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Migrate to Australia by Studying Automotive

Automotive technology is the study of vehicles or automobiles. It’s a new industry but a groundbreaking innovation that we humans cannot possibly live without.

Attention car enthusiasts! Are you looking to expand your knowledge in automobiles while exploring your option for permanent residency in Australia?

Read on as we discuss how an international student can migrate to Australia by studying automotive!

The Automotive Mechanic Occupation (ANZSCO 321211)

The ANZSCO or Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations is a group of codes used to categorize occupations in the Australian and New Zealand labor market. These codes examine employment duties.

Through the ANZSCO code, applicants can see which matches their current job so they can nominate an occupation based on the information provided.

The Terms Used in the Auto Mechanic Occupation

There are several terms used in the line of mechanic occupation. However, you should see that all have similar skills in diagnosing, maintaining, testing, and repairing engines and mechanical parts of lightweight vehicles.

The automotive mechanic occupation may come with different names. Some of the alternative job titles include “automotive light mechanic” and “motor mechanic”. These are acceptable work designation substitutes and are still considered under the umbrella of the automotive mechanic occupation.

How to Become a Motor Mechanic in Australia

1. Get the right program

Australia requires formal qualifications to be able to successfully join the workforce. This will ensure that the worker will learn the right skills and are in line with Australia’s standards.

If you are aiming to migrate to Australia by studying automotive, AHMI (Australian Health and Management Institute) can help you provide quality training that meets the requirements of the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework).

Here are the following courses you can take at AHMI:

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Presented in a mixed mode of delivery, this program will train students to perform various tasks in handling light vehicles, such as servicing and repair. Duties may include:

  • operating diagnostic and test equipment

  • handling performance testing components, systems, and equipment

  • efficiently utilizing tools and equipment with safety in mind

  • exercising proper storage for components, parts, tools, test equipment, and support equipment

  • collecting, analyzing, and providing information using business technology

The duration of this course can take up to 78 weeks. Training pathway may lead to Certificate IV in Light Vehicle Mechanical Diagnosis.

If you missed the January intake, don’t fret! There are 4 intakes all in all, which means students can be accepted for April, July, and August. Just make sure to enroll on time and submit your student visa application at least 6 weeks from course commencement.

Certificate IV in Light Vehicle Mechanical Diagnosis

Students taking this program are expected to have a good understanding of the vehicle and machinery systems and execute advanced automotive diagnostic tasks.

Training includes working in an automotive workshop where diagnosing engine errors using specialized equipment will be taught. This course is delivered in mixed mode―face-to-face and online for 26 weeks.

Available intakes for this year are April, July, and October. Successful completion will lead to higher studies which is the Diploma of Automotive Technology.

Diploma of Automotive Technology

Improve your current skills in diagnosing, analyzing, and evaluating vehicle faults by taking up a Diploma of Automotive Technology. This program incorporates research and technical reports in addition to exposure to automotive retail, service, and repair.

Intakes for this year are the same as mentioned in the two programs. The lessons are given part online and part in-person and should take 52 weeks to complete the program.

2. Obtain a temporary work Visa

After finishing the program, graduates need to secure a 485 graduate visa to allow enough time to search for work. It’s important to note that graduates should find a job relevant to the CRICOS-registered completed course and qualification. In this case, similar to the automotive mechanic occupation.

To qualify for a temporary work visa, applicants must meet the following:

  • less than 50 years old

  • with a valid visa (active student visa for the last 6 months)

  • skill found in SOL (Skilled Occupation List)

  • with adequate health insurance

  • applied for an AFP check

  • reached the required level of English (overall IELTS score of 6 or more)

Visa validity can go for a maximum of 18 months. Although, this is temporarily increased to 24 months.

Graduates need to spend their time wisely during this period and seek a job at the skill level ASAP. The length of employment will contribute to the number of hours needed to take part in the skills assessment.

3. Apply for the Job Ready Program (JRP)

A JRP is an employment-based skills assessment program. This provides international students the chance to get permanent residency in Australia!

From the moment you get into the automotive program, you’ll find yourself moving forward to some of the steps needed to qualify for the JRP.

Below is the 4-step process:

  • studied an AQF-certified program (any of the 3 recommended courses from AHMI

  • occupation part of the medium to long-term strategic skills list

  • eligible or with an active 485 visa

  • finished a 360-hour total work placement in Australia

4. Complete the JRP - undergo a skills assessment with TRA (Trade Recognition Australia)

Before the provisional skills assessment, you are already expected to have completed an IELTS test and have reached an overall score of at least 6. Once this is done, the applicant may start employment within a similar role for 12 months or 1725 hours.

Mid-year while completing the number of hours required, you may apply for an initial workplace assessment and undergo a final assessment when the entire 12-month duration has been reached.

5. Apply for an Independent Skilled Migration Visa or employer-sponsored visa

The JRP provides international students an opportunity to get Permanent Residency in Australia with or without an employer. You need not worry if you score low on points! Since you have in-demand trade skills, you can still gain permanent residency with the aid of the JRP.

Give yourself a brighter future! If you have a passion for cars and would love to work in a country that pays well, it’s time to migrate to Australia by studying automotive this 2023! Contact Fil-Global now and our friendly agents will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

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