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New Zealand Now Reopens to International Students

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

August 1 marked the day for New Zealand to revive its international education industry. After the long border shut down since March 2020, finally, students with active visas can now enter the country.

Curious about the important things you need to know as New Zealand reopens to international students? Find out here as we give you the latest updates!

Distance Learners Traveling to New Zealand

Since the pandemic started, distance learning has become a normal trend. This option provided a chance for international students to continue their studies despite not being offshore.

Although there are many advantages to this learning alternative, the fact that students were deprived of cultural immersion and in-person interaction can’t be denied. With the reopening of the NZ borders, students can continue their education in the country and expand their knowledge through experiential learning.

If a distance learner decides to study in New Zealand, students only need to secure a student visa showing their online studies as evidence. While this may sound good news, it’s important to note that the time spent studying online doesn’t count towards their post-study work program.

Not a reason to be disheartened though, because just like in other countries e.g. Canada, any amendment in the immigration rules are feasible.

International Students with a Current Student Visa

If you were previously granted a valid student visa but were unable to reach New Zealand due to the untimely closing of the borders, you must meet the following conditions in order to enter the country:

  • A valid student visa containing a valid offer.

  • A valid student visa with conditions allowing you to travel to New Zealand.

  • Student visa conditions are continually met.

How to Prove That You Still Meet the Student Visa Conditions?

Two and a half years of border closure is a notably long time and there can be many changes coming from your education provider. If in case the conditions above aren’t met (due to any modifications and discrepancies), this can be a reason for the invalidation of your student visa.

For you to travel on your current student visa, ensure that you have current evidence such as:

  • Proof of funds showing that you have the resources you need to study in New Zealand.

  • A document from your college that shows the details of your studies, indicating continuation of learning under the same course.

Doing all this can be frightening, why not seek the assistance of a professional immigration adviser and avoid stressing over your application? Tap a Fil-Global agent now and experience easy and swift processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my current visa doesn’t meet the student visa conditions?

Now that New Zealand reopens to international students, I suppose many are hastily making their way into the country.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that all documentation must first be kept up to date. This means that if you’re unable to support your case, you need to reobtain a valid student visa.

Are border exceptions still needed for international students?

Starting August 1, international students are no longer required to secure a border exception to travel to New Zealand. If you happen to apply under the border exception process before the reopening, the immigration office will send you an invite stating that you must apply for an appropriate visa.

What are the COVID vaccine and quarantine requirements?

When arriving in New Zealand, students are required to provide proof of vaccination by uploading this through the New Zealand Traveller Declaration.

The approved vaccines include Sputnik, Janssen, Moderna, Pfizer, and Sinovac. If you are exempted due to medical reasons, be prepared to show your paper or electronic evidence issued by the doctor.

International students are no longer required to undergo quarantine upon arrival. As for the testing requirements, 2 rapid antigen tests will be provided at the airport.

Testing should be performed upon arrival and on day 5 or 6. Instructions on how to report your results will be provided through email by the Ministry of Health.

Did the NZ immigration office accept student visa applications earlier than the border reopening date?

Unfortunately, no. Although the immigration office previously set a date for border reopening ― which is around October, the Kiwi government has only started accepting student visa applications right after the announcement for bordering reopening was made.

According to Jan Thomas, chair of the vice chancellor’s group, as of the moment, there’s already a growing number of new enrollments for late 2022 to early 2023. It’s a slow trickle but since international collaborations are ongoing, new partnerships should help the education sector bounce back.

New Zealand is known for the excellent education and student experience it provides pre-COVID times, and without any doubt, the country still holds this reputation as it sets to rebuild foreign enrolment.

Build your career in New Zealand now! Contact any of our Fil-Global agents and get started with your application right away.


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