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How To Choose a Student Placement Agency for Canada

Each year, a growing number of young and mature professionals in the Philippines have started to show interest in foreign studies, particularly in Canada. The high-quality education, transparent immigration pathways, innumerable opportunities, and generous social benefits make the country nothing less than desirable.

And since Filipinos mean business when it comes to migration, securing a superb immigration service provider is a priority. If you’re wondering how to choose a student placement agency for Canada, here are some helpful tips that will help you step in the right direction as you do your search for a reputable organization.

1. Check the company’s legalities.

how choose student placement agency Canada

Companies that operate according to the legal norms mean that the business is being transparent of their services. Avoid doing transactions with businesses with no permits and certifications. When things get ugly, it would be hard to dispute certain issues especially if you’re not protected as a client.

2. Look for business awards, recognitions, and credentials.

One sure-fire way to determine the firm’s level of service is by looking for awards. You should be able to see this through their website and the physical office. An agency that possesses several recognitions means that they are skilled in what they do and that a number of clients have found them highly satisfactory.

Dig in more about their achievements and see the awarding body. ISO for one is an international organization made up of national standard bodies. This allows them to determine whether the business deserves to be granted the award based on the qualifications set.

Another international body that helps qualify educational agents for Canada is ICEF (International Consultants for Education). When a placement agency is ICEF certified, you can be sure that the service provider passed the regulations and needed credentials.

3. Verify for legitimate school partnerships.

how choose student placement agency Canada

Student placement agencies normally showcase their partnered schools through different mediums. This helps establish trust in students while promoting various options when it comes to pursuing higher education.

When an agency shows their affiliated institutions, this should assist clients in verifying the service provider’s claim by getting in touch directly with the school’s admin.

4. Ensure the team’s accessibility.

There are different ways on how to choose a student placement agency for Canada. But personally, on top of business validity, picking the most responsive team is one of the most important factors.

A highly communicative agent will turn your worries down and are most likely to deliver a successful application. So while you’re doing an inquiry in every student placement agency you’ve heard, guarantee their reachability and ability to provide timely updates.

5. Set up a one on one meeting with an agent and ask the right questions.

Before signing up an agreement with an agency, throw away all the questions about the processes involved. Skip the general information such as the cost of living, work probabilities, accommodation expenses, etc. since you can find the answers to these by searching the internet.

Choose to raise individualized questions that are meant to know the agency’s way of dealing with student visa applications. Through this, you can scrutinize the proficiency of the company in managing requests or appeals whenever necessary.

6. Provide your requirements and determine their commitment.

how choose student placement agency Canada

Not all clients have the same level of demands, sometimes, certain grounds will make you extra vigilant about your application. After all, applying for a visa entails time, money, and energy. If you feel you need extra assurance on your application by taking further steps, divulge your requirements from the start so you can check the agency’s level of commitment to your case.

7. Look for other options and compare.

You would never know which business provides the best offer unless you consider a few others. Apart from skills and reputation, check on the fees, processing times, and the services involved to see which agency fits your options well.

I hope these tips on how to choose a student placement agency for Canada provided you with some direction.

Planning for your future and undertaking a new life is hard enough, don’t let a second-rate company complicate things more. Speak only with the best staff willing to guide you throughout your journey abroad, book an appointment with our Fil-Global agents now.


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