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How to Choose the Right Study Program Abroad

Choosing the right study program abroad could be the toughest issue for some students out there. Sometimes you might think that you found the right one, then all of a sudden another program comes out. It's a common case for student visa applicants and while it doesn't cause a pretty scene, this can be avoided when both parties (agent and student) come up with a solid goal. But before you even think of maintaining the momentum, learners must first know how to choose the right study program abroad. Luckily, this isn’t just a journey taken by applicants alone. It’s something shared by the support team and the students.

Choosing the Right Study Program

If you have attended some of the many Fil-Global webinars, I’m guessing your shortlist is now ready. Take it out and have another look after reading this article. If you haven’t had your list yet, use the methods below and take it as a guide to picking the best study program. Although you might feel confident about your first choice, it’s still best to review your options before starting your application. So, let’s get started!

Get a program closest to your field of study.

This rule applies to those who have finished or started a college degree in their country. If you are planning to study abroad, you might as well get the closest one to your field. This enhances your chances of getting approved when sending your application. For those who plan to switch careers, it is still possible to get approval. You just need to show that you are genuine in starting a new profession. For example, if you are a nurse graduate in your local country and you possess a good amount of experience, it would be baffling for the college assessors if you’d apply for an accounting program.

Choose the Right Study Program Abroad

Are you a healthcare professional? Do you wish to take a better opportunity by going abroad? Read our article about the best healthcare courses and colleges in Canada. Learn and discover various schools, courses, and its program highlights (immigration pathway, student benefits, etc.) If your entire family wants to go abroad and you’re seeking for a trip that’s educational and exploratory, go for the new CIE program and discover if moving to Canada fits your families’ needs.

Consider the budget and costs involved.

Putting your resources into consideration is one of the most important things to do when applying for a study program abroad. Taking further studies in a different country can be very expensive. But if you’re a Fil-Global member, you’ll enjoy a better window of opportunity with the numerous programs offered, discounts, scholarships, and promos. If a low-cost option is your priority, check out our article about budget-friendly fil-global programs. Read and identify which of the choices will help you target your goals without breaking the bank.

Choose the Right Study Program Abroad

Studying abroad is like an investment, you can never reap the rewards right there and then. However, some programs such as the Pacific Coast Community College’s Acute Care Aide Diploma allows students to enjoy a paid co-op work during the internship year of a student. Once you start earning, you are on your way to securing your return on investment. Today’s situation will help students even more as they are granted with generous working rights.

Choose a program with a good immigration pathway

A lot of Fil-Global programs have permanent residency pathways. Although there are rare instances when a program posses poor chances for immigration, you can barely see this in our highly-rated offers. The Canada Caregiver Program for one provides a unique opportunity with its flexible age requirement and a 3-year PGWP. For bakers, Australia offers a study with internship opportunities to patisserie chefs. You’ll get hold of a room full of possibilities once you become an FG member.

Choose the Right Study Program Abroad

You might think it’s a dumb move for some who don’t mind checking this feature. But believe it or not, 80% of the applicants only care for what the program has to offer within the span of the study period. Most of them do not question their status post-graduation or internship. Why is this so? For some reason, students become so ecstatic that they forgot the whole purpose of studying abroad.

Pick a course that produces in-demand skills

Powerful countries love to welcome highly-skilled foreign workers. This is evidenced by the rural programs set by the government to help pull up the economic growth. Have you heard about the Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program (RNIP)? It’s a skill-based program adopted by Canada for the same purpose. If you choose a course that offers skill-based training according to labor market demands, you’ll find yourself easily hired after your studies. Being employed after graduation is vital for the continuity of practice and it helps in immigration points. This is one reason why choosing the right course matters!

Choose the Right Study Program Abroad

Select a country that interests you

If you think this isn’t part of the package, think again. You’ll be staying in a foreign place for quite some time, so might as well get the most out of it. Make sure you’re living in one of the best places in the world. Being in a different country can be lonely. Some programs give you the privilege to bring your family members, but this kind of scenario doesn’t apply to everyone. Being in an interesting place will help divert any negative feelings. It would be great to be in a country where you can find nearby places to unwind and take short trips. Get it as an added benefit! If you’re in for some of the romantic destinations in the world, choose a Europe study program. Fil-Global is currently offering one for Spain that qualifies high school graduates for Medical Doctor or Nurse adaptation. Students can get scholarship eligibility for as much as 50% and a chance to get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for as low as €1,000. If you’re interested to know more, visit our social media page. You may also check out our website and submit your preliminary requirements for validation.

Now that you’ve learned these methods, it’s time to re-evaluate your options. If all still seems blurry, our friendly Fil-Global agents will be glad to help you decide on which program to choose. Book now for an appointment and let us make you feel one step closer to your dreams.


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