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Why Study in Canada? 10 Good Reasons That Will Convince You to Study in Canada

There are many ways for us to develop fresh skills and gain extraordinary learnings, studying abroad is among them. When we decide to go for further studies, we consider many factors such as quality education, costs, and safety. Luckily, you’ll find these and more when you choose a Canadian institution.

Canada is one of the top destinations for international students. As of the moment, there are over 250,000 international students in the country and the numbers are constantly growing.

Many students are choosing Canada over other countries because of the advantages it brings. So, if you were to be asked, “Why study in Canada?” Would you have the same set of answers as the others?

Frankly, there are plenty of reasons why you should, and whether you choose to study in large cities or a small town, it’s undeniable that Canada will lead you to a huge career and future.

Home to numerous international students, Canada is known to offer top-notch education with affordable tuition fees, excellent quality of life, and opportunities to live permanently in Canada.

To aid you with some more reasons why you should choose to study in Canada, we have gathered 10 good grounds that can widen your perspective about moving to Canada.

1. Academic Excellence

why study in Canada

One of the reasons why international students choose to study in Canada is because of the high quality of education it offers. Its education system is based on cross-disciplinary studies, combined with teaching skills and great facilities.

Canada has top universities and research institutions that are well known all over the world. Also, Canada is a bilingual country and has a wide variety of study options.

Here are some of the highly-sought universities that most international students choose to enroll to:

Sault College Toronto Campus

Toronto is home to Sault's College's newest campus. Toronto campus is situated close to beautiful parks, theatres, shopping centers, various entertainment venues, and several restaurants.

Sault College is a publicly funded college. It is located in a beautiful location where students can explore. It has over 70 post-secondary career programs and provides small classroom sizes for a more interactive classroom discussion.

Sault College offers diplomas and graduate certificates in more than 50 programs in Engineering, Business, Information Technology, and Health Sciences.

University of Canada West

The University of Canada West is a private university in British Columbia. UCW offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and technology. It is home to over 4,000 international students from more than 90 countries.

UCW has two campuses in downtown Vancouver and West Pender. It features programs in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program with Global Business Accreditation that certifies the quality of courses and teaching.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a primary public institution that provides post-secondary technical education and skills training. The school has four campuses located in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon. It serves more than 26,000 students with programs that touch every sector of the economy.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides high academic standards and produces several skilled graduates every year. It offers more than 50 programs in applied/visual media, aviation, business, community/human services, engineering technology, health services, hospitality/food services, industrial/trades, natural resources, nursing, technology, recreation, tourism, and science.

Fun Fact:

If you are planning to study in Canada, you’ve got a good choice. It is the most educated country in the world, with more than half of its population having a college degree.

2. World-class universities and colleges

Canadian universities and colleges are known for their research and innovation. Canada's higher education is diverse that varies in scope, character, and range of programs. Students gain a high-quality education that will benefit their careers over the long term.

3. Accessible student visa process

As a top destination for international students, Canada has a growing number of students because the country has a transparent and accessible process for visa application. Once you have been accepted to a Canadian university, that’s the time you can start processing for a student visa.

To apply for a bachelor's degree or any program of your choice at a Canadian university, you generally go to the program's application process and comply with several required documents. If you want to skip all the tedious work from school selection to permit filing procedures, our Fil-Global team will help you sort out everything for you!

So, have you already got a bucketful of reasons to fill your “Why Study in Canada?” speculation? If yes, quit reading and contact us now, if not, carry on and find out more.

4. Work and study in Canada

why study in Canada

One of the privileges of being an international student is that you can work 20 hours a week during the school semester and up to 30 hours per week during school breaks. You need not have a work permit when working part-time. Thanks to Canada’s special regulations for International Students!

Canada also offers a lot of high-paying jobs. If you have plans to stay for good in the country, you should consider in-demand bachelor's degree programs that offer good paychecks.

5. Incredible biodiversity and nature legacy

Everyone studying abroad should remember that there is life outside the campus. Whether you choose to spend your time outdoors or explore more of nature and wildlife, there's no need to travel far. Some perks of choosing Canada as your country of choice are the unique mix of breath-taking landscape and multiculturalism.

There’s an eyeful of natural beauty in Canada! From the lavish coastline of British Columbia, the magnificent Rocky Mountains in Alberta, the "maple sugar country" in Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, and the attractive coastline of the Atlantic. Everything is just breathtakingly scenic!

Fun Fact:

Canada has plenty of lakes than all the lakes combined in the whole world.

6. High-Quality Education at an Affordable Cost

Canadian universities demonstrate commitment to education through beautiful and ultra-modern campuses. The diversity of degree programs in Canada is extensive; from humanities to technology, health, and specialized environmental programs.

While the quality of education matches the U.S and U.K, tuition fees in Canada are cheaper. You can also apply for some scholarships to cut down on educational expenses.

7. High-Tech Campus, High-Tech Country

Canada played a great role at the forefront of technology trends. It has been consistent in leading international computer and information technologies and displays excellence in telecommunications, transportation, and engineering.

Technological innovations cover the entire country as modern, high-tech amenities are available to everyone. This has been made evident through Canada's pioneering SchoolNet program that changed the way students learn.

8. Cultural diversity

why study in Canada

Canada is home to various ethnic groups, with different cultures and lifestyles. The locals are extremely warm and welcoming. The multicultural environment promotes friendliness and peaceful living in the country.

The country secures that people's customs and traditions are preserved and that the value and dignity of people are respected. There is no social pressure and you can be yourself.

On every Canadian campus, you will experience events, fests, and other activities throughout the year. This makes a happy and lively environment for all students. This will also help students meet new people and build a network, both helpful to keep a well-balanced student and career life.

9. Safe and peaceful

Canada has ranked one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world. The country was listed as the sixth peaceful country in the world in the Global Peace Index in 2018.

Low crime rates, student health benefits, and universities focused on security and health make Canada a good choice for anyone concerned about their safety while studying abroad.

Fun Fact:

Canadian police hand out a "positive ticket" if they sight you doing something good. Simply do a good deed and get a positive ticket.

10. Immigration opportunities

After your studies, you may want to make the “Great White North” your permanent home. Canada offers a Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) that allows students to live and work in Canada for up to three years after their graduation. Some gain international work experience and apply for permanent residency after.

Canada will truly help you achieve whatever you plan for your future. Investing in your future in this country will lead you to a successful career, excellent academic training, a safe and diverse environment, and a friendly community. Now that you have plenty of reasons to convince yourself and abundantly enumerate the answers to “Why study in Canada?”, start planning for your new journey, give us a call and let's make your dreams happen.

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Albert Porterfield
Albert Porterfield
Dec 21, 2023

The study visa consultant effectively highlights the practical advantages of obtaining a Canadian education. The emphasis on work opportunities during and after studies, coupled with the country's strong economy, makes a compelling argument.

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