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COVID-19 Update for Int. Students: Canada Now Accepts Foreign Learners Enrolled in Approved DLIs

Have you ever wondered if Canada will still re-open their borders for international students? Restrictions for discretionary travel are still in place in different provinces of Canada. Luckily, foreign learners have the option to make their travels essential as long as they meet the requirements set by the IRCC. If you’re a Fil-Global member enrolled in a Canada study program, find out if your school belongs to the list of DLIs with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. This is one crucial information that every student must know for it can greatly affect travel plans.

In the latest COVID-19 update for international students, the effectivity of the new policy covers those who are planning to fly or are returning to Canada after October 20, 2020. The new requirement entails a student’s institution to have an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. The absence of this could mean that students won’t be allowed to enter Canada. This can be heartbreaking as it can lead to canceled study plans. The good news is, most of the Fil-Global partnered colleges are either registered or are now in the process of getting the approval. Here are some of the schools who have made it to the list:

COVID-19 Update for International Students Canada

This new prerequisite doesn’t override the usual documents for student visa holders. It’s an added precondition that must be met by the school. What is the purpose of the COVID-19 readiness plan for DLIs? It shows that schools have a system in place for their returning or new students coming from outside Canada. This will help tame the spread of the virus since the schools become proactive in the government’s call for a safe reopening of borders for its international students. The plan outlines how the colleges or universities will keep the students safe in its community, and the implementation of the 14-day quarantine period including location, transport, essential needs, and health insurance. It can be a bit of a nuisance especially for those who are enrolled in schools who aren’t listed yet but come to think of it, the policy is designed to protect the international students.

What happens if you disobey and insist on traveling with a non-listed DLI? You may not be allowed to board your flight or the border services officer will have to reject your entry and let you return to your point of origin. Aside from having a listed DLI, there are several things that a student must ensure before traveling to Canada. Foreign learners must see to it that they have enough time to settle and complete their quarantine period before their in-person classes start. If you have dependents coming with you, they must justify that their travel is non-optional. If they are joining you later, they must secure a written authorization letter from the IRCC and should have a quarantine plan.

Due to the various changes happening on the student visa processing, prioritization of applications are in place. People who are able to perform essential services such as those in the field of agriculture, agri-food, and healthcare are given a preference. So if you are still searching for a program, might as well consider those that belong to these fields. For those taking up medical-related courses, the additional benefit includes the removal of work restrictions for those providing health care services. More working hours means more funds and experience, that is why pushing for your career abroad these days is one of the best decisions you could ever make despite the healthcare crisis.

Do you need help in re-planning your stunted goals? Have you tried applying before and ended up refused? These circumstances shouldn’t give you a reason to give up, after all, no successful journeys are attained easily. So, are you ready to give it another chance? Look no further! The Fil-Global team’s got your back! Send us a message and we will gladly book you an exclusive orientation. With our unique membership features and service-oriented mission, the entire team will make sure that your application won’t end up somewhere in the middle. Your success is our top priority, let us help you achieve your dreams and transform it into a reality.


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