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Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of the most popular choices for international students. This is because of the quality of education, wide range of courses, diverse culture, and outstanding career opportunities.

These past years, Canada has been receiving more or less 500,000 inflows of international students―surpassing the goal set by the Canadian Government. Despite the hefty funding required, including tuition fees and allowances, this didn’t stop aspiring migrants to pursue Canada.

Although foreign learners are required to secure their resources beforehand, they usually prefer not to touch the allocated budget. The living expenses are the main reason why most international students are looking for part-time jobs in Canada. It’s difficult to depend on savings alone, and in most cases, having a part-time job covers most of your expenditures.

Part-Time Jobs in Canada

part-time jobs in Canada

The opportunity to work park-time is a godsend for international students since it helps them meet the costs of living abroad. Some part-time jobs offer flexible time so they could schedule the work. Additionally, part-time jobs help students acquire work experience while studying.

International students in Canada may work off and on-campus during their studies. There is no need to get a separate permit for this since it’s legal to spend 20 hours per week working at the most. During semester breaks, students can work full-time or 40 hours per week.

Those who have enrolled in intensive courses, however, may work for fewer hours to allow more time for their studies. Students have different preferences when it comes to working while studying, but it’s never compulsory to take a part-time job.

A student can work under the following categories:

Work off-campus

They are only allowed to work off-campus if they meet the following requirements:

  • A full-time student with a valid student permit.

  • Enrolled at an institution for a post-secondary or secondary-level vocational program in Quebec.

  • Studying academic, vocational, or professional programs for at least six months in duration will earn them a degree, diploma, or certificate.

  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

You can't work off-campus without a work permit under these circumstances:

  • Your student permit does not allow you to work off-campus while you study.

  • You are enrolled in an English or French as a second language program.

  • You are only taking general interest courses.

  • You are only taking courses required to be accepted into a full-time program.

For off-campus work, students may work at companies in their field of study, banks, restaurants, stores as interns, customer representatives, tellers, cashiers, hosts, cooks, etc.

Work on Campus

part-time jobs in Canada

Working on campus is a very favorable way of earning while studying. Here are some of the perfect places for students who want to work on campus:

  • Administrative offices

  • Stores and restaurants

  • Bookstores in campus

  • University libraries

  • Coffee shops

Co-op Internship Programs

This is a program where work experience is part of the curriculum with no work permit needed. A co-op or internship program is the best way to earn money while enhancing your resume with relevant work experience and significant business contacts.

Best Part-Time Jobs in Canada

Here are the usual jobs available to college students, along with their average salaries:

Teacher’s Assistant

The task for the teacher's assistant is tutoring students, making lesson plans, updating paperwork such as student grades. A teacher's assistant earns more or less $15.65 per hour.


part-time jobs in Canada

Being a tutor is the best part-time work especially if you love teaching. You can teach students from elementary to college level. Tutoring gives you the chance to enhance your skills and develop new ones. This part-time job pays around $15.00 to $20.00 per hour.


This is the most common part-time job among students due to highly flexible working hours. Work is usually on weeknights and weekends. Though the hourly wage for this job is not that much, you may get a substantial amount of tips from customers ranging between $75.00 to $200.00 per night. The hourly rate for this job is around $11.00.


If you enjoy the ambient noise, a coffee shop is a perfect workplace for you. It offers flexible working hours and decent pay. Baristas earn around $11.41 per hour.


Some freelance job offers a large pay of about $25.60 per hour. A student can work as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, or whatever work they are good at while they do their studies.


This part-time job is also a typical favorite among students, especially for females. It usually has flexible working hours and you can do your homework when kids are resting. The task includes picking up children from school, being with them at home, preparing their meals, putting them to sleep, and more. This job offers around $14.67 per hour.

Dog Walker

If you are a dog lover, this job is perfect for you. The schedules are very flexible as the service is usually required on demand. The time needed for this job is very little that you may walk a minimum of 30minutes to a maximum of 60minutes. This job offers $14.16 per hour.


If you are a multi-lingual person, you may choose to work as a translator. This offers good pay of around $21.16 per hour.


part-time jobs in Canada

If you are good at marketing, this job is right for you. Working as a salesperson may give you an additional skill, however, your total earnings will depend on where you work. Some jobs are commission-based, which means there can be unlimited earnings! You have the chance to earn more if you sell more. This job can give you $112.42 to $50 per hour.

Working part-time in Canada offers salaries that may vary depending on the position, employer, and the region or province you are at. Interested in studying in Canada? We can help you get that degree! Visit us now for more information.


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