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Awesome Reasons Why You Should Study in Saskatchewan

If you are looking for a place that offers a high standard of living without the hustle and bustle, Saskatchewan is the place for you.

Saskatchewan is great for individuals who are starting to build their families or for those leading their professional lives. The housing costs are more affordable, taxes are low, and career opportunities are great.

But do you know what makes Saskatchewan an exciting place to be for international students? Of course, the graduate retention program and the healthcare benefits!

Now, before I untimely divulge everything, hang on tight as I first give the must-knows, especially if you ought to study in Saskatchewan.

About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a province in Canada covered with yellow wheat fields. Its welcoming weather gives plenty of sunshine during summers, although it could be a bit rough in winters.

Regina and Saskatoon are the popular cities of Saskatchewan. They are frequently voted as the best towns to live with and have two contrasting features.

Regina is like a retiree city with a more laid-back lifestyle. However, culturally, the city has plenty to offer. There are various music festivals, agricultural events, and entertainment options to indulge your craving for recreation.

Saskatoon, on the other hand, is more industrious and vibrant. It’s the go-to city for international students and the official hub for fresh grads. Because thousands go to universities in this city each year, Saskatoon created a fresh vibe resulting in more downtown activities. A lot of businesses operate in this city, which in turn provides vast job opportunities.

Overall, Saskatchewan has an incredible unemployment rate and is the lowest in Canada. The minimum wage is CAD 11.45 per hour and is expected to increase by October this year to CAD 11.81 per hour.

You might think Saskatchewan is just a land of prairie, a place for agricultural settlement. But statistics show that the steady growth in finance, insurance, and real estate collectively are making the economy of the province stronger.

Benefits of Studying in Saskatchewan

I’m sure you all are itching to find out the special things in store for international students. So, without further delay, let’s move on to the benefits of choosing to study in Saskatchewan.

Exceptional education

Saskatchewan is home to some of the leading institutions for learning in Canada. And since they are publicly funded, tuition fees are more affordable.

The universities have modern facilities with top-quality educators that attract international students from different parts of the world, making the schools culturally diverse.

High standard of living

The high standard of living in Saskatchewan is becoming a great attraction for immigrants in this province. The minimum wage is high, job opportunities are abundant, housing and energy costs are low.

Saskatchewan also offers publicly-funded social programs and has kept a strong commitment towards universal free healthcare, including to international students.

Vast employment opportunities

study in Saskatchewan

The work opportunities in Saskatchewan are both for students and graduates. This is because of the Co-op programs (which we are going to talk about shortly) that are offered in Saskatchewan schools.

We all know how advantageous it is for students when enrolled in a Co-op option. It not only helps learners gain real-life experience but also increases chances for employability after studies.

Great immigration system

It has been pointed out that immigration contributes greatly to the economy of Saskatchewan. Because of this, the province has provided different options for those who are pre-qualified such as international students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and farmers. More about the path for international students will be discussed below under the Saskatchewan INP.

Now that you know the reasons why you should choose to study in Saskatchewan, let’s take a look at a great institution that can help you shape your career and ultimately guide you through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

As a polytechnic school, on top of the knowledge and skills offered through classroom learning, students are provided with hands-on learning opportunities on certain periods of their terms.

Sask Polytechnic serves various departments including Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Construction, Nursing, and so much more. Campuses can be found at strategic places in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon.

As a research-intensive higher education institution, a lot of employers show great interest to students who have completed a degree from this school.

If you’re wondering about their in-demand courses, answering that can be challenging given that a wide range of specialization is offered by the institution. But since it’s a post-secondary school that concentrates heavily on technical education and skills training, I’d say going for a skill-based course is a great option!

Here are some of the highly recommended Sask Polytechnic programs that offer Co-operative education:

  • School of Business - Marketing, Management

  • School of Informations and Communications Technology - Business Information Systems

  • School of Mining, Energy, and Manufacturing - Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology

Now that you’ve got a great school on your list, it’s time to check how your student route can lead you to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

study in Saskatchewan

The flowchart above shows how things should go once you take the student to PR (Permanent Residency) route under the Saskatchewan program. It’s pretty straightforward, so I won’t be going much into the detail. What I would rather highlight is the update related to the SINP policy.

Recently, The Immigration Department of Saskatchewan announced a temporary immigration policy for international students in the province. This is in response to the COVID-19 crisis that resulted in fewer job availability and even loss of jobs.

SINP Saskatchewan Graduate Temporary Measure aims to allow qualified individuals to undergo direct submission of their nomination application even without a current job, given that certain conditions are met. Moreover, temporary measures are also provided to nominees or applicants whose employment statuses have changed (e.g. termination from a job).

Saskatchewan never failed to show its support for foreign students even during this time of adversity. And with this type of governance, you can be sure that you have invested in the right place.

Among the many provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan is considered one of the easiest places to migrate. Take advantage of their relaxed immigration policies today! Contact us for a quick talk and let's start planning your journey to the “land of the living skies.”


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