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10 Reasons Why Fil-Global Tops the List of Immigration Consultancy Firms in the Philippines

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Have you been doing some comparison shopping lately? Did you notice how careful we are when it comes to buying things, especially big-ticket items? Well, we all want the best of what we can get don’t we? When we shell out something huge and invest in a life-changing opportunity, we expect to have big returns. However, it can be a bit of a challenge to find reliable people who can help us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not all have a genuine intention to help, that’s why it is important to properly scrutinize things before signing the fine print.

If you’re planning on going abroad may it be for studies, migration, a tour, business, or connecting with a loved one, you might be wondering which of the hundreds of immigration consultancy firms in the Philippines should you choose. You might have your own shortlist ready but do you know why they were your chosen few? If your top 5 answers include referral and popularity, it’s time to review your choices and come up with a list of criteria. After all, everyone’s needs aren’t the same!

10 Reasons Why Fil-Global Can Be Your Next Big Choice…

1. Flexibility

Have you experienced visiting a consultation firm and finding yourself locked in an agent who’s too busy presenting a program and never bothered to ask what your plans are? Yup! It happens. In Fil-Global, the needs of the clients come first - always. The staff knows how important it is to listen, to see the whole picture, and be sensitive to what the clients want. That is why Fil-Global brings the pride of having a program for everyone!

2. Lifetime membership

A lot of people do not understand this benefit. You may not see the advantage for now but when you reach the point of your immigration journey where changes on your status or visas need to be arranged, this is where you’ll see how life can get so easy being a Fil-Global member. Getting your visa is considered an initial step and the services FG brings are not meant to stop there. Should you choose to go abroad via a student visa pathway, the process doesn’t end until you get your Permanent Residency. After all, we choose to go abroad not just for further studies. We aim to reach our dreams by living in a new place where we can build our future.

3. Scholarship grants

Studying locally can be costly, how much more for those who chose to study out of the country? Together with partnered international schools, Fil-Global offers scholarship grants to qualified members. Acsenda School of Management in Vancouver, Canada offers CA$10,000 scholarship when you sign up at their program. That could mean huge savings! Discounts also apply to other programs such as SRH Campus Hamburg in Germany. The university will offer as much as 30% scholarship on the students’ tuition fee for the 1st year (performance-based) and this can go on until the second year!

4. Multiple international school partners

There’s so much to choose from with Fil-Global’s list of accredited school partners. Whichever country you may want to go, FG has the best line-up of institutions for you! All packages offered are designed to meet the PR pathway. Though it’s hard to deny, certain programs stand out from the crowd. The Pacific Coast Community College (PCCC) for one offers an outstanding diploma that features a Paid Co-Op Work, a guaranteed 3-year work permit, and a Pre-approved PR. This is Fil-Global’s signature service since 2014, to make its members one step closer to their dreams.

5. Free English review

Not all countries and schools require an English proficiency exam. Today, a lot of countries took action in response to the pandemic crisis. Some waved their IELTS requirement while others placed an extension to the deadline. Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario currently doesn’t require an IELTS exam before admission. What makes their program more exciting is that the community is being listed under The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. But should you be required to get one, Fil-Global is ready to offer its free online English review for its members. That’s another bunch of savings for you there!

6. Free Nursing review materials

Again, this does not apply to all programs but this benefit deserves to be listed. Well experienced healthcare professionals or those who have taken up a master’s degree in the field of healthcare can be eligible to fly as an immigrant. It may, however, require a competency test. Reviewing for the Nursing exam can be toxic, Fil-Global wants to make sure that their members get the proper support by providing the materials needed.

7. Free condo-hotel accommodation

Some programs need a physical presence when applying for a visa. Do you know how much cost this adds to your budget? If you are living away from the office, we’re talking Php 20,000 - 30,000 in here and it’s no fun. The company understands and listened so they are providing 2 days & 1-night free condo-hotel accommodation for the following areas: Bohol, Cebu, CDO, and Manila. If you’ve taken a program that doesn’t need any appearance at all, you can take this benefit as a send-off treat for you and your loved one!

8. Affordable fees and top-notch quality service

As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for.’ When service fees become way too cheap, you have all the reasons to doubt its quality. Fil-Global team dislikes sub-par quality service, the company is committed to providing exclusive premium assistance to its members. So when you encounter a service provider offering half of FG’s fees, look into their benefits and start doing some comparison.

9. Fil-Global support team

Your support team includes the director itself, program manager, documentation officer, international legal team, and school admissions team (if applicable). With this tight support, you are 100% assured that your case is being handled with much regard. The people involved have a big impact on the outcome of your application. It’s important to make sure that you demand transparency in every procedure.

10. Accommodation assistance and airport send-off/pick-up (arrival)

I must say, this benefit goes beyond the norms. Immigration companies aren’t expected to provide such services but Fil-Global’s heart goes out to those who are still starting the big journey. The team wanted to make every step easy for each member, so before departure, accommodation will be prepared for those who need it and will be planned according to their preferences. For student visa applicants, members can choose from on-campus stay, off-campus, and homestay.

It can get all scary and uneasy knowing that you’ll be away from your family. Fil-Global wants to take off all your worries by staying with you until your last minute here in the Philippines. This will also ensure that all the necessary preparations are met. Arriving at the country of your destination won’t also be a problem since pick-up arrangements will be provided by the team.

We hope we have given you enough reasons why Fil-Global deserves to be part of your shortlist. Would you like to experience more of what we offer? Stop wondering and call us now to book your appointment. Be one of our fulfilled members! Now is the right time to start turning your dreams into a reality!

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