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Study + Paid Internship Programs for Filipino International Students

Students who go abroad for studies are sometimes faced with fears of being unable to cope with the different cultures and environments. On top of that, they deal with employment hindrances that would sometimes lead them to question their professional competence.

We all know the factor of acquiring relevant experience. It’s one of the major marks you need to achieve especially when your goal is to follow the study, work, and live route.

So, if you want to take the most guaranteed way of skill learning and application―hopefully giving yourself a chance to obtain the PR visa, read this post until the end and find out the best study + paid internship programs for Filipino international students.

Diploma in Business Administration Co-op

Learn business operations and efficient company processes in various industries through this program. In-class teaching will take place for 6 months, while paid internships with an hourly rate of $20-$25 will be provided for another 6 months.

To qualify, you only need to secure the fees. There are no strict English language requirements and age limits. Career options for graduates include:

  • Business Administrator

  • Business Development Coordinator

  • Client Success Specialist

  • Digital Marketing Assistant

Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma

Are you an aspiring Filipino nurse? This offer is by far the best option yet offered here in Fil-Global for nurses (including nursing graduates) who wish to be part of the British healthcare system.

This program involves a 1-year online health care learning and nursing training and a 2-year paid internship with the NHS. Online learning can take place locally. Students will have to take exams and coursework aimed to develop the healthcare foundation and skills needed during the practicum period.

The qualifications below should be met:

  • Nursing graduate

  • IELTS score of 6, or OET C, or PTE 60

Academia - Australia

Students will take 2 years of theoretical studies. After which, 400 hours or up to 6 months of actual work placement will be provided in a community services organisation.

This program provides social and community services training aimed to advance a student’s career in providing personal support to different individuals. Those who wish to take a higher role in this industry are welcome to take this course. The career goals for this course are as follows:

  • Community Care Manager

  • Care Team Leader

  • Community Worker

  • Disability Team Leader

Study Paid Internship Programs Filipino International Students

This program will equip students with the skills and knowledge required in the challenging hospitality industry and prepares them for a senior-level management role. Learners are given the chance to grasp the critical aspects of handling business operations which includes leadership, management, and finance.

The program will run for 23 months plus 2 days a week for 10 weeks of hotel commercial kitchen placement, and 3 days a week for 10 weeks of a hospitality work deployment.

Both of the programs above have no IELTS and show money requirements. This is part of the relaxed specification directed by the Australian government and the international education ministry to attract foreign students. With the special condition in place, I bet this serves as a good reason to choose Australia among the study + paid internship programs offered by Fil-Global for Filipino international students.

Want more reason to pick Australia? With the recently approved South Australia (SA) pilot program, students are finally witnessing the much-awaited initiative by the government to bring back its overseas students. More states and territories are expected to follow the same path soon.

Centennial College - Canada

The combination of in-class lessons and labs will help students build a good foundation in electricity applications in various industries. Upon program completion, electrical engineering technologists are expected to confidently demonstrate the ability to design, adapt, analyze, troubleshoot, commission, and install electrical systems.

Graduates of this program may end up as electrical designers, project managers, technical sales representatives, or electrical controls technologists. Other opportunities for this program also include the energy, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, and IT network industries.

This post-secondary program will run for 3 years with 3 co-op work terms once 80% of the courses are completed. The internship will take place by the 4th semester with some prerequisites required by the department. Students must meet satisfactory grades and apply for the co-op option to be admitted.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Canada

If you’re into programming and business solution development, this program is made for you!

Learn the basics of business while focusing on IT functions. The world of commerce has shifted drastically since the start of the pandemic and people in this field are being called to answer the demands of business modernization. Here are your potential careers:

  • Business Analyst

  • Software Developer

  • Web Developer

This program is a 2-year diploma delivered at Moose Jaw Campus with a 6-month paid co-operative education work term. You’ll be molded according to the real-life skills you need so you could be job-ready after graduation.

Would you like to read more awesome information about Saskatchewan? Check out this post and discover the benefits of studying, working, and living in one of the best provinces in Canada.

I hope this post helped you discover some of Fil-Global’s study + paid internship programs offered for Filipino international students. If you wish to take this type of program but are unsure of your eligibility, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our friendly agents. You can also drop us a message through our website or send us your preliminary application.

These days might seem full of uncertainties, but it will never be a reason to stop reflecting on your career. Now’s the time to take charge of your professional goals and be part of something bigger!

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