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5 Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time to Invest in Your Business or Hospitality Career in Canada

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

No business was spared during this time of the pandemic. Even the most established companies were left with no choice but to shut down operations. Some were lucky enough to be able to adapt and shift digitally, while others lack the resources to do so. But like any other economic hurdles, businesses will always bounce back once everyone gets the hang of it. And when industries start to kick off again, this in return will affect the labor market. So what should you do as a potential ‘career investor?’ You keep watch of the trends and strike when you see an opportunity unfolds. If funding in your profession is what you plan to do in 3 years’ time, I suggest reading the article and witness as I unveil the reasons why now is the right time to invest in your business or hospitality career in Canada.

Why Planning Today Will Give You a Future Career in Business and Hospitality

The developments of the COVID-19 vaccine are promising. Countries are racing to complete the studies and trials on the new vaccine being developed. The UK for one hopes to release the first vaccine in the market to the most vulnerable individuals by end of this year. We know how businesses are affected by the 'stay at home' policy of the pandemic, people can only start mobilizing more once the vaccine has already been released in the public.

Businesses are slowly recovering leading to more employment opportunities. Given the completion time of a student’s academics and related experience, it shows a timely plan as the trends point the road to recovery in industries. No matter how slow-paced, progress is obviously present. It’s just a matter of time until things get back to the way it used to be.

5 reasons Invest Business Hospitality Career Canada

The graph above shows how tourism employment was affected during the peak of the pandemic. But despite the negative impact, the numbers bounced back shortly. Much of this increase comes from part-time jobs indicating an unusual shift from the labor market.

Canadian immigration laws and processes adapt to the current situation. The office of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is modernizing its system, which means faster and virtual applications can be expected. On top of this, relaxed rules are implemented allowing entry of foreign nationals specifically for critical workers. Although currently, the borders haven’t fully opened yet, special entry for extended families and students enrolled in schools compliant to COVID-19 readiness plans have already started.

Immigrants keep powerful countries running. Factors such as the aging population and decreased specialized workforce can only be filled by highly-skilled immigrants. The situation today may have forced them to reduce movement in and out of the country, however, this response is more of a short-term.

Technological advancements help people adapt to the new norms. Haven’t seen much physical presence lately on your favorite shops? It could be caused by the sudden shift from traditional methods to digital platforms used by businesses amidst the pandemic. Absolute compliance to non-movement is impossible as the economy strives to survive and people have different needs to attend. Hotels for one play an important role in housing people who are transient travelers, for some, it is a necessity that keeps the business running. Aside from its usual purpose, their facility can also be used as a medium to conduct self quarantines.

According to Simone Puorto, hotels have adopted fairly well with the presence of contactless, self check-in options, and keyless entry in the previous months. His article expressed the major development of the hotel industry with the assistance of technology from artificial intelligence to cloud-based operations. Something that wasn’t in the mindset of every entrepreneur big or small months ago. Because of the unavoidable situations humans have faced today, people are forced to take a big step. The technological advancements are living proof that society is capable of adapting and possibly at a faster rate.

Establishment of new businesses and shift of demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dramatic shift of consumers in today’s market has led to the demand for certain products that were once ignored. Some of these products in the Canadian market include video games, disinfectants, safety products, and remote communication tools. If demands for a product rise, production-wise it will be in need of more manpower. The same thing goes when new establishments are born. More labor is needed, and perhaps skilled workers, especially that most of the new businesses now are tech-related.

If all these reasons are enough to convince you to invest in your business and hospitality career in Canada, try checking these two highly-rated institutions that can help you secure your degree and permits:

Ascenda School of Management together with Arbutus College has a Bachelor’s program in Business Administration and Hospitality that offers a good pathway for those wishing to learn and experience the industry according to Canadian standards. The 1st year with Arbutus will allow students to take the learning and practicum program with a 100% paid hotel/restaurant internship. While the 2nd and 3rd year will be taken under Ascenda with a curriculum geared towards the development of real-life work skills. These institutions are currently offering an exclusive promo of $3,500 for two LOAs (letter of acceptance) for a limited time only. So if you’re planning, grab this chance now by taking the Fil-Global membership.

Know more about these programs in the comfort of your homes by reserving your slots in our Fil-Global webinars. Our friendly agents are ready to assist you in planning your career in Canada, start the process by submitting the basic requirements through our website. If you wish to discover more of our programs, feel free to guide yourself with some helpful information we have provided in our company blog.


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