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Top 5 Reasons Why Filipinos Study Abroad

Most Filipinos dream of flying and living in a foreign place. This is why during the advent of “study and work abroad”, many took a leap of faith even if the road was full of uncertainties. Some found good opportunities and ended up staying, while others went back home.

Luckily today, there are only a few gray areas in the student-to-PR pathway. In some countries like Canada, immigration possibilities became stronger, allowing students to reach their full career potential and enjoy the kind of life that only a progressive country can offer.

Since we all have different views when it comes to studying, working, and living abroad. We decided to list down the top reasons why Filipinos study abroad so you would know why many Pinoys choose to invest in their future through a student visa.

1. Access to stellar education.

Reasons Why Filipinos Study Abroad

Education in the Philippines is good enough. However, it doesn’t fully meet the standards we all look for to be able to compete internationally.

Colleges and universities abroad adopt unique teaching methods that are highly interactive. Their ways are designed to sharpen one’s skills so students can be prepared for the actual work setting. Programs are led by industry-experienced instructors, capable of sharing professional insight and a valuable network.

One way to be successful in your chosen field is to learn from the best. By enrolling in schools abroad that are highly recognized, you can be sure that you are joining one of the country’s finest institutions. Check out our list of partnered colleges and allow us to enlighten you on your preferred school and course.

2. The opportunity to study and work at the same time.

The ability to earn while learning has always been the strongest deciding factor for Filipinos to join a study abroad program.

Most of those who fly under a student permit are college graduates in the Philippines, yet they still choose to go back to learning. This is because of the considerable working hours given to student visa holders and the chance to get an international qualification.

Now that countries like Australia and Canada are lifting work-hour restrictions in the hope to address the economic labor shortage, Filipinos are even more attracted to student visa programs.

3. Jumpstart one’s career early on.

Reasons Why Filipinos Study Abroad

Why do you think Filipinos choose a student visa program instead of a working visa? It’s because employment and immigrant visas require a lot of time and qualifications that many aspirants lack, while student visas only demand basic documents allowing applicants to fly for as short as 2-3 months.

Although the fees involved are far more expensive for student visa applicants, the experience, opportunity, and knowledge are irreplaceable. There are things that only exposure and immersion can teach you. So, why delay?

4. A stepping stone to immigration.

I remember the days when student permits were shrugged off and viewed as a decoy for desperate Filipinos who want to go abroad. The misinformation and misconception led many to believe that a student visa works the same way as an employment visa. And what makes it more upsetting is the fact that the pathway is a dead-end.

Before, student permits rarely paved the way to PR. Luckily today, there are many available options to help students gain work experience, extend their stay, and live permanently in their designated country.

The policy for international students in countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada now allows graduates to have better chances of finding employment and prolonging their stay. Because of these positive changes, the student visa program has become a solid stepping stone to immigration, making it one of the top reasons why Filipinos study abroad.

5. Be independent and build a sense of confidence.

Reasons Why Filipinos Study Abroad

In a random interview we did, it’s surprising to know that this is a popular motive among young Filipino applicants.

It’s natural for us to live with our families for long periods. Although we keep the family ties intact this way, it has its cons. To mention a few, overreliance, lack of self-esteem, loss of social skills, and absence of identity are some of the factors that young Filipinos struggle to overcome. We all know how destructive these traits are since they can hinder personal and career growth.

If you’re interested in building lifelong skills, why not consider studying abroad as a crash course? Teach yourself to become self-sufficient and responsible by being on your own in a foreign land. Placing yourself in an unfamiliar situation will help you gain highly-valued skills while earning your degree. So… it’s a win-win!

There are plenty of reasons why Filipinos study abroad, what we have shared here are the common ones. Whatever your reasons for engaging in a study abroad program, our trusted agents are ready to support you all the way! Just tap us and we’ll walk you through our global partners and diverse programs.


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