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Love Cooking? Study Commercial Cookery and Gain Permanent Residency in Australia

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

If you are passionate about cooking, you must have thought of taking your fascination with food to the next level by getting a degree in commercial cookery. But what is commercial cookery? And how do you pursue a career in it?

Read through to the end as we help you gather information about the commercial cookery course. We’ll also provide a general career outlook, including the details on where to seek education and training, and how to work on your PR visa through the commercial cookery program.

What is Commercial Cookery?

Commercial cookery is simply defined as prepping food for public consumption. But it doesn’t just simply involve the cooking per se, it also requires observance of health and safety protocols to be able to carry out the standards on food hygiene.

What are the benefits of studying Commercial Cookery?

Develop your customer service skills

Having excellent communication skills is one of the most important assets you can have when working in the hospitality industry. The ability to read social cues, build a connection, and attend to client needs are critical in providing stellar customer service. When you are capable of connecting naturally, it helps customers feel welcomed and special.

Learn how to multitask

Students in commercial cookery are bound to be exposed to a fast-paced environment and stressful situations. Joining a career in this field will train you to handle unprecedented issues, and create solutions, all while overseeing the entire operations.

Improve your sense of creativity

Who knew cooking can be a work of art? When cooking and food preparation involve styling, plating, presentation, and service, then you’re tapping culinary arts. Some of the creative tasks involve experimenting with flavors and strategically enhancing the look of food so guests are engaged with the innovative dishes made by chefs.

High occupational demand

The growing ‘foodie’ culture in Australia has led to a steady increase in the employment projection for the accommodation and food and beverage service industries. Chefs, cafe and restaurant managers, and fast food cooks were among those that are projected to increase the highest by 2026.

Opportunity to gain PR in Australia

Students who study commercial cookery end up as chefs, restaurants, events, or conference managers. Luckily, chef is listed as part of the state skilled occupation list in areas like Victoria, and New South Wales.

To date, there is a large skill shortage gap in the regional areas of Australia. As long as you spend your studies and gain related work experience in these locations, you’ll get priority visa processing, exemption from the minimum salary requirement, and gain additional points when filing for PR.

Potential Earnings

When working full-time, cookery graduates are expected to earn a median salary in a year ― that is around CAD 57,500. Weekly income can range between 1,200 - 1,400 a week or 29.49 per hour, depending on the length of experience and position.

About the School and program

The School: Skyline International College (SIC)

Located at Burwood and Surry Hills New South Wales, SIC is home to many international students from different parts of the world. The school focuses on developing practical skills so their graduates can be 100% job-ready and capable of contributing to the country’s economy and growing labor needs.

Skyline is a registered institution under ASQA and CRICOS and provides nothing but high standards of learning with the aid of industry-experienced trainers. This is evidenced by the excellent and consistent graduate employment rate as opposed to other colleges offering cookery.

The Program: SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

Can you imagine yourself heading the back of the kitchen, managing a team of food handlers, and creating new menus? If this is the kind of job you’ve been dreaming of, then this program is right for you!

The Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery course will be delivered in 60 weeks over 6 terms through blended learning. This type of learning method combines classroom, online, and practical learning. It allows students to participate in a simulated setup, engage in interactive learning activities inside a classroom, and undergo actual work placement in terms 4 and 5.

The course will ultimately prepare you to become a chef or even an entrepreneur if you decide to run your own food business! You may also push for further studies by taking up a Diploma in Hospitality Management or an undergraduate degree at any probable university in Australia.

What makes this course even more enticing is that there are no entry requirements as it follows the SIT training package. This means, as long as you are a foodie lover by nature, you can jump into the program with no special prerequisites since direct entry is accepted!