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The Benefits of Studying, Living, and Working in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan - full of untold beauty and a hidden gem, is regarded as one of the best provinces in Canada. Its thriving economy, high standards of living, and quality education make it a good choice for international students. Those who want to dedicate much of their time studying and be part of less-crowded cities choose this place as their second home. Want to know more about the benefits of studying, living, and working in Saskatchewan? Read through as we help you discover the unexplored opportunities of this territory.

Interesting Facts

Saskatchewan is a land full of greeneries, surrounded by Alberta, Manitoba, and some of the Western parts of the United States. This sunny province offers one of the most amazing weather among other parts of Canada. If extreme cold climates aren't your thing, you will enjoy staying here whether for studies or immigration. An entire province has only about 1.1 million people. The capital city, Regina, and the largest city, Saskatoon make up 250,000 of its population. Both of these cities house two of the finest publicly-funded learning institutions in Canada, featuring signature programs in the field of Agriculture, Engineering, Animal Bioscience, Health Studies, and Business.

Benefits Studying, Living Working Saskatchewan

Studying in Saskatchewan

Universities and colleges here offer a wide array of programs in various industries with tuition fees that are budget-friendly. You’ll feel confident finishing your program in Saskatchewan for they have the lowest unemployment rate all over Canada. This means most of the programs are designed based on the region’s labor market. On top of its ability to provide high-quality education, international students will feel secure especially during this health crisis as it is one of the provinces in Canada to offer free public health insurance. Foreign students can secure their own Saskatchewan Health Card as long as they’re enrolled in a program for more than 6 months. Another unique feature this place has is the settlement services which is offered per region and comes completely free of charge. This helps students and other newcomers to transition smoothly as they can access people, information, services, and resources through this agency.

Wondering which school Fil-Global recommends? We suggest you check out Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This university offers applied learning opportunities, supports employer innovation, and is involved heavily in research providing students a chance to enhance their critical thinking skills. The school has various campuses namely in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and Regina. Co-op options are available for the last two locations mentioned. Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers a vast number of programs in different fields ranging from business, health and sciences, information technology, and many more.

Living and Working in Saskatchewan

Immigration opportunities are promising for students in Saskatchewan. Like OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program), the province also offers its foreign graduates the possibility to apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). Perhaps the huge difference between SINP and other similar territorial programs is the less strenuous work experience requirement it demands from students. Graduates of a certificate, diploma, or degree program in any recognized post-secondary educational institution in Saskatchewan are only required to have at least 6 months of work experience may it be on or off-campus, through Co-op programs, or experiences gained from (Post-Graduation Work Permit) PGWP to be able to apply for the SINP.

Apart from favorable immigration policies, other benefits of permanently staying in Saskatchewan include numerous job opportunities, salary rates, lower taxes, and a thriving economy. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, recent statistics show that the province remained to be the lowest in the unemployment rate with the third-highest job recovery rate of 95.7% in entire Canada. Due to the rapid improvement of Saskatchewan’s economy, it is predicted that it would be able to reinstate the pre-coronavirus level as early as 2022.

Benefits Studying, Living Working Saskatchewan

Are you thinking of making this place your study destination? Start booking your appointment and hear our Fil-Global agents present your options. We understand how overwhelming it could be for you to explore prospect programs on your own. Don’t hesitate! Let us help you start your journey by providing us your CV and we can begin presenting the most desirable choices for you.


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