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Common Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection

Being in the visa processing industry, Fil-Global has seen different cases of visa rejection. But despite the heartbreaking occasions, knowing that they can be prevented is good news for anyone venturing to a foreign country through a student visa.

So for this article, I thought it would be good to share the common reasons for Canada student visa rejection. I believe that by being aware of the possible grounds for refusal, you can dodge any chances of a denial, turn the situation to your advantage and strengthen your student visa application.

A Questionable or the Absence of Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

common reasons canada student visa rejection

The LOA is one of the most basic requirements when applying for a student visa. After providing your documents and initial payment to your college of choice, the institution normally issues the LOA containing important information about your studies.

The LOA needs to be submitted together with the rest of the documents when forwarding your application. Failure to do so will lead to the rejection of your student visa application.

But what makes the LOA dubious? If the visa officer finds your issuing college isn’t part of the Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) list or if the document looks altered, your application can be refused.

Another situation is if you fail to meet the entry requirements mandated by the school. For example, if your university needs you to acquire a specific mark on your IELTS exam and your results showed an insufficient band score, your application will be subject to denial.

Financial Incapacity

Proving that you have enough funds to shoulder your entire study period is very important when applying for a student visa in Canada. Apart from securing a bank statement with matured accounts, you also need to provide evidence of funds from your sponsors.

Luckily with Fil-Global, we have several finance partners that can help you in this matter. Talk to us to know more about this option.

Failure to Express Genuine Intent to Return to Home Country

common reasons canada student visa rejection

Students sometimes think that there is no need to prove the authenticity of their studies as long as they have met the standard requirements such as funds and academic credentials. Unfortunately, the inability to provide sufficient reasons for studying abroad is one of the common reasons for Canada student visa rejection.

If proving one's financial capacity is through bank statements and certifications, how do you think students express their genuineness in terms of study intentions and goals? The answer is through the written Statement of Purpose (SOP).

Think of the SOP like an essay, detailing your personal information, educational and career history, and future plans. This document allows students to communicate what they intend to pursue after completing their studies.

Here’s a little tip, in creating a compelling SOP, provide your objectives truthfully and be realistic. Officers would know if you are being impractical and sounding too fancy. Read up our guide to creating the best SOP and discover how you can ace your statement flawlessly.

Inconsistencies in the Identity Documents

All documents containing your name, parents’, or sponsors’ should be consistent. If you see a misspelled name, be sure to secure a legal affidavit for this.

Unexplainable Gaps on Your Travel History

common reasons canada student visa rejection

Your travel history must show all the details together with the supporting evidence. If you went outside of your homeland under a visitor’s or temporary visa and overstayed, it can be hard to get approval from the Canadian visa officers.

Chosen Program

When choosing the right program, you need to consider your preferences, career history, employment, and previous studies. If you are wishing to change your career path, it would be difficult to convince the officers without the right circumstances.

For example, if you are a business graduate but found your passion for baking, this might have led you into putting up a pastry shop. So, if you are a student planning to hone your skills through Canadian experience, you can use your business documents as proof that you are serious about pursuing your new career.

Here at Fil-Global, our agents can fully inspect your resume and provide professional advice on your chosen course. Since it is the team’s goal to make each international student’s dream come true, we give nothing but the best level of service from the start to the end of the visa processing.

As a future applicant, knowing the common reasons for Canada student visa rejection will help you prepare for your journey. Take all of these points with you and remember to give it all when working on your requirements.

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