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5 Methods to Improve Your IELTS Preparation Online

Reviewing for your upcoming IELTS exam can be exhausting, especially with the absence of traditional review centers. Relying on online resources can be tricky since the learning environment doesn’t give you the real feel. Classroom-based reviews have mock exams and it saves you from the temptation of skipping your daily sessions. But since going online is now part of the new norm, it’s the test taker’s duty to find alternatives in brushing up on their English communication skills.

So, how do you learn English naturally and effectively? It’s quite simple, incorporate them in your daily activities. If you are struggling in your worksheets and the conventional way of learning isn’t working for you - take a break, grab something to eat, and read this article. Discover unique ways of improving your IELTS preparation online. Reassess your study methods and ace that exam!

Download Free English Apps

We all have smart mobile phones nowadays, what better way to put it in use than to download free English apps! Let’s take a look at 3 of the best apps I’ve encountered so far:

IELTS Preparation Online

English grammar is something you need to understand and this can be achieved by learning naturally. This one-of-a-kind app incorporates videos on different genres making learning entertaining. You can almost forget that you are reviewing for your IELTS exam! It uses a spaced repetition feature; it allows learners to review words on perfect time with the use of a spaced repetition system (SRS) algorithm. Users can change the language levels (beginner to advanced), take tests, and record their progress.

IELTS Preparation Online

Do you enjoy chatting? Install this app and discover how it does wonders on your writing skills. Of course, you need to find someone to talk to in pure English language. You can sabotage a friend or a relative you feel comfortable with and set-up some rules that will only allow you to talk in English. You may also join active group communities that communicate in English and practice your writing skills.

IELTS Preparation Online

This excellent app will help you improve your English speaking skills. It features a recording feature that allows you to review your conversation and listen to how you sound. Whether you are taking the academic or general IELTS exam, you are required to take the speaking test. Not everyone is comfortable with talking in English, taking into account the pronunciation and accent, it’s enough to make you feel awkward which in turn loses your interest in learning. Filipinos are known to have a good English accent, but if this section makes you worry, all you have to do is to expose yourself to various conversation-inducing scenarios. You can even take your practice further by interacting with English native speakers via Skype.

Subscribe to Youtube Learning English Channels

I honestly haven’t thought that learning English using Youtube could be possible. All I could think of when opening this app or site are music and some kiddie learning videos - but yes! You can use this platform to listen to English teachers presenting their lessons. The lessons offered goes way beyond teaching the language alone as they also offer tips on how to effectively learn new words and retain them. Let’s take a look at some of these Youtube channels worth subscribing to:

This channel has several quirky teachers that know how to deliver the lessons perfectly. They also cater to topics (including unexpected ones) that are off the book relating to real-life situations.

It’s another fun way of learning with this channel. The teachers cater to various topics and offer different languages to learn. If you often caught yourself tongue-tied when it comes to speaking the English language, watch this video and help yourself become conversational the fastest way:

Have you ever wondered if you could sleep or rest while learning English? The sleep learning system has been backed by research and shows that this method works on your subconscious mind during snoozing. Curious enough to try for yourself? Start with this video below and see if it works for you.

Watch English Movies With Subtitles

Okay, I know the Kdrama fever has seriously left everyone watching every Korean movie available online. But since you are working with your English language skills, you might as well binge-watch on every English movie available on earth (with subtitles, of course.) You can find plenty of these new or classic films on movie streaming apps or websites such as Netflix, Roku, IMDb TV, and Vudu. Subtitles will help you learn the words used by the actors in conjunction with their expression and pronunciation.

Why the need for this? Because it’s entertaining! If dealing with your practice sheets hasn’t helped you enough then maybe it’s time to seek different learning ways that can help activate your brain.

Follow or Join Facebook English Learning Pages and Groups

What did you do 90% of your time during this quarantine period? I bet there’s nothing else to do than frequently opening your mobile phone and checking your friend’s updates. Make it a way to improve your English skills by following credible and high-quality Facebook pages such as the BBC Learning English, IELTS official, and Learn English Online. There are also groups you can join when you search for ‘English learning’ under the ‘groups’ section of your Facebook account.

Keep a Daily Journal

Keeping a journal is the easiest way to practice your writing skills. You can’t write anything fun if you don’t do something new and interesting so make sure you have your daily activities laid out. A good way to keep you excited about creating your journal is to make your blog. You can do this by subscribing to Wix. The platform is designed for users without tech abilities making it easy for starters to manage their page.

If you have chosen a program that requires an English exam, as frightful as it may sound, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you are completely prepared. Thankfully, Fil-Global offers free IELTS review for its members. The convenience of going over your English materials at home makes it easier to brush up on your English skills especially during this pandemic. With testing centers opening up back to business, there’s no reason to delay your learning sessions. Whether you’re taking the general or academic training test, take your English lessons side-by-side with the techniques listed above and get that sweet 7s (or even more) for your listening, reading, writing, & speaking sections. So, are you ready to level-up your English communication skills? Try these 5 easy methods and fast track your way to fluency!

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