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10 Benefits of Working Under a US Teacher Exchange Program

Are you a licensed teacher dreaming of practicing your profession in the United States? Wondering what could be the life working and living your American dream? Well, we might just have the perfect program for you! In this post, we'll bring you one step closer to your dreams as we introduce to you the Teacher Exchange Program!

A Teacher Exchange Program provides an opportunity for teachers to explore the culture of a foreign country, gain further learning, and share experiences with their country of origin. If you have completed at least 2 years of full-time teaching experience in a K-12 classroom setting, a bachelor’s degree in Education, Teaching, or the academic subject intended to teach. You have a guaranteed spot!

Filipinos have high regard for living in the "Land of Dreams.” While this could be a change of settlement opportunity for some, others take it as a chance to develop one's profession and for personal growth. Whatever your reasons are, Fil-Global will be here to assist you throughout your journey.

To help you fill your thoughts on the advantages of taking the US - J1 Teacher Exchange Program, here are some things to ponder on:

1. Provides opportunities

Being an exchange teacher provides various opportunities especially in learning the education system in the United States. This may serve as a backbone in establishing your career regardless of the country you choose to pursue in the future.

Bringing an international outlook to your home country, you could apply whatever you have learned locally. This could also help you develop teaching ideas that could support your training approach in your school and classroom.

2. A better understanding of their Culture

benefits US teacher exchange program

The school is a great venue for you to better understand the way of life in a community. By understanding their culture, you'll achieve a deep sense of connection with the people, which may support some social and behavioral realizations.

3. Share your own culture

Being able to teach abroad is one way of sharing Filipino culture with your students and the community. It helps build interest thereby increasing tourism and promoting inclusivity.

Part of the program requires teachers to formulate school activities that would expose the Filipino culture such as Barrio Fiestas or reenacting commonly practiced traditions.

4. Building an International Network

benefits US teacher exchange program

Teaching in a foreign land allows you to meet new people and new colleagues at work. It's also a perfect spot for you to meet some of the best educators in the field. Engaging with these people could widen your network and eventually support you in elevating your knowledge and your career in the future.

5. Becoming a better teacher (and a person)

Teaching abroad will help you gain more experiences from your colleagues, students, and the school community. The encounters will help you create a positive relationship with your co-workers, making you more flexible and a good team player. Overall, these qualities will help you grow as a teacher and as a person as well.

When you return from the program, you will realize that the occurrences enhanced your self-confidence and helped you became broad-minded.

6. Becoming a global teacher

benefits US teacher exchange program

One of the teacher's roles is to hone the minds and hearts of the learners. Teachers make a positive impact on the lives of their students.

A global teacher means incorporating diverse, multi-cultural, and environmental topics in tackling various subjects. This is one way of instilling inspiration, triggering their curiosity and ability to explore and maximize their potential to become globally competitive students.

7. Take you out of your comfort zone

Being in an exchange program takes you out of your comfort zone, this makes you more flexible in different ways. From the way you speak, getting to know the city you're moving in, to having new friends - these makes you tolerant and resilient without even realizing it.

Have you ever dreamed of living independently? This could be the perfect opportunity for you!

8. Opportunity to travel

benefits US teacher exchange program

For teachers who are up for some adventure while earning and learning, this program serves you best! Although you are not allowed to take second or part-time jobs, this could be a chance from taking a break from the routine work at your school and get motivated and be back on track. Traveling to different cities in the United States could be a way for you to unwind and relax from your work.

9. Family can join the applicant

It would be less lonely when you have your family with you especially when settling temporarily in a foreign country. With this, apart from having the compensation you will get from teaching, it is also an opportunity for your family to go with you to a foreign land. Dependents of legal age can work in the US provided that they will comply with requirements.

10. Compensation benefits

benefits US teacher exchange program

There a lot of benefits of participating in exchange programs especially when it comes to career development. But aside from that, the compensation offer adds up to its benefits. Teachers under this program are being offered remuneration for up to $51,000 a year. An attractive salary allowing you to save up while you are abroad.

As a rundown, Teacher Exchange Programs gives you the chance to learn, grow, and work with other educators abroad. Experiences gained from this program may help you enter different programs in other countries. Want to discuss more? Contact Fil-Global Immigration members for assistance or visit for a one-on-one live orientation.


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