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Canada Programs Now Accept More Filipino Mature Applicants

Canada is considered a dream destination for many international students, particularly Filipinos. According to Applyboard - Fil-Global’s leading partner in international student recruitment, statistical analysis during pre-COVID times dictate that there was a steady rise of applicants belonging to the mature age group (>25 years old). Seeing this year’s member profiles, the figures are expected to rise even further.

In one of their articles, it showed how the source market has changed over a short time. The author pointed out how working-age adults, particularly those who are married and with kids are eager to pursue their goals to study, work, and potentially relocate their family. With the changes brought by the Canadian government’s immigration policies, post-secondary graduates in their 20s and 30s have been shown to have reaped the benefits from the PR pathway.

As we all know, all 2 to 3-year programs can lead to a PGWP, indicating a clear direction to Permanent Residency. Although age is considered a factor in Canada’s points-based system, a college or a university degree is capable of providing a huge mark during the assessment.

So, if you hear someone questioning you of your age and your plans in studying abroad, go ahead and spill the beans! You might get surprised to find them interested in the same program as yours.

Active Canada Programs Accepting Filipino Mature Applicants

To help you get started on which school and program to choose, take a look at some of the active programs below:

There are about 200+ programs to choose from in this institution. Name that course you’ve been fancying and they have it! Here are some of the interesting ones that are in-demand based on today’s labor market:

This 2-year diploma aims to develop a student’s knowledge and principles in the field of business. The module is personalized according to the learner’s field of interest. From there, instructors will help shape their skills in terms of advertising, research, and marketing development through hands-on experience.

This blended program is designed to help develop the professional skills of an early learning educator. The theory and work experience through mandatory field placements allow students to grasp their full potential making them ready for the real-life work scenario.

The program offers a combination of classroom theory and hands-on clinical practice, making each graduate highly equipped. Students are expected to work with their supervisors in various settings such as communities, families, individuals, and care homes.

This college is known for its skill-based curriculum, offering a broad range of programs in different fields such as Engineering Technology and Applied Science, Information Technology, Public Relations Management, and Nursing. Take a look at some of the specific degrees below:

This 1-year program allows students to possess the knowledge and skills required to be able to attend to the healthcare needs of individuals in various situations. The hands-on approach will prepare graduates in delivering effective care and communication within the healthcare team. This program also offers a bridging option to Practical Nursing.

The rise of cybercrimes has made Cybersecurity one of the hottest courses this year. Since the sudden developments of today’s technology and online presence, more people with evil interests have taken advantage of some of the loopholes in web security.

Students taking this program will engage in network strengthening and incorporating modern IT techniques. Graduates will enjoy strong demand from different businesses.

Hospitality may have taken a break with COVID’s effect on tourism. However, the program will prepare students for what is yet to come in the world of travel. As vaccines are almost ready for the public, people are now dying to get out of their homes and enjoy the much-needed break.

Today’s the best time to get yourself loaded with hospitality skills. By taking this program, students will gain hands-on experience from leading industry partners, acquire certifications, and technology-based training. Unlimited career opportunities await the graduates!


This college is among one of the largest government-funded institutions packed with thousands of international students around the world. The school is well-known for experiential learning opportunities through Co-op programs.

This comprehensive program will build a learner’s problem-solving skills in computer network environments. The course will run for 3 years with Co-op, allowing graduates to become fully ready in commencing real-life job scenarios.

As intriguing as this program may sound, this 3-4 year course offers a fantastic dual learning opportunity in terms of health and information technology. Today’s healthcare solutions have come to a new digital age. This course will help students gear towards the advances of IT services in various healthcare settings.

Those with electrical-related courses in the Philippines will benefit from the blended learning module offered by this program. Students will be exposed to light and heavy manufacturing industries and will be taught machine calibration, installation, and troubleshooting of equipment. One year Co-op option is available for this type of program.

Please note that all schools presented in this article are included in the list of DLIs. This means that the institutions are capable of inviting international students with their COVID readiness plans.

Ready to take on a new challenge? Talk to our friendly Fil-Global agents and let us help you plan your journey. We have various programs available for various clienteles. Let us personalize one for you and together we will help you reach your dreams.

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