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Learning Tourism and Hospitality in Saskatchewan

We all are aspirants of financially rewarding, as well as enjoyable careers. Our decision to where we set in motion is our biggest advantage in fulfilling our dream jobs.

Hotel and Tourism, as we all know, is a collective industry consisting of tourism and other related businesses, and of course hospitality. Choosing this career means you're about to set forth a highly competitive profession (plus extra perks) ahead of you.

Join me as I bring you to an incredible place you'll surely get fascinated with, as far as education, work, and residency are concerned.

Why study tourism and hospitality in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is a place filled with prairies and the fifth largest province of Canada. Know why you should consider studying tourism and hospitality in Saskatchewan? Let's talk about the extremely low cost of living this place can offer.

First, the expenses are almost half compared to metropolitan cities like Toronto and Vancouver. The expenditures are cheap, the region is brimming with job opportunities, and has a laid-back lifestyle. The location is ideal for someone who loves to keep a good work-life balance, perfect for you and your loved ones!

Second, the sceneries are naturally charming. Taking a day trip or overnight wanders will surely never get you disappointed, anyone up for an Aurora Borealis viewing?

Apart from that, you can do loads of preparation, packing, and driving. Here's a quick tip: go for lakes, parks, hills, trails, resorts, beaches, and for more superb adventures and relaxation.

Economically, the province shows resilience and amazing strength even during the pandemic. The Saskatchewan Research Council released its 2020 – 2021 Annual Report and exposed record-breaking year-end terms of revenue generated which continued to provide a positive substantial economic impact to the province. So, there's nothing to worry about in terms of the province's financial standing.

Despite the crisis brought by the pandemic to the tourism industry in Canada, obviously, Saskatchewan has proven to be well-built in this field. And since the availability of university and college programs is designed for wide scope and practical training, the place has definitely made its impression and serves as your means to achieve success.

Saskatchewan Tourism Trends 2021 during COVID

Given fewer restrictions to personal services as well as restaurants and bars, the province is allowed to operate the said businesses for continued service and employment, contributing to the fast growth of tourism and hospitality in Saskatchewan.

Furthermore, the residents also have their fair share to avoid contracting the virus by practicing strict safety protocols and by supporting local traders. Overall, the pandemic and post-pandemic data showed only a slight variation as to the labor force.

The graphs below show a strong stand on how the industry sustained during the peak times of COVID-19.

tourism hospitality Saskatchewan

tourism hospitality Saskatchewan

tourism hospitality Saskatchewan

tourism hospitality Saskatchewan

What program offers the best course for hospitality in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a member of a national association called Polytechnics Canada. Did you know that the college has the finest offering for the Hotel and Management program?

The said course is a two-year degree that aims to build core management expertise that is very useful for the industry. It's important to note that hotel and restaurant operations will be your highlight.

Your training will include:

  • accounting, human resources, sales & marketing

  • catering and convention management

  • cooking and food preparation

  • food and beverage service

  • hotel front office and housekeeping

  • restaurant planning and management

The program delivery will take 70 weeks in duration; that is 35 weeks for the opening year and 35 weeks more subsequently. There's also a six-week practical work experience inclusion. It's a must-grab opportunity for an aspirant like you!

Career-wise, a huge opportunity awaits a Hotel and Management graduate. Frankly, there's more to hotels and restaurants! Take great chances in private clubs, cruise ships, convention centers, golf courses, resorts, casinos, and senior communities!

Potential Careers

tourism hospitality Saskatchewan

The new joint venture of Saskatchewan Polytech and the School of Hospitality & Tourism

It's an exciting time both for Saskatchewan Polytech and the School of Hospitality & Tourism as they recently signed a memorandum of understanding to further develop the contributions of both organizations to service hospitality. This event was done on the 19th of August year 2021.

Service Hospitality continues to create new partnerships for our membership. By working alongside other organizations, we continue to improve our products and services, as well as the reach of our programming. This partnership with Sask Polytech will allow us to further benefit our members as we continue toward our ultimate goal of preventing people from being injured on the job. - George Marshall, Service Hospitality CEO

All these efforts are made so the industry could advance further and experience more flourishing years to come, jointly with Sask Polytech’s in-house proficiency to advance professional development programs, corporate training, and micro-credential offerings.

The School of Hospitality and Tourism presents ten programs that prepare learners to work in an array of venues, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, schools, hospitals, recreation complexes, and remote catering facilities, or a business of their own.

Want to learn more about Tourism and Hospitality in Saskatchewan? Book for a one-on-one orientation and experience a journey like no other! Give yourself a chance to establish and develop your career in the territory of warm people and beautiful scenery.

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