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Why Choose an ISO Certified Company for Your Immigration, Internship, & Study Abroad Service Needs?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

When looking for a service provider that gives value to your money, validating a company’s reputation can be tough. There are a lot of hearsays that are either good or bad, fake reviews, and one-sided comments. Fortunately, there is a reliable method of knowing a business's standing in terms of service quality and customer satisfaction, and that is through the ISO certification.

What Is the ISO 9001?

Why choose ISO certified company immigration internship study abroad

ISO 9001 is a certification awarded to local and international companies for passing a standard in handling quality management systems. Although this isn’t a requirement, a company going the extra mile by taking the rigorous audit means that it values strong customer acceptance, documentation accuracy, management processes, and the drive for continuous improvement.

Fil-Global Achieving the ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Last September 2021, Fil-Global has emerged as one of the best student placement agencies and immigration service providers through the recent accreditation made by the ISO.

But before the sweet success, new standards were first introduced into the current company structure, leading the quality and business development department to exert all efforts in reshaping old systems. Because of the collective action done by the team, Fil-Global has impressed the auditors and successfully bagged the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The strong commitment to service, together with the competent practices resulted in a huge victory for the company. Finally, Philippines got its first Immigration Consultancy that’s ISO certified!

What Can You Expect From an ISO Certified Company?

Consistent High-Quality Service

Why choose ISO certified company immigration internship study abroad

Exceeding customer expectations is the primary focus of an ISO-certified company. By choosing a service provider that consistently attracts customers while retaining their esteem, you can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Businesses that value quality is open to understanding the ever-changing needs of a customer. Since service users can have varied and unique requirements, having an organization that is adaptable to change is an advantage.

Efficient Business Processes

Business processes are considered an important asset to an organization. Without it, numerous problems may arise both on the business itself and the consumers.

In the immigration service industry, procedures can become very complicated. Without an efficient process, clients can experience frequent errors, delays, and staff is prone to duplicated work.

But with an ISO-certified immigration service, you can be confident that the aligned processes will benefit your visa application since the agents involved have better informed decisions and are capable of executing the required tasks.

Competent Staff

Why choose ISO certified company immigration internship study abroad

Empowered and engaged staff are recognized for their ability to deliver value on their work. They have higher levels of motivation, creativity, and initiative. When an organization provides venues for improvement and individual contribution, the results reflect well on their performance and the customer’s level of satisfaction.

As a client, you would want nothing else but dedicated agents determined to help you achieve your dreams. By choosing a company that is globally recognized, you are assured that you are in the right hands.

Well-Experienced Team

Experience refers to “quality” encounters. This means that every case handled, both favorable and unfavorable ones are reviewed, studied, and analyzed. Such practices can help the team produce more desirable results since the cause-and-effect relationships and unintended outcomes are examined carefully.

Through the quality management principles set by ISO 9001, the team can take actions and make decisions based on reliable evidence and not just rely on individual professional experiences and intuition. This means clients have higher stakes in having successful applications.

I hope this article gave you an overview of how things will be handled once you choose to do business with an ISO 9001 certified company for your immigration, internships, and study abroad service needs.

Quit relying on online reviews and questionable referrals. Make decisions wisely through the assistance of highly qualified organizations and feel safe, assured, and satisfied with the services you’ll get.

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