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What Is a Dual Intent Application in Canadian Immigration?

From the word itself “dual”, a dual intent application happens when a foreign individual wishes to enter Canada both for temporary (visit, study, or work) and permanent purposes. Applying for a dual intent is a challenging way to gain approval, however, depending on the ability of the applicant to strongly convince the officer, filing for two types of visa is possible.

In this post, I’ll talk about the dual intent application in Canadian immigration. Together, let’s check out under which circumstances call for this type of application.

Filing for a Canadian Temporary Residence With a Dual Intent

dual intent application Canadian immigration

When filing for a Canadian temporary residence visa, applicants must prove their intention to leave the country at the end of their stay. But if you are filing with a dual intent ― that is to settle permanently in Canada, confirming your abidance becomes tougher.

Dual intent, in most cases, contributes to greater chances of disapproval, but despite the contradictory conditions, a genuine dual intent will improve the success rates of applicants. If the visa officer detects dubious reasons (e.g. applying for a temporary resident visa to be able to gain entry in Canada while the main application is ongoing), your application will most likely be rejected.

Applying for a Visitor’s Visa With a Dual Intent

PR applicants may apply for a temporary visa and can be granted as long as they have genuine intent. To secure the permit, they only need to satisfy the visa officers that they will indeed leave the country before their permit expires.

Applying for a Student Permit With a Dual Intent

When applying for a student visa, foreign learners are encouraged to prove to the visa officers that they will exit Canada once their permit expires. Applicants do this by showing proof of assets, ties, and by writing their Statement of Purpose. But if you are planning to pursue a dual intent application in Canadian immigration, you need to consider compelling evidence to support your request.

dual intent application Canadian immigration

If you are aiming to follow the student to PR route, you might wonder how the Canadian government is encouraging its international graduates to settle permanently in Canada but places a condition that prevents students to stay beyond the dates granted.

As you know, gaining entry through a student visa poses several risks for the country. Some loopholes are accessible to foreigners once an individual enters Canada using the said permit. It can be used as a way to work illegally or for other prohibited reasons.

Through the visa officers’ judgment, current applications are assessed according to the type of visa applied. This way, the government can filter authentic student visa applicants.

Despite the contradicting provisions of a temporary and permanent residence visa, foreign students or student visa applicants are not immediately canceled from being able to apply for PR as long as they can demonstrate adherence to the student permit requirements.

Applying for a Temporary Resident Visa With a Spousal Sponsorship

dual intent application Canadian immigration

The dual intent application in Canadian immigration is a tricky process, especially for those with an active spousal sponsorship application. Visa officers look for a reliable reason for applicants to return to their home country, as for the case of partners, the relationship stands as proof for stronger ties to Canada. Given the situation, filing for a temporary resident visa doesn’t prove to be favorable for the applicant.

Establishing a Genuine Dual Intent

Visa officers are skilled in detecting which applicants have no intention to leave the country. Here are some of the factors they consider while looking at the applicant’s documents:

  • Length of stay

  • Declared ties and obligations to their homeland (e.g. family, possessions, job, business)

  • Reason for visit

  • History of overstaying in Canada or other countries

Here in Fil-Global, we believe each applicant has unique needs that must be addressed individually. If you are considering dual intent as a way to approach your immigration needs, our experts will help you plan your application and achieve your goals. Talk to us and book a consultation now.


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