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7 Reasons Why International Students Choose Cambrian College

Living and learning in a foreign place miles away from home can be daunting, but this shouldn’t be the case. When one carefully considers the circumstances, students will surely get the most out of their experience while studying, working, and living abroad.

Since Fil-Global has a great deal of partnered schools, it can be confusing to determine which offers a great advantage. To help clear away your doubts, I’ll be talking about one school that has started to garner the attention of many about-to-be Fil-Global members - the Cambrian College.

Curious about what makes the institution stand out? Stick around as I list 7 reasons why international students choose Cambrian College. I’ll also be adding some of the school’s in-demand programs in the field of Health Sciences, Nursing, and Emergency Services, Engineering Technology, and Community Services.

About Cambrian College

Cambrian College is considered the largest college in the northern part of Ontario. It houses thousands of local learners and a growing number of international students, running currently at about 1,600.

In a 2017-2018 survey, Cambrian earned a high rank when assessed for graduate, employer, and student satisfaction among the 24 colleges in Ontario. For 10 years in a row, the college made it to Canada’s top 50 schools for research and funding per Re$earch Infosource.

To be precise, Cambrian secured 18th place in the latest rankings, generating about $5.56 million of income in research.

School Location

Cambrian College is based in the City of Greater Sudbury. Since it is the commercial hub of Northern Ontario, living here feels like being in a small town complete with all the amenities present in larger urban areas.

Greater Sudbury is becoming Ontario’s favorite go-to destination. It offers world-class attractions and four-season outdoor adventures, with affordability and safety in mind.

If you’re someone who loves to maintain a good work-study-life balance, you’ll enjoy being at Sudbury Cambrian College. You can focus on your studies, spend your extra hours on work, and explore the city through outdoor dining, biking, checking festivals, and more!

Why Choose Cambrian College?

1. The school has the perfect location for serious students.

A smaller community with big-city amenities is one of the factors that make the school attractive to international students. Since it’s easy to get distracted when you’re in a foreign place, having an environment conducive to learning makes everything more manageable.

2. Students enjoy an affordable lifestyle and lower housing costs at Sudbury.

Upon interviewing Fil-Global members enrolled in Cambrian, this factor is cited as one of the popular reasons why international students choose Cambrian College.

In a comparison made by Numbeo, between Sudbury and Toronto, grocery prices, rent, restaurant prices, and transportation are found to be cheaper in Sudbury. You’ll never feel left out from its bubbling social life since the lower price costs will let you enjoy the comforts of urban life.

3. Cambrian College provides full support for applied research.

Research opportunities for students open the door for actual learning as they face real-world issues. An institution with an impressive ranking for R&D such as Cambrian goes to show that they have the right capacity and skills to train students.

4. Modern learning facilities including laboratories, workshops, and classrooms.

These spaces allow students to learn the necessary skills they need to analyze and interpret data. The dynamic and interactive workshops also assist students in their transition to Cambrian College so they can succeed in their studies.

5. Small-size classes promote student-centered learning and foster close interaction between the instructor and classmates.

This type of classroom environment provides a rich learning opportunity for students. Each one gets the attention they need from its instructors and can receive an individualized approach whenever learning supplementation is needed.

Important note: A faculty that recognizes you opens the door to various networks of industries, increasing your chances for future employment.

6. The mentors are practicing professionals that possess extensive first-hand industry experience.

Professors who are industry professionals can bridge the gap between theory and practice. Real-world experiences are brought into the classroom so students can get a glimpse of the industry itself.

With this modern teaching methodology, students become fully equipped with solid skills and knowledge that will help them develop and gain a reputation, making them highly desirable to organizations.

7. Cambrian college offers co-op work terms either mandatory, optional, or placement.

Cooperative education happens when a student’s academic studies are incorporated with work experience, either paid or unpaid. Most of the jobs are offered within Ontario but may be offered anywhere in Canada depending on the availability.

To promote maximum learning and ensure that the students are productive in their co-op work experience, the student's skills and work terms are carefully evaluated before the exposure.

Top Cambrian College Full-Time Programs

Health Sciences, Nursing, and Emergency Services

Massage Therapy

This health-focused program is designed to develop your knowledge on human anatomy and physiology, it also aims to build your skills in massage therapy techniques. Students will be exposed to diverse health care settings such as wellness centers and athletic organizations.

Whether you decide to pursue a private practice or join a team of professionals, this program will equip you since marketing, communication, and entrepreneurship courses will be incorporated.

Health Analytics - Graduate Certificate

This program will teach you the concept of programming, statistics, and data management in line with health analytics.

The skills gained will help future graduates grasp a good understanding of the community’s health status through data analysis and use the information as a basis for future health care planning.

Community Services

Social Service Worker

As a social service worker, one of the most crucial skills a student needs to learn is to become an effective communicator and counselor. The great thing about this program is that you will be exposed to engaging fieldwork so you can apply classroom learnings in actuality while building your interpersonal skills.

After completing the courses and placements, graduates can apply for registration in Ontario and start helping vulnerable individuals and families in society.

Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

This program prepares you to become a highly-skilled electrician technician. The subjects are primarily focused on power electronics, electrical control systems, and instrumentation on actual equipment. With this background, graduates can perform installation, complete maintenance, and troubleshooting on electrical systems.

One unique feature that makes this program valuable is the optional paid co-op option. When learned skills are supplemented with placement opportunities, you get industry training that will help you as you showcase your abilities to potential employers.

Looking for more reasons why international students choose Cambrian College? Or would you like to know better about Cambrian College and its programs offered? Our Fil-Global agents are just one click away! Visit us now and we’ll help you reach your true potential through Cambrian’s exceptional quality of education.


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