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Fil-Global DIY Student Visa Program With Niagara College Toronto

Updated: Apr 9

Do you often get excited about tackling projects on your own? Would you choose to do things by yourself rather than pay someone else to do it?

If you happen to be interested in going abroad for studies and are also a DIY enthusiast, then we have a program that will give you satisfaction without risking the chance of claiming a visa.

In this post, we proudly present to you the Fil-Global DIY Student Visa Program together with Niagara College Toronto. We’ll give you a glimpse of this program and feature some of the best courses from Niagara College Toronto available for taking.

Read on to find out how you can take part in this exciting offer.

Benefits of the DIY Student Visa Program

Fil Global DIY Student Visa Program Niagara College Toronto

DIY is a way of life that values self-reliance and creativity. Doing it yourself will not only give satisfaction but also helps you save time and money! Other benefits include:

  • You're 100% in control.

  • It’s fun fun fun!

  • The whole process itself is educational. It helps you learn new skills.

  • Develops self-esteem

  • You become more confident in your ability.

The Process

Are you ready to work on your application and save thousands? Check out the process flow below:

Niagara College Toronto (NCT)

Niagara College Toronto (NCT) is a reputable institution that offers high-quality programs and services in various fields. NCT, with its qualified and passionate faculty, is committed to providing practical training and hands-on experience to help students achieve their career goals.

Here are some of the most in-demand instructional offerings at the moment. Take your pick from the list below:


Interested in broadening your horizons with a fulfilling business career? Curious about the different opportunities that await you?

In NCT, you are free to uncover the thrills of entrepreneurship in various industries. Here’s what to expect when taking a Business program at NCT:

  • Develop fundamental skills to thrive in today’s fast-paced, complex business world.

  • Study in the heart of downtown Toronto and gain access to the significant employment opportunities .

  • Witness a blend of business foundation and special interest courses.

  • Abundant entertainment opportunities offered by one of Canada's largest and multicultural cities.

  • Experience maximum flexibility in transferring courses from business studies at Niagara College or other postsecondary institutions.

  • Available pathways into select degree and advanced diploma programs at Niagara College.


Are you endowed with the innate power to sway people? Do you want to dive into the exciting field of sales and marketing?

The unique abilities and proficiencies acquired through your education in Sales and Marketing will hone you so you can take on influential roles within the current competitive business climate.

Here are the course highlights: