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The Australia Traineeship Program by Queensford College

If you are a new graduate with a moderate amount of experience, joining a traineeship program can help you upskill while getting paid. It’s also an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to shift into new roles.

While many traineeship programs are offered, picking which country and institution can be difficult, especially if many factors need to be considered. You have to look at the authenticity of the program and the costs involved.

If you are on the lookout for a great one, stay tuned! This article will give you a hint about the Australia Traineeship Program by Queensford. Together, let’s find out all the details and see if you are a probable candidate.

What Is a Traineeship Program?

Australia Traineeship Program by Queensford.

A traineeship program is an official training program for eligible graduates, designed to gather work experience and improve one’s skills while being paid. It’s also a way for new staff to transition into a role.

Although it’s a paid actual job, unlike regular employment, a traineeship doesn’t include benefits or bonuses. Depending on the company, some will provide overtime pay while some don’t.

Traineeship Versus Internship

Internship programs vary, some companies will pay while some don’t. Often, this program is taken by fresh graduates who wish to strengthen their resumes to create a good impression on their future employers.

The traineeship, on the other hand, is a carefully organized work placement, to develop the required skills related to the career.

Companies that organize traineeship programs usually have the intention to offer a permanent position. This means, if you do well throughout your training, there is a possibility you will secure a job!

The Institution: Queensford College

Queensford College is a certified Registered Training Organisation well-known for the quality of education and training it provides. You can find the school in the following locations: Parramatta, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart.

The institution houses students of 60 different nationalities, handled by a diverse team of educators.

It specializes in providing nationally recognized qualifications in various fields including Accounting & Business, Community & Health, Hospitality, Information Technology, and Management; all of which are certified by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Why Train at Queensford College?

Become Globally Competitive

Queensford College holds programs that pass the VET Quality Framework and produces graduates that are ready to face the challenges on an international scale.

Experience World-Class Training

Mentors at Queensford College have relevant industry experience with up-to-date skills and knowledge. Their team of educators undergoes further studies, research, and training to keep up with industry trends.

Immerse in a Multicultural Environment

Filled with students from different parts of the world, the institution promotes an environment that embraces diversity; encouraging multidimensional learning.

Access to Specialized Training Facilities

Queensford college has specialized training facilities for Commercial Cookery and Hospitality students in Brisbane and Parramatta.

Although traineeship programs are expected to commence in an actual work setting, proper training facilities should ensure students that the program they’re enrolled to are molded by an institution with technologically-advanced learning environments.

The Australia Traineeship Program by Queensford College

Australia Traineeship Program by Queensford.


This program is designed for professionals in the field of Hospitality with an intermediate level of experience. The term “intermediate” here is defined as having 12 - 24 months of work experience.

A screening process will be done by the FIl-Global team. Taking into account your previous employment, job description, and roles, a pool of employers will decide whether or not you should be hired.


Interested applicants are expected to pay the following charges:

  • 9,500 AUD (paid on an installment basis)

  • visa fees

  • admin fees

  • insurance

The Process

  • Become a Fil-Global member - before anything else, you need to be a Fil-Global member so you can proceed with the consultation.

  • Consultation - the Fil-Global consultation is free. This should determine whether or not you can proceed with the Australia Traineeship Program based on your employment background and other credentials.

  • Initial Registration - once you decide to continue your application, an initial registration of 500 AUD will be collected. This fee is non-refundable.

  • Interview - expect to undergo an interview with the program facilitators. After successfully passing the interview, a fee of 2,500 AUD will be required and should be settled before proceeding to the next step.

  • Finding an Employer - several employers from different companies will be checking your profile. Once selected you’ll be notified by the Fil-Global team and an admin fee of 500 AUD will be charged to the applicant.

  • Lodging of Visa - once everything is all set, your visa will be lodged. The next thing you need to do is to wait for the result and then fly to Australia once approved.


What is the payment term?

The remaining balance of 6,000 AUD can be settled through a monthly installment for 6 months.

Will I get a discounted rate if I choose to pay in full?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts when fees are paid in full.

What if I don’t get hired? Do I get other chances?

If you don’t get hired at the first hiring session, you are given 3 more chances to find another employer.

How long is the visa processing for the Australia Traineeship program?

Depending on the documents, compliance, and the applicant’s sense of urgency, that would be around 3 to 6 months.

Once in Australia, will I be able to work full-time?

Yes, absolutely! You will be immersed in a real-life working environment, full-time!

Taking a traineeship program is a big investment but it’s worth every penny. It strengthens your resume, improves your skills, and serves as a good source for networking.

Get that extra training you need now through the Australia traineeship program by Queensford. Contact any of our Fil-Global staff and we will help you get started!


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