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Top Countries Where You Can Earn and Learn

Earning while learning is a perfect opportunity to develop your character as a student and a future professional. Aside from personal development, earning also helps us to make ends meet. It is one of the utmost ways to financially support yourself and even your family.

But more than the privilege to earn more, studying abroad gives you an edge by learning the most up-to-date information that will help you land the top jobs and become a future professional. Luckily, several countries have incredible programs for those who aspire and choose this path.

Together, let’s find out the top countries where you can earn and learn together with the current programs offered by Fil-Global.


 top countries earn and learn

The world’s sixth-largest country is set to make your imaginings came true. If you ever dream of quality education and opportunities for you and your family, it’s the place on the road to be your best self.

It is highly significant for the Australian economy to have a prime education system. With that, it’s incredibly visible how the nation grows, as well as employment accessibility for working visas and students equally.

While school session is in, a legal student visa can work up to 20 hours per week. Moreover, during recognized school vacations, there is no limit on hours a student can work.

If you’re thinking of a particular school to enroll in, Einstein College of Australia has an exceptional program for international students who loves to empower people with disabilities. Get your credentials under Certificate IV in Disability, a 52-week program that gives employment opportunities for qualified aspirants.

Australia may have kept a low profile for closing its borders since the pandemic started, but talking with some of the applicants, all have high hopes! Students chose to apply ahead of time and are willing to wait for the re-opening. It simply shows that Australia is one of the top countries for international students this 2021!


 top countries earn and learn

I should say, Canada is well-known for its income and career opportunities. With a continuously growing job market and a rapidly recovering economy, it deserves to be part of the list of top countries where one can earn and learn.

The Federal Government of Canada has pledged to process as many student permits as they can with an average processing time of 55 days. Should you choose Canada as your study destination, expect to receive your visa as quickly as 2 to 3 months from the time of submission.

Compared to other competitive countries, tuition fees and cost of living are cheaper in Canada. Plus, international students are eligible for scholarships! Like any other student visas, you can earn while you learn for up to 20 hours per week and go full time during semester breaks.

Wondering which school to pursue? Enjoy a fulfilling student life with the University of Canada West (UCW), offering a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication program. It consists of an interdisciplinary set of courses for all media and communications enthusiasts. Writing, advertising, journalism, and all the skills you need are within reach at UCW!

United Kingdom

top countries earn and learn

The UK is among the world's top financial, commercial, and cultural centers and is known for its major contribution to the world’s economy. With its education sector contributing to £43.6 billion of revenue last 2020 and the recent economic downtime, the country welcomes international students today more than ever.

Under a Tier-4 student visa, you can fly to the UK for studies. Also, you can add up additional maintenance funds so you can bring along your family members and live with you for the period of your degree. This consent is valid for your spouse and children not above 18 years of age.

Similar to other countries, you can earn while you learn 20 hours per week and full-time all through school holidays. The UK is a country of diversity with plenty of jobs available! Working in different settings, don’t be surprised if you’d bump into fellow kababayans.

Do you know what makes the United Kingdom an interesting place for your further studies today? Since July 2021, the government has launched the Graduate Route program. The program provides a 2-year post-study work visa for those who completed an undergraduate level degree and above, giving ample time for fresh grads to search for work after studies. A superb opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

But if you’re looking for a health-related option, one program to look forward to is the Nursing Internship program. This course is offered by Activate Learning in partnership with Fil-Global for Filipino Nurses bound to the UK.

In this program, you will be taking Nursing and Midwifery level 3 Diploma in an online setting for your 1st year of studies. You will then proceed to the UK for your hands-on or actual learning in your 3rd and 4th years.

New Zealand

top countries earn and learn

The land of the long white cloud, New Zealand, with its amazing laid-back setting will charm your goal to study, work and reside in this dreamy paradise. With an assurance system designed for students worldwide, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority implements and ensures that the institutions comply with the standard qualifications in accepting international students.

Moreover, there are quite a few scholarship grants the institutions can put forward and this happens annually. A large selection of programs can be in the field of Agriculture, Technology, Science, Engineering, and more.

One school that offers such is the Unitec Institute of Technology, the first Cybersecurity Research Center in partnership with Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, a superior technology development in-campus. Choose from the following courses:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3)

  • New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology (Essentials)

  • New Zealand in Information Systems (Level5)

  • New Zealand Diploma in Cybersecurity

  • Bachelor of Computing Systems

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computing

Student visas are allowed to work 20 hours weekly and 40 hours maximum on summer break. Earn while you learn with ease and whenever homesickness hits you, have time to explore the natural wonders of New Zealand with your friends or single-handedly. Build a career in the 2nd most peaceful country on earth!

Among the top countries that offer earn and learn opportunities, always choose the one that pacifies your concerns and meets your potential. Self-supporting while learning in a different country is a good training environment. It helps you build a strong personality while becoming financially independent. Set your goal high! Good luck!


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