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5 Qualities That Make Confederation College an Excellent Choice for Filipino Students

Filipino students aiming for higher studies abroad sometimes do not have a proper basis when it comes to choosing the best institution. Not knowing how to source the right information could make things difficult in terms of decision making. Sometimes, even with the readily available resources, it's easy for students to feel overwhelmed by the entire process.

Let us ease up the burden for you by presenting the top qualities of Confederation College in Canada. The details below can help you align your goals and aim for a good start.

1. Relaxed admission requirements.

IELTS exemptions are in place for students coming from the Philippines. Removing the English test requirement offers a great advantage for Filipinos since the entry is made easier. Applicants can focus more on accomplishing other prerequisites, such as filing important documents and composing their SOP (Statement of Purpose).

It takes effort, time, and extra cost in preparing for an English exam. In addition, not all schools are offering this benefit. This makes it the number one reason why students should consider go for Confederation College.

Students writing their statement of purpose for college entry.

2. Offers a wide variety of programs and courses.

The school offers more than 65 programs in over 11 areas and in three academic schools. That's a large number of courses in different fields! Having this capability allows students the chance to pursue a career most suitable to one's profession. The programs offered are designed according to the national labor's demand. It ensures graduates of jobs and opportunities in their local area.

Take a look at their courses and see how they are outlined. Terms are often started with foundational modules, while the middle to end lessons focus on advanced topics, supplemented with practical training. Institutions that are able to provide hands-on training makes it a perfect learning ground for international students.

3. Highly recognized school.

Being able to immerse in an actual work scenario before finishing studies gives graduates the upper hand when applying for jobs. But how do companies know which school produces the best products? That would be through reputation.

Confederation College has been known for its excellent track in creating students that are job-ready and competitive. In 2018, the school claimed that 88% of its students found employment within six months of graduation. It's a high mark to achieve especially with the rising number of local and international graduates.

You can be sure of getting the well-deserved quality education you need by enrolling in a well-performing school. International studies are costly, it's only fair to get what students deserve in terms of skills and training.

4. Campuses are strategically located.

The presence of campuses in 10 different cities ensures various social experiences and offers accessibility for students. It also enhances exposure to the economic and community standing of the city, giving a taste of what it's like to be living in the place for eventual migration.

One of the best locations offered is at Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Campus is found at the center of the city and boasts a country-like setting, perfect for those who wish to be in a moderate surrounding and free from the busy streets.

Thunder Bay also offers a unique immigration program for PSW permit holders. Should students choose Confederation College in Thunder Bay, this pathway can aid students in securing their residency since RNIP (The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot) focuses on rural immigration.

5. Up-to-date classroom equipment and labs.

It is essential for colleges to have the best tools for training students. Industries are particular in the practical ability of their workers. Institutions that are governed by well-trained staff and provided with cutting-edge facilities are most likely able to produce the best graduates.

Simulations and hands-on training are some of the best features the school can offer. Basic principles are equally important, however, learners should be able to connect the relationship between concepts and application.

The ultimate decision in choosing the right school still comes down on you. But if you wish to skip the burden and save your energy in starting your application, this information can be a great help.

Are you ready to start a new journey abroad? Still looking for other schools within Canada? Here in Fil-Global, there are numerous programs to choose from. Have your resume ready and talk to our friendly agents.

We'll be glad to hear your goals and ambitions! We've made thousands of students achieve their dreams. It's now your turn to make yours a reality!

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