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How To Make the Most Out of Your Study Abroad Experience

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Studying abroad is more than just completing your academic years, a big part of it is taking control of your life, having new encounters, and building connections. As easy as it may seem, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make the most out of their study abroad experience.

Have you just got your visa approved but still feel unsure about what’s going to happen next? Here’s how to take advantage of your entire school year abroad.

Plan well and get things organized.

How to make the most study abroad experience

One of the most important things to consider when studying abroad is to ensure that all the preparations needed before leaving your home country are done. This includes quarantine requirements (if necessary), living arrangements, airport pick up, flight bookings, budgets, and so on.

By organizing things appropriately, you can trim down your anxiety knowing that you’ve got everything covered. If you got your student visa with the assistance of an agent, lucky for you! Most student placement agencies offer most of the arrangements as part of the package.

Set short-term and long-term career goals

Setting goals will help you attain a fruitful study abroad experience. List down the things you need to achieve within 6 months as part of your short-term goals, and your targets for the whole year.

This includes having related work experience, connecting with different organizations, learning a different language, and doing internships. These goals are not meant to pressure you, but rather, it gives you a sense of direction and guidance so you can make the most out of your time studying abroad.

Explore nearby cities or countries

Who says studying in a foreign place can't be fun? Exploring different places is one of the best ways on how to make the most out of your study abroad experience. It’s the perfect time to turn your wanderlust mode on and appreciate the scenic views while learning about various cultures.

Schools sometimes offer travel packages that allow students to go on trips even outside the borders. For example, UK foreign students often take guided tours going to different European countries and are provided with a Schengen visa. Such trips are done in batches making the fees extremely budget-friendly!

Build friendships with the locals

How to make the most study abroad experience

No one knows the place better than the locals. The fastest way to blend in with the people around you is by learning the basics. Read up about the country's music and fashion trends, current events, the latest buzz on arts, films, and food.

Heading to an English, or perhaps a French-speaking country? Don't forget to brush up on your foreign language skills. You’ll find that it's easier to establish a connection when you’re able to communicate using the local’s language.

Be prepared to be liberal and stay open-minded

If you plan to study abroad, you need to be willing to accept unusual gestures and some unspoken rules. There can be certain attitudes and behaviors which you might find too personal but are just an act of respect.

Pay attention to their customs and be ready to adapt to their norms if you want to be a successful foreign learner.

Say YES to different experiences!

Got yourself a once-in-a-blue-moon invitation to organizational gatherings, festivities, and cultural events? Don’t give it a thought and just say yes!

The more you go out, the more you’ll gain more connections. College is the most important time and place to build professional and social connections. Not only will it make your life abroad easier, but it also contributes to early career experiences.

Contact your family and friends at home regularly

 How to make the most study abroad experience

A secret that helps foreign students avoid getting homesick is by keeping in touch with family and friends in their homeland. Constant communication fills in loneliness and makes you feel close despite the distance. Stay updated on what your friends are doing back home while keeping yourself busy with your college life.

Secure a part-time job even if you don't need one.

Getting a job not only gives you more funds to spend on school breaks but also helps you earn lessons that will serve you in your entire career.

According to studies, students who work while studying are better at managing their time and possess more confidence. It gives you a plethora of skills including oral communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Now that you’ve learned how to make the most out of your study abroad experience, shake off that extra jitters, trust your gut, and dive into the new journey with full determination!

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