (FNPL) in partnership with some of the best schools in Canada.

What’s More in the Fly Now Pay Later Work Abroad Program?

fly now pay later work abroad

The FNPL is designed to ease your financial burden by splitting part of the processing costs into multiple payments. Normally when you sign up, payable fees include Visa Processing. But, when under the"Fly Now, Pay Later" program, the processing fee can be settled on an installment basis for 3 to 6 months and payment will start only once you are already in Canada.

The tuition fee and the letter of acceptance (LOA), however, will be paid as usual and the school would usually require a deposit of around $3,000 for the LOA to be released. But in some instances, Fil-Global does offer a $1,000 promotion―so, watch out!

If you want to enjoy more savings, a lot of our partnered schools offer scholarships for international students. For example, Canada MBA programs provide scholarships of up to CAD 10,000 with balances that can be amortized for the next two years. Aside from the budget-friendly offer, this could be an exciting program for you since MBA provides a pathway to permanent residency!

How to Avail the Fly Now Pay Later Work Abroad Promotion?

Here’s what you need to do to avail the FNPL promo:

1. Choose your course

Studying for a degree can take one to four years and it can be quite expensive, but it will also be a worthwhile investment and a life-changing adventure.

Start by knowing the right course to take. Review your educational background, experience, and preferences. With the number of courses made available in every university, choosing what field to take can be confusing.

Here are some of the areas of study available for international students:

  • Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Information Technology

  • Business Administration

  • Health Sciences

  • Law

  • Social Sciences

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Accounting

  • Fashion Design

2. Choose your school

fly now pay later work abroad

One of the most challenging parts about deciding to study abroad is that you get to choose from different universities across the globe. Each of these schools offers plenty of courses to choose from.

Canada, for one, is a well-known country for its top colleges and universities. Fortunately, most of the institutions here have partnered with Fil-Global Immigration Services for the "Fly Now, Pay Later" program.

Here are some of our partner schools for Canada:

  • Sault College

  • University of Canada West

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic

  • Centennial College

  • Humber College

These schools do not necessarily require IELTS for you to get admitted. In most instances, you only need to provide proof that you finished your studies at a school that used the English language for your entire studies.

3. Check the featured "Fly Now, Pay Later" school

Once you have decided on what school and course to take, you can check the featured institution in the "Fly Now, Pay Later" promotion. If your chosen school is yet to be the highlight of the month, you can wait until your school gets featured. Alternatively, you can take the college or university actively offered and get the course closest to your option.

4. Have your documents assessed

Finally, you can now begin your application process! The Fil-Global team will assess your application through the documents that you have submitted. You can check the list of required documents needed for the assessment on the Fil-Global website.

The assessment should show whether your credentials are well-suited to your choice of degree. The one-on-one assessment comes with a corresponding fee, but you can always choose to attend the live group orientation on our Facebook page and get to know some general information first.

5. Time to become a Fil-Global member!

Following the assessment & consultation, it is now time to become a member and enjoy a hassle-free process! Membership will take place after the signing of the contract with Fil-Global. The contract stipulates the services and assistance you will get with Fil-Global.

Are you thrilled and ready to start your adventure abroad? You may want to take more tips and advice on the “Fly Now, Pay Later” and work abroad program with the Fil-Global team. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to sit with you either virtually or in person!

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