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4 Practical Reasons To Study in Canada

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Without any doubt, Canada remains a popular choice for many international students. Academic excellence, budget-friendly school fees, and low cost of living are the typical reasons that make the place an attractive study destination.

But do you wonder what actually makes the country convincingly desirable for learners? It's the practical reasons that are often less heard! Here they are:

1. You can easily survive just by speaking the English language.

85% of the locals speak English. And even though some parts of Canada such as Quebec and Nunavut prefer French, 36.1% of them know how to use the English language.

Imagine yourself living in a place where no one understands you. Not only will you be having trouble going about your daily life but you’d basically be having problems with having a job and relating to your lessons and fellow students.

There might be an option where one can study a new language. However, it requires more effort and a vast immersion with the locals if you wish to learn fast since not everyone has multilinguistic superpowers. If you have seen a few episodes from Emily in Paris, you’ll know what I mean.

2. Canada is a place full of cultural diversity.

When you are in a multicultural environment, it’s easier to blend in and make new friends. The differences in your belief and practices don’t bother others that much since people are conscious of it and everyone is making an effort to reach out to individuals of different races.

Choosing Canada as your study destination will not only help you shape your career but also make you more socially resilient. You’d also feel less lonely as you spend years of further learning in a foreign land.

3. Straightforward immigration pathways for student visa holders.

Canada is among the few countries that recognize its international graduates and looks forward to keeping their talents by providing the PR option. Although the road may not be easy, the points system guides students on what needs to be accomplished so they could reach their goals.

Since the pandemic started, the government has worked on finding ways to make the process easier for temporary residents by making their stay in the country permanent. This includes international students who were greatly affected by the economic disruption resulting in jeopardized permits.

4. The country is rich in majestic places to visit.

International students love to take advantage of living in a foreign land. Not just when it comes to working, but also in terms of exploring magnificent places.

Luckily, Canada offers so much for wanderers. There’s Prince Edward Island with its magnificent beaches, the captivating Niagara Falls, and the numerous enchanting parks such as Jasper National Park.

For adventurer seekers, Canada is the best place for skiing, kayaking, trekking, surfing, and snowmobiling! There’s no room for boredom since the country offers plenty of outdoor activities.

4. Canada is led by an awesome pro-immigration and international student supporter.

One of the greatest considerations when choosing a study destination is the country’s government and social system. The thrice elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has set fresh immigration goals and budget towards pushing for more immigrant numbers.

As a foreign student, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that you are living in a place led by someone who prioritizes international students. In a world full of uncertainty these days, having a leader with an extraordinary commitment to growing youth citizenship and immigration gives you assurance in investing through education in Canada.

When it comes to sensitive social issues, it’s worth noting how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone completely pro-choice. This means that the government has started supporting pro-abortion and pro-LGBT+ by allowing women to make decisions on their bodies and approving marriage equality. If having this kind of leader who takes such a stance means the world to you, then Canada is definitely the place to be.

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