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Best Study Abroad Programs for High School Graduates

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Finishing a secondary education is an outstanding achievement for many students. However, for most young learners, this only signals the start of a bigger challenge.

We all know entering the tertiary level is a crucial stage, and choosing the best institution out there allows us to pursue further learning with confidence. Although our country takes pride in its colleges and universities, the advantages one can get from studying abroad are indispensable.

If you are a fresh graduate and would want to make the most out of your college experience by going abroad, this article is for you! Stick around as I enumerate some of the best study abroad programs for high school graduates and see which option fits your career goals.

Business General Undergraduate Diploma

Niagara College Toronto

Delivery: 2 years (4 terms)

Learn the core concepts of business and be ready to become part of the entrepreneurial world. This course will surely open up opportunities in various industries, especially since the studies will take place in downtown Toronto.

Experience practical learning from the best mentors with first-hand business backgrounds and gain key skills that will help you face the complex and dynamic business world. Whether your objective is to take on a family business or be part of the most important organizations, this program will teach you how to boost a business’s operational efficiency.

Career prospects:

  • Business Analyst

  • Account Manager

  • Entrepreneur

  • Operations/General Manager

  • Sales and Marketing Specialist

  • Project Manager

Enroll now! Start by becoming a Fil-Global member and avail of this month’s Fly Now Pay Later promo. Part of its perks includes securing your LOA (Letter of Acceptance) for only ₱4,500.

With this program, the immigration pathway for international students may lead to PGWP (Post-Grad Work Permit) and PR (Permanent Residency). For those who aren’t familiar with this route, Canada provides a chance for its graduates to gain valuable work experience so they can increase their eligibility to extend their stay and pursue permanent immigration.

Interested in learning about how to become a better PR candidate through the student pathway? Check out this article and see how your student program can help you achieve a PR status.

Computer Programming Undergraduate Diploma

Niagara College Toronto

Delivery: 2 years (4 terms)

The current trends of web development have proved to be very promising these days, especially post-COVID. If you love innovation and are engrossed in providing solutions to consumers through apps and software, this program is highly recommended for you!

For anyone looking forward to a great Computer Programming course, Niagara College Toronto can mold your skills through its software development courses mixed with areas in business and multimedia. Enjoy hours of practical lab work along with applied research opportunities and community projects.

Career prospects:

  • Web Developer

  • Database Developer

  • Software Application Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack Developer

Since Computer Programming offers great career options, I should say that it’s probably one of the best study abroad programs for high school graduates. The ability to work remotely and choose a diverse field of specialization makes it a very attractive profession. And since e-commerce is growing, the demand for programmers is constantly on the rise.

Do you possess a great desire to digitize your ideas? Sign up now with Fil-Global and enjoy the generous benefits from its current promotion.

Digital Marketing with Co-op

Canadian College of Technology and Business

Delivery: 73 weeks

24 weeks (3 days per week) classes + 25 weeks break + 24 weeks Co-op placement

Did you know that digital marketing has largely taken over the place of traditional marketing? Despite it being relatively new, the industry is expanding exponentially. Consumers are now more reachable and responsive to different digital marketing efforts and this makes digital marketers a great asset in today’s businesses.

If you’re planning to start a successful digital marketing career, this program will equip you with the right skills and knowledge so you could reach your highest potential in the digital marketing sector. Gain a deeper understanding of PPC marketing through this program and learn various efficient techniques such as copywriting and campaign management.

What makes this course more exciting is the incorporation of co-op work placement. For 24 weeks, students will be given the chance to apply their learnings while earning an hourly rate! Because of this privilege, graduates of CCTB (Canadian College of Technology and Business) under the Digital Marketing with Co-op program possess a high hiring rate.

Yearning for a digital role in marketing? Enquire now at Fil-Global and enjoy exclusive offers! For only ₱57,000, high school graduates can start building a fruitful career on the Pacific west coast of Canada.

Personal Support Worker Ontario College Certificate

Sault College

Delivery: 1 year (2 terms)

Does caring for the sick and elderly comes to you naturally? If so, this program is right for you!

In your entire course duration, you will be taught how to provide support and promote the physical, emotional, and social well-being of different clientele. You will be exposed to various settings including care facilities, hospitals, private homes, retirement homes, and senior recreation centers.

The Personal Support Worker (PSW) program also provides a home care internship program allowing students to earn while completing their PSW practicum. Learning while earning offers the best of both worlds!

What’s more? As part of Ontario’s effort to attract immigrants, The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program was launched. The main goal was to offer a fast and easy immigration option to eligible candidates. This way, skilled foreign workers are retained to help address the community’s labor demands.

So, how can a PSW international student take advantage of the RNIP program? By securing at least 1 year (1,560 hours) of continuous paid experience during or after your course. You can then use this to apply to the RNIP program.

Are you still on the hunt for the best study abroad programs for high school graduates? Explore more options by talking to one of our friendly representatives. Book an appointment now and see how you can pursue your career in one of the countries that offer the highest quality of life!


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