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Level Up Your Baking Skills - Be a Patisserie Chef in Australia

People have been doing so many leisure activities lately because it saves us from quarantine boredom. Secondly, it brings many health benefits. But it’s not just for that reason, a lot are doing it as side jobs to earn extra money. And with the pandemic going on, people learned to find new ways of living.

Some did gardening, others did online classes and mentoring, while some went for delectable and productive activities such as baking. So, are you one of those who have done more whisking, spreading, and layering lately? Think you’ve finally found your passion - the love for baking? Read on for you could be the next Kate Reid or Andy Bowdy!

The Road to Becoming the Next Australian Patisserie Chef

Why Australia?

Australia has one of the best climates closest to the Philippines. Though with several climate zones, generally, it has a more tropical influence. Offering one of the highest minimum wages and vast job opportunities compared to other countries, it can be the perfect place to study and earn at the same time. Australia is also one of the favorite destinations for international students due to its high-quality education, diverse culture, and welcoming citizens.

Patiserrie Chef Australia
Syndey Opera House

Why Patisserie Chef?

If you are blessed with many skills and it's causing you a hard time deciding which one to pursue, you might want to consider taking the one that could lead you closest to the Permanent Residency (PR) pathway. By taking a course from one of the prestigious Australian Universities, you are guaranteed a Post-Graduate Work Permit. This will allow you to gain more experience while earning so you can then work your way to claiming the PR visa. How do you make sure that becoming a Patisserie Chef will give a positive result on skills assessment? ‘Baker’ is included under the skilled occupation list. Having the right course and skills will be your ticket to becoming a Patisserie Chef in Australia.

The School - Academia International

Academia is a tertiary institution recognized by the industry and Australian government for its quality tuition. It has two campuses located in Melbourne and Brisbane. Patisserie courses will cover a broad range of skills for Hospitality and Commercial Cooking Industry including advanced technical patisserie, finance, staff supervision, and quality management. Learning will also include the use of equipment, health and safety practices, and ingredient quality checking. Immersion will take place in some of the finest 5-star hotels namely Park Hyatt, The Sheraton, Sofitel, and Hilton.

Academia is recognized as one of the best training institutes in Australia. Real training offers real job outcomes, this institution will prepare you to the real world and become the best patisserie chef you can be!

The Course - Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Course length may vary depending on the package included: number of certificates, diploma, and major units. As a general rule, an applicant may qualify for a Bachelor’s degree if the applicant has finished either Senior High or 2nd-year college while a Master’s degree holder should have finished a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. For an in-depth discussion, book a consultation and speak to one of Fil-Global’s friendly agents.

The Benefits

Students are granted with 40 hours working rights in every 2 weeks. Applicants may bring dependents as long as they are declared during the start of the application and spouses are granted unlimited working rights. Should you finish the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management course, graduates are qualified to apply for Permanent Residency.

You might be wondering when’s the best time to apply. In all honesty, now’s the right time! The Australian government is pulling back the economic drop caused by the pandemic through welcoming more international students in their borders. The Hon Alan Tudge MP has released a statement on supporting international students and recommencing grants on student visas lodged outside Australia. This means that the embassy will now start accepting applications with borders that are expected to re-open this January 2021.

Want more reasons to pursue your international studies today? Qualified institutions such as the Academia are now offering waived IELTS and show money requirements in response to the relaxed conditions implemented for international students. Despite the challenges brought by the health crisis these days, looking at the good side, it has opened many possibilities for young dreamers looker for a better opportunity and future.

Are you ready to take your baking skills to the next level? Or are you still looking for more options? Join Fil-Global as they launch free webinars filled with informative talks and exciting giveaways! You may also schedule a one-on-one orientation with a certified Fil-Global agent and hear them present an individualized program designed to meet your qualifications based on your skills. Fil-Global has the best programs for anyone wishing to study, live, and work abroad. Make tomorrow a better day for you, your family, and your career! Start by taking action now.

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