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July 2022 Updates for International Students Bound for Australia

As one of the most culturally diverse nations, Australia remained to be an attractive study destination for many. Filipino international students as well have shown the same level of interest in Australia. Despite the long lockdowns imposed, many believed that success is still imminent in the “Land Down Under.”

If you’re among the hopefuls keeping track of important Australian immigration news, I’m here to provide you with the latest updates for international students bound for Australia. So sit tight and be ready to take note of some of the most significant information I’m about to share.

The Latest News for Australia-Bound International Students

1. Increased student visa fees.

Applicants are previously charged a student visa processing fee of AUD 630. But since the 1st of July 2022, the cost is now up to AUD 650. The increase in rates has not only affected student visas but other common types of visas as well.

2. The Australian government promises to tackle visa processing delays.

With the proposed new student visa rate, the government attempts to compensate by addressing the backlogs and prioritizing the international education sector through reduced processing times.

While the action serves as great news for all, the results are yet to show in the coming months or years. So as an applicant, how can you do your part and boost the speed of your application? Here are some tips:

  • Avoid errors in your application - fill in all the information correctly and make sure that the documents you are about to submit are complete. Accomplishing the requirements and forms can be a rigorous process, however, it’s possible to guarantee an error-free application! Seek the professional assistance of immigration companies so you can be guided accordingly.

  • Do not attempt to submit falsified or fake documents - the DHA has staff that is highly trained when it comes to verifying papers. When documents look shady, the officers will put your application on hold until the records are verified and this can contribute to longer processing times.

  • Do not rush your application - give enough time when preparing your application. Your documents will be prone to errors if you try to process the last minute. Once accepted in an Australian institution, collect the required documents immediately.

  • Submit any additional requirements immediately - there are times when officers from the DHA would require supporting documents. Once requested, make sure to comply ASAP to prevent delays.

3. The government implemented a minimum wage hike.

Since the start of July 2022, the National Minimum Wage for Australia has increased to 5.2%, which means the minimum hourly rate will now be at AUD 21.38. This applies to all part-time and full-time workers, including international students. The allowable working hours will remain the same ― that is 20 hrs in a week.

Australia is one of the most expensive places to pursue higher studies, anyone looking to earn while studying considers this news as one of the most important updates for international students bound for Australia. Given the expensive fees and cost of living, better pay rates can help foreign learners survive in the country without depending too much on their reserved funds.

4. You can be eligible for a replacement temporary graduate visa.

If you previously hold a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) but failed to pursue it as planned due to the pandemic, you can request a replacement as long as you meet the following terms:

  • You are issued with a temporary graduate visa valid until February 1, 2020.

  • You are living outside Australia between February 1, 2020 and December 15, 2020.

Requesting for a replacement, however, requires one to pay AUD 1,680 and provide the required documents.

5. Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa holders can now apply for PR.

International students may not find this news directly helpful, but with this move, the government has shown that the country is seriously managing labor shortages by amending previous laws. Investing in your career and future in Australia now gets more exciting than ever!

6. International students are no longer allowed to change courses.

Once approval is released by the immigration minister, applicants can no longer change their designated course. This means that foreign students must set their minds and heart to one program before sending their applications.

It may seem straightforward to choose the right career path, but one can easily get confused when presented with various options. Fortunately, here at Fil-Global, we have the people you can tap to help you make the right decision. Send us a message now and we’ll gladly point you in the best direction possible.

Highly-developed countries have been looking for ways to restore the economy by addressing skill shortages and strengthening their international education sector during these pressing times. And now is the moment for professionals to seize the opportunity and be part of the country’s economic growth.

Planning to migrate to Australia soon? Stay informed! Check our blog posts regularly to see more updates for international students bound for Australia.


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