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3 Methods to Load Up on Skills and Gain Permanent Residency in Canada - The Fastest Way!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Have you ever thought of going to Canada the fastest way? If so, you must have read tons of resources and consulted several agencies to help you get ideas on how to work and live abroad. But have you considered getting both deals - flying to Canada and gaining permanent residency the fastest way? Is it even possible? In Fil-Global, yes it is!

A lot of highly skilled workers are qualified for permanent residency in Canada but there are so many strenuous requirements that should be met. This could include language proficiency tests, years of experience, health conditions and the list goes on. The application process could be lengthy, so if you’re someone looking to fly the soonest possible time that wouldn’t be the best option for you.

How exactly can you skip the long process, be there in months and start counting your days to gaining Permanent Residency in Canada? Buckle up as we unveil the best pathway for you and your family.

The 3 Methods

1. Choose a community listed under The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

What is this program all about? This scheme is designed to help increase the migration of skilled foreign workers in smaller communities of Canada. This has already launched in several communities, you can find the complete list here.

What happens if you choose a community under the list? You have the upper hand in gaining permanent residency in Canada. Programs are created by the government naturally to make way for positive outcomes. You can expect fast and active processing especially since it’s a government-initiated move.

Which community do we recommend? While there are various communities to choose from, we recommend one that we think would fit Filipino workers and families - Thunder Bay Ontario. This community ranked as the 6th most diverse place in Canada and has a competitive business environment in various sectors. With that being said, you can expect adequate jobs for you! If you’re planning to bring your family along, your spouse can take advantage of working full time under the Open Work Permit arrangement. And if you’re someone who loves taking adventures, be prepared to indulge in 10 of the best outdoor activities in Canada listed right in Thunder Bay Ontario.

permanent residency canada
Cavern Lake, Thunder Bay, Ontario

2. Find a good school that has a good reputation, offers lots of simulation, and experience.

Does this mean going for a student visa path? Yes. It will serve as your ticket to getting a PR status in Canada. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program (RNIP) requires its applicants to have the necessary skills in their field. This is best met when a student takes up his course, finishes it, and gain relevant experience.

What happens if you fail to qualify under the RNIP pathway to PR? The Fil-Global program in partnership with Confederation College features a Post-Grad Work Permit that allows graduates to continue their stay in Canada for a certain period in order to acquire more skills.

Which school do we recommend? We recommend taking up a course from one of the best public colleges in Thunder Bay - Confederation College. This institution has a proven track of producing exceptional education and training for both local and international students. It has more than 60 programs in three academic schools, it provides adequate hands-on training, has a diverse community of learners, and most importantly it gives real work experience and placements.

Did you know Confederation has an 83% employment rate within six months of graduation? Skills equate to higher chances of employment. Because of this, schools have shifted their learning styles to a multisensory approach where students learn best by experiencing it. Enrolling in one of the Confederation’s programs can be the best way to invest in your skills. You can work your way up to becoming one of the valuable foreign workers in the community and be qualified under The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program.

But what else can it offer to Filipino international students?

  • It doesn’t require an IELTS proficiency test before school admission.

  • Offers free transportation arrangements.

  • Provides good healthcare for its students.

It’s indeed the best package you can have. The pathway is as good as it gets!

3. Find the right course that suits your current skills or profession.

What course have you completed here in our country? Are you planning on undertaking a different career? It’s very important to apply for a program that suits your profession from the start. That way you’ll get the continuity of learning you need in a different country. Confederation College offers various programs in different fields, find them here and talk to one of our agents to see if your chosen program can help you build the right skills that will ultimately lead you to an occupation that is eligible under the RNIP.

Planning for further studies, working, and living abroad can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, sometimes you’ll be left questioning if you’re looking at the right program. Head on to a right start by planning side by side with the trusted agents at Fil-Global. Whatever type of immigration services you may need, our friendly and experienced staff are ready to assist you from the start of your consultation up to the end of your application journey. Book an appointment now and hear the best programs Fil-Global can offer.

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